Ceramic 30 Window Film Applied to Home Windows in Calabasas

Huper Optik ceramic 30 window film rejects up to 70% of total solar energy and helps reduce the effects of fading by blocking 99.9% of UV rays. No discoloration guaranteed for the life of the film.

ceramic30 window film

Ceramic 30 window film applied to this Calabasas, CA home.



the view from the outside of the windows

View from the outside of the home with Huper Optik Ceramic 30 applied to the windows.

Residential Glass Doors – 77% Heat Rejection Fusion10 Window Film

This Hollywood Hills home’s back doors received Huper Optik Fusion 10 reflective window film, which provides the homeowners with 77% heat rejection. Fusion Films deliver privacy, comfort and energy efficiency year round: reducing high energy bills, preventing temperature variances and hot spots, and rejecting infrared and ultraviolet light rays.

home window film doors

Huper Optik Fusion 10 window film provides 77% heat rejection

residential glass doors window film

The view out from the inside of the home with the window film applied.

Ceramic 30 Window Film Application – Boiling Crab Los Angeles

This Boiling Crab seafood restaurant had ceramic 30 window film applied to the front windows and doors. Hüper Optik Ceramic 30 was featured in Popular Science Magazine http://www.huperoptik.com/en/news/detail.aspx?t=1&id=31

commercial window film boiling crab

Huper Optik Ceramic 30 window film to be applied

boiling crab window film application

Commercial Window Film Application for Boiling Crab restaurant in Los Angeles

ceramic 30 window film

Cleaning the windows in preparation for the window film


It is extremely important to completely clean the window to avoid from having any dust or particles between the glass and the window film

window tinting restaurant

Ceramic 30 window film being applied to windows in Boiling Crab


Window film being applied to the glass door of the restaurant door

inside boiling crab los angeles

If you haven’t been to The Boiling Crab and live in the Los Angeles area, its a must try. Some of the most fresh and tastiest seafood I’ve ever had.