Home Window Tinting in Playa del Rey, California

This Playa del Rey home had Huper Optik Klar 85% home window tint applied to the slider. The 85% means that it allows 85% light through while still blocking 99.9% UV

Playa del Rey Window Tinting Home with Huper Optik

Playa del Rey Window Tinting Home with Huper Optik Klar 85%

Window Tinting Playa del Rey, CA

Home Window Tinting Playa del Rey, CA

Huper Optik Klar 85% is virtually clear yet blocks 42% of infrared heat and 32% of total solar energy. Window Tint LA offers free in home consultations.

Home Window Tinting in Playa del Rey, California

Home Window Tinting in Playa del Rey, California

Adding Home Window Film upgrades your existing windows by improving energy efficiency, cutting glare, and reducing damage to furniture due to fading. It also helps make occupants feel more comfortable within the building.

Architectural White Frost Doors Before / After Pictures

White frost architectural window film was applied to these two french doors by Window Tint LA. The homeowner receives the benefit of a perfect installation and a lifetime warranty, which covers the film and labor and is backed by both Window Tint LA and Huper Optik, the film manufacturer.

home window tint frosted privacy film

French doors in Los Angeles home before white architectural frost window film is applied by Window Tint LA. The white architectural frost includes a lifetime residential warranty.

Frosted window film is typically applied to the interior of the glass though can be installed on the exterior of access to the interior is an issue. The frost window film allows for 73% light to pass through both in and out making it a great privacy window film solution for those wanting to have complete privacy, both day and night, yet allow the natural sun light to shine in.

frost window film french doors los angeles

White architectural frost film applied to this Los Angeles home’s friend doors. Window Tint LA is open 7 days a week, Call today to schedule a free consultation

Frost Window Film – 99.9% UV Protection

Architectural frost window film not only provides privacy and improved aesthetics, it also protects from the suns harmful UV rays. Blocking 99.9% of ultra violet rays, the frost window film will protect your floors and furnishing from fading.

Call today for a completely free consultation. We provide free film samples, which are yours to keep and of course, we’ll answer any and all questions you have.

Window Tint LA is open 7-days a week, 365 days a year.

Frost Window Film Los Angeles Before After

Frost window film applied to french doors in Los Angeles home

LLumar Air Blue 80 Home Window Tinting in Long Beach California 90806

LLumar Air Blue 80 provides extremely effective protection against ultra violet rays and infrared heat that can penetrate ordinary window glass.

LLumar Air Blue 80 is a non-metalized, non-conductive ceramic technology film with 43% heat rejection, maximum ultra-violet rejection, excellent optical clarity, and scratch- and corrosion-resistant properties.

Long Beach home window tinting

LLumar 80% was used in this Long Beach, California Residence. The film is virtually clear yet providing 99.9% UV rejection

This film has a 78% Visible Light Transmittance, and its optical clarity and low reflectivity. LLumar Air Blue 80 will not interfere with your view out at night. Air Blue 80 will also block 99% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This film also has signal-enabling properties to ensure no signal interference with wireless devices.

home window tinting Long Beach

Home window tinting in Long Beach California with air blue 80 LLumar residential window film

With energy costs on the rise, every opportunity for savings is crucial. By reducing the interior temperature of your home or business, LLumar Air Blue 80 films can reduce the need to run your cooling system, and that helps you use less energy and therefore lower your energy bill.

LLumar Air Blue 80 is virtually clear and will still provide excellent heat reduction.

Home window tint Long Beach, California

Home window tinting in Long Beach, California by Window Tint LA. Call for a completely free in home window film consultation