Custom Window Graphics For Your Office

Are you looking for a way to change the way the space looks in your office? Are looking to add some privacy without completely blocking the view within the office?

How you ever thought about Custom Frosted Window Graphics? With Custom Frosted Window Graphics you can just add a frosted band to your office windows giving you privacy and making the office space look a bit different.

Window Tint LA will custom make anything that you would like to have put on the windows. During your free consultation we will provide you with a free mock up and a quote. We are open days a week and can accommodate any schedule. Call now to improve the look and feel of your office space.

Below are some pics of a few offices that we have added Custom Frosted Bands to….

Frost Bands

Give your office space a different look

frost bands

Get some much needed privacy for the offices that are made from glass walls

frost bands

Free consultation and mock up

frost band

Professionally installed Frost Band

frost bands

Create your own design

frost bands

Increase the privacy in your office

frost bands

Clear Window Film That Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Do you want window film but don’t want to change the look of your windows? Are looking for a film that people wont be able to tell is one your windows? Not looking to darken the shade of your windows, but looking for the window protection? Window Tint LA has the perfect film for you.

We installed Huper Optik Klar 85 to the windows of this home. Huper OPtik Klar 85 is a clear window film that protect you from harmful UV rays which are the cause of your floors and furniture fading/discoloring, and also plays a factor in causing aging, eye problems and cancer.

Huper Optik Klar 85 Specs:

 Allows 85% of light into the room

Blocks 99% of harmful UV Rays

Reduces 42% of Infrared Heat

Reduces 4% of glare

Huper Optik Klar 85

Huper Optik Klar 85 was professionally installed in this home

UV Protection

Protect your furniture and floors from fading/discoloring with window film

UV Protection

Window film will block the Harmful UV Rays that come from the sun

UV Protection

Call Window Tint LA today and scheduled your free consultation today. We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate any schedule.


Huper Optik Window Film For Beautiful Malibu Home

If you have recently considered home window tinting, you most likely have a good idea of how far window film technology has come in the recent years. Window films now have many advantages that can greatly improve energy efficiency, sustainability, and comfort in your home or office. Modern window films allow you to control the amount of light that enters your space while blocking harmful UV rays.

The homeowners of this exquisite Malibu home were interested in increasing privacy in their home while maintaining the beautiful view of the ocean. We installed Huper Optik Fusion 20% and 28% in the home. Fusion films use a blend of technologies of neutral tones, sustainability, performance, and aesthetics that provide both privacy and high heat rejection year around. Fusion films provide increased comfort, help prevent hot spots, and assist in reducing high energy bills.

daytime privacy window film

Professionally installed window film in Malibu.

home window tinting in Malibu

Decrease energy bills with window film!

best home energy saving tips

Maintain a natural view while increasing privacy in your home.

Malibu house window tint

Protect your floors and furniture with window film.

Call to schedule your free consultation today! We are open 7 days a week. We will visit your home or business, measure your glass, provide you with film samples, answer your questions, and provide a quote on the spot!

Privacy Window Film For Your Home

There are many different types of window film out there today, and with each film doing different things its a lot to choose from. Some people don’t want the window film that gives your home a reflective look or they may not want to have frost put on the window.

This home owner wanted something that would give them privacy but also add a little decorative look to the home. So they went with the Solyx Atlantis Mosaic 35. This is a Prismatic Light Scattering window film that will not only give them the privacy that they are looking for by distorting the view if what people can see when you look in or out of the window. It will also provide a decorative aspect to the windows.

Decorative Window Film

Windows After the Mosaic Film was applied

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film that also gives you privacy

Decorative Window Film

Free consultations

Window Tint LA provides a free consultation where we will send one of our Senior consultants out to your home. They will measure the glass provide you with film samples, answer all of your questions and get your quote on the spot. Call us today and get scheduled, we are open 7 days a week.

Privacy And Heat Reduction Window Film

For this home we installed to different types of window film. We used White Frost and Huper Optik Fusion 10. The home owners wanted to block out some of the heat that was coming into there home and to also get some privacy for the garage that was see completely see through allowing people to see the cars and bikes that were inside.

About Fusion 10
Huper Optik Fusion 10 is a film that has fusions of technologies for different types of performances and sustainability. The film also gives you privacy a lot with aesthetics where ever it is installed by giving people from the outside a mirror reflective look when they look at your home, yet allowing you to have a natural view from the inside looking out. Fusion 10 blocks 99.0% of harmful UV rays, reduces glare by 88% and still allows 11% of light in. this film is available in many different shades from light to dark.

All about White Frost

Huper Optik White Frost window film will block your visibility looking in and out, but it will not block the natural light from coming into the room. This film will give you total privacy day and night and still allow 73% of light in giving everybody the peace of mind they deserve in the home. You will also be protected from Harmful UV rays.

Below are pictures of the window film that we installed in this beautiful rom.

Privacy Film

Image before window was applied to the door window


White Frost was installed to the door


Get total privacy day and night with White Frost window film

Privacy Film

Picture of the garage before window film was installed

white frost for privacy

White Frost was applied to the garage doors to add privacy


Inside view of the garage

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Fusion 10 was professionally installed to the windows

Privacy Film

Call for your Free consultation

one way reflective window film

Inside view after Fusion 10 was applied to the windows

Window Tint LA provides a free consultation and we are open 7 days a week to better service your area.

