Remove & Replace Window Film at Torrence Office Building

This Torrence office building is having the old window film removed and Huper Optik 10% reflective film as well as custom decorative frost applied to the office windows for privacy. 15 Year Commercial Warranty



decorative frost window film

Custom Architectural Decorative Frost Window Film


custom frost window tint

Custom Architectural Window Film Design

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Huper Optik Window Film Being Applied to Los Angeles Home Sunroom

Sunroom Window Tint

Sunrooms are a wonderful way of getting your daily dose of vitamin C. The best sunrooms have an abundance of windows and are positioned to get the maximum amount of sun, but with a lot of windows comes excess heat entering the room creating an uncomfortably hot interior.

For this home in Los Angeles we applied Huper Optik’s Ceramic window film. This is an great performing film designed to block excess heat from entering the home.

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huper optik ceramic 30 smart window film

Before / After – Huper Optik Ceramic 30 Smart Film

Job well done!

Job well done!For a free estimate, please call (310) 935-1748

Decorative Frost & Ceramic 50 Window Film Applied to 7-11 in Los Angeles

At this 7-11 location we applied Huper Optik’s Ceramic 50. Huper Ceramic 50 is a great film to block heat, when applied to glass it acts as a shield against heat, glare, and UV light. Additionally, we added Frost to the bottom glass to block visibility and enhance the look. Frost is an excellent choice when trying to block visibility, it gives you privacy while still allowing natural light to flow through the space.

Huper Optik Ceramic 50 specs

UV Light Rejection | 99.9%

Infrared Rejection | 68%

Total Solar Energy Rejected | 50%

Galre Reduction  | 45%





Store Front Window Tinting

7-11 Store Front – Commercial Window Tinting my Window Tint LA




Reflective Store Window Film Company

7-11 with Ceramic 50 and decorative frost window film installed by Window Tint LA


huper optik window film los angeles

Huper Optik Ceramic 50 Window Film


Ceramic 50 Commercial Window Film

Store Front of a 7-11 in Los Angeles, getting Huper Optik ceramic 50 window film as well as decorative frost.


For a free estimate, please call (310) 935-1748