Home Window Film: Perfect for Playa Vista

Playa Vista is one of the newer neighborhoods of western Los Angeles, and it is also one of the absolute most desirable, too. Residents of this lovely area are lucky to own a home there, as the value of Playa Vista real estate is on an ascendant path that should continue for years to come, especially as the area hosts more and more people who work in the tech industry.

If you own a home in Playa Vista, you owe it to your choice piece of property to make sure the residence is protected against one of the most common forms of damage experienced in Los Angeles. The issue has nothing to do with earthquakes or with crime, or anything so dramatic: in Playa Vista residential window tint is a must have. Believe it or not, sun damage is likely the single biggest threat to your Playa Vista residence. Sunshine can slowly but steadily fade the flooring of your home, discoloring wood, carpets, and laminate alike. It can fade and discolor linens and upholstery, and it can ruin artwork adorning the walls.

With window tint, you can block the harmful portions of the sunlight spectrum without reducing the amount of bright, invigorating visible light you want in your home in Playa Vista. Window film rejects up to 99.9% of the UV light that causes the worst sun fading and discoloration, but it still lets in plenty of light, albeit with less of the harsh glare that can make screens hard to see and rooms generally too bright for comfort.

And while Playa Vista usually enjoys mild temperatures thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the long summer days can be hot, especially inside. Solar radiation causes interior warming that requires use of AC systems. This in turn drains lots of electricity and runs up your energy bill. With window film Playa Vista homes stay cooler and more comfortable and are cheaper to maintain. This is also true in the winter when you might actually experience rather cold temperatures in Playa Vista: residential window film adds a layer of insulation to glass windows that helps them preserve interior temperatures, whether that means keeping your home cooler or warmer.

Most Playa Vista window film installation jobs will pay for themselves in a as little as a year in terms of the energy savings you reap with reduced use of HVAC systems. You will enjoy the comfort right away and the savings over time.

UV Protection

Block 99.9% of harmful UV rays with window film

Reduce Heat

Lifetime Residential Warranty covers the installation and film

Reduce Heat

Reduce heat and lower your energy bill

Security Film

Security film was applied to windows to protect the home from break ins

One-Way Privacy Film For Irvine Home

The owner of this contemporary home in Irvine was interested in adding some privacy. We installed Huper Optik Fusion 10 to increase privacy. This film offers privacy, high heat rejection, and protection against ultraviolet rays. This an exceptional window film and includes a lifetime residential warranty.

Here are some specs for this film:

Visible Light Transmission: 10%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 67%

Ultra Violet Light Rejection: 99%

Glare Reduction: 88%

Call Window Tint LA today to find out which window film will suit you best. We offer completely free consultations! We will answer your questions, measure your glass, and give you film samples that will be yours to keep. We are open 7 days a week and are ready to assist you!

window tinting home

View of windows from inside before installing film

tint for home windows

Privacy film allows you to keep a natural view when looking out your windows

residential house tinting irvine

Increase privacy with window film.

mirrored window tinting for homes

Close up of window film after installation

Window Tint for Malibu Homes

The picturesque seaside town of Malibu, California is home to fewer than 20,000 permanent residents, yet Malibu is known all around the world thanks to the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, verdant canyons, and the rolling mountains, and its many famous residents and lovely homes. Malibu residences display a wide range of architectural styles, but almost every home in the area has one thing in common: it is a valuable piece of property.

Thus most residents in Malibu are understandably quite concerned with home security issues. One of the most affordable and effective ways to enhance the security of a Malibu home is applying window film on all ground level or easily accessed windows of your residence. With residential window film Malibu homes are protected from three of the most common hazards people all across the Los Angeles region face: burglaries, sun-damaged interiors, and the sting of a sky-high power bill.

Window film reinforces the glass of your home’s windows, preventing them from shattering into pieces even when a criminal hits the panes with a hammer or brick or when windblown debris or the violent shaking of an earthquake breaks the glass. The window will stay together as one solid piece instead of cracking into jagged shards; that keeps a thief outside the home where he belongs and reduces the chance of injuries for you, your family, and your pets.

Window tint also blocks out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing most of the fading that can leave your flooring discolored, your upholstery and linens bleached, and your artwork and photos washed out and devalued. The more you treasure the interior of your home in Malibu, the more window tint makes sense.

And finally, window film blocks out a large portion of the near-infrared solar radiation responsible for interior heat gain. Even on a cloudy or foggy day, if it’s warm out, invisible solar radiation can enter your home and elevate the temperature, causing discomfort and leading to the use of fans and AC which in turn runs up your power bill. Window tint blocks much of this solar energy and keeps the home cooler, and it also adds better insulation to the windows, therefore helping your residence maintain the temperature you have established.

home window tinting malibu

Maintain your natural view when looking out with window film.

house window tinting near me

Film installed to block 99.9% of harmful UV rays!

break and entry security window film

Security film installed on glass garage door to prevent break in.

solar window film reduce heat uv protection

Window film installed to reduce heat in beautiful beachfront home

window tinting for home

Window film includes a lifetime residential warranty!