Stop Fading Floors and Furniture with Window Film!

Have you ever moved a rug or piece of furniture in your home to find that your beautiful hardwood floor is faded? Have you ever noticed that your furniture that gets direct sunlight is discolored? Perhaps the colors on your expensive artwork have begun to fade? You ever wonder what causes this to happen?

The reason your furniture, artwork, and floors fade is because of sun exposure. Color deterioration is the result of three main things: ultra violet light, visible light, and infrared light. Studies show ultra violet light makes up 40% of the cause, visible light is 25%, infrared light is 25%, and miscellaneous things such as interior lighting, humidity, and the quality of your belongings make up the additional 10%.

While window film cannot completely stop fading, it can significantly slow down the fading process. At Window Tint La, we recommend Huper Optik window films, which are the best on the market. These films offer the highest quality factors in reducing fading while allowing you to maintain a natural view in and out of your windows. All the films that we carry, block 99.9% of ultra violent rays. After installation, your window film will absorb and reflect solar heat, light, and radiation to prolong the life of your valuables.

Call to schedule your free consultation today! We would love to help you extend the life of your furniture and other possessions. We are open 7 days a week. We will visit your home or business, measure your glass, provide you with film samples, answer your questions, and provide a quote!

home window tint film

Window film installed to prevent fading of wood floors

window uv film installation

Reduce harmful UV rays with professionally installed window tint!

what is a good window tint for houses to keep the uv rays out

Reduce solar heat with window film

uv film window

Protect your belongings with window film!

clear uv window tint for homes

Window films are available in various different colors from dark to virtually clear!

los angeles home window tinting

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Residential Window Tint Removal In Rancho Palos Verdes

Do you have low-grade window film on your windows that has become an eyesore? Do you have film that is no longer performing the way that it should? Have you tried removing the film yourself, only to realize it’s much harder than it looks? Let Window Tint LA help you. We can professionally remove window film from your home or commercial building.

The hardest part about removing film is removing the adhesive. Dry adhesive is most commonly used. The adhesive activates after it becomes wet and can take several weeks to fully attach to the glass. Once the adhesive is fully dried, it can be extremely challenging to remove.

There are various different types of adhesives. The type of film will determine the type of adhesive that is used. During your consultation, we will inspect your windows and your film to ensure we use the correct technique to preserve your glass during the removal process. Our consultants will stop by your location, review the windows, and provide an estimate for the removal on the spot! Call today to schedule your free consultation!

home window tint removal

View of window before professional removal

residential window tint removal

Image of bubbling window film

residential window tint removal near me

View of windows after removal has been completeed

home window tint film removal

Window film is carefully removed to preserve your glass

tint removal for home

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Heat Blocking Window Film For Los Angeles Home

The heat in California can be a miserable. With some temperatures reaching over 120 degrees depending on where you live. Making it just horrible to relax in your home if you don’t have air conditioning. For those who do have air conditioning the monthly energy bill can be just completely out of control.

For this home we installed Huper Optik Ceramic 40. This home has big beautiful windows which let in a abundant amount of heat. By applying this film to the window we are able to reduce the infrared heat by 80% while also blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays, Plus it provide an 53% glare reduction.

Window Tint LA provides completely free consultation where we come to you measure the glass, provide you with film samples, answer all of your questions and we will give you a quote on the spot. Call us today at 310-935-1748

Reduce Heat

Heat Reduction

Professionally installed Window FIlm

Reduce Heat

Protect your floors and furniture from fading/discoloring by applying window film

Reduce Heat

Keep your natural view from the inside looking out

Heat Reduction

Free consultation and lifetime residential warranty

Heat Reduction

Huper Optik Ceramic 40 was applied to these windows

Prevent Turf Burning with Window Film

Summer is just around the corner, for southern California residents, that means sweltering heat. The high temperatures cause a major problem for residents with synthetic grass or turf. The glare from the sun reflects off the windows of your home and causes your turf to discolor and burn. As you know turf can be extremely expensive, therefore we want to help you maintain it.

We offer turf guard window film. The film stops the reflection so that your turf is not destroyed. We have a few different options. The most common is film that looks similar to a bug screen. The film comes in four different colors, black, gray, white, and clear. The second option is commonly used when visibility is not important. It is a frost film, which means it will block visibility in and out of the window.

The owners of this beautiful Santa Clarita home decided on the gray turf guard film. We installed the film on multiple windows of this home to prevent turf burning. We would love to help you preserve your investment. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. Our consultant will measure your windows, provide you with free film samples that are yours to keep, answer your questions, and provide an estimate on the spot! Call today, we are open 7 days a week.

residential window tinting

Turf guard window film installed to prevent burning and discoloring of turf.

non glare window film

Turf guard screen film allows visibility in and out of your windows

non reflective residential window tint glare reduction

Window film installed to reduce glare from the sun

anti glare film

View of second story windows after installation

tinting home windows cost

Close up of window film after installation

residential window tinting in santa clarita

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