Culver City Window Tinting: The Most Affordable Property Update

Culver City, California is one of the most popular spots in the greater Los Angeles region today. Like so many cities in this unique area, Culver City is a standalone city that happens to be carved out of the city and county of Los Angeles but which is fully independent. Culver City has its own police force, its own elected officials, its own school system, and more. But one thing Culver City shares with Los Angeles and all of Southern California is of course the climate. That’s why Culver City window tinting is so popular: this town sees more than its fair share of sunshine.

Because of all that sunshine, most homes in Culver City expend more than half of their electrical budget on air conditioning. Keeping a residence cool enough to be comfortable and safe is critical for those who live there, but it can also be quite expensive. While the primary reason for that expense is the warm temperature standard in LA, most homes pay much more than they should for electricity due to the windows. Windows allow solar heat into a home and are almost always the most poorly insulated part of the residence; these factors combine to drive energy costs up. (And that’s true both during the summer and the winter; poor insulation lets cool air seep out during the summer and warmed air escape when it’s cold in Los Angeles, which does happen every year, contrary to popular perception.)

With residential window tint Culver City homes stay cooler even when the sun is shining for twelve hours a day or more in the middle of the summer. Window tint rejects most of the invisible near infrared solar radiation that passes almost unchecked through regular glass windows and causes interior temperatures to rise. By blocking this solar energy, window tint keeps your Culver City home cool. And you don’t have to run the AC or fans to cool down a home that didn’t heat up in the first place.

Beyond that prevented heat gain, window film adds additional insulation to the windows — so much so that a single-pane window will act like a double paned window once window tint is applied (and a double-pane window will work like a tri-paned model). This helps to keep the interior temperature you have established at a constant, meaning less frequent and shorter use of HVAC systems.

Because window tint blocks out much of the hot portion of the sunlight spectrum you want to keep out of the home, ironically window tinting often allows you to enjoy a brighter residence: window tinting will not noticeably reduce the amount of the visible light you love, so once your Culver City window tinting job is completed, you will be able to open the drapes and raise the blinds more often, enjoying a home that is both brighter and cooler.

Reduce Heat

Applying window film to your windows will reduce the amount of heat that you are feeling in your home

Reduce heat

Keep your home cooler in the Summer with window film

Reduce Heat

Your home will be brighter and cooler after applying window tint to your home windows

Privacy Film

Window film can also give you privacy for your home with privacy film

Protecting Your Van Nuys Residence with Window Tint

The Van Nuys region is popular for families looking to establish themselves in a lovely home. It is accessible by several of LA’s major highways, real estate is relatively affordable, and the weather is pleasant all year round, though rather warm in the summer.

Due to the varied zoning laws of Van Nuys, the region has lots of commercial property that brings a steady flow of non-residents. The common presence of strangers is motivates many Van Nuys homeowners to improve the security measures in place at the their homes.

Applying security window film to the windows of a Van Nuys home is a cost-effective and noninvasive upgrade that promises increased safety and security for the residence. Unlike a security alarm system, window film installation does not affect any aspect of the existing property. Unlike window bars or cages, window tint will not change the look of a residence. And unlike fences, camera systems, or any other home security upgrade, in Van Nuys, security window tint pays for itself over time by reducing your electric bills. More on that in a moment.

Security window tint protects your Van Nuys residence by reinforcing the window panes, making them highly resistant to breaking apart. If someone tries to break in through your home’s windows, the glass may crack spider web patterns and will need replacement, but they won’t fall apart, and they will not allow access into your residence. Security film can prevent most thieves from entering a home, and can greatly slow down even a determined burglar, allowing for plenty of time to place a call to the authorities. And best of all, security window film offers this enhanced protection without changing the way your home looks; you will enjoy the same level of protection as offered by metal bars or metal screens, yet without such unsightly additions to the property.

As mentioned earlier, in Van Nuys window film for homes can save you an impressive amount of money. By blocking out much of the infrared solar energy that is responsible for interior warming, window tint helps prevent your home from getting uncomfortably warm, thus limiting the need for air conditioning system and fan usage. Window tint blocks out dangerous and harmful ultraviolet light, which can cause fading and which can even ruin flooring, drapes, upholstery, bedding, and more over time. Applying window film means a cooler, more affordable, and better-protected home.

reduce heat

Window film can stop your glass from breaking and also reduce the heat that comes into the home

Security Film

Lifetime Residential Warranty

Security Film

Window film for Van Nuys Home

Reduce Heat

Reduce heat and protect your home with window film

Three Reasons Home Window Tinting Pacific Palisades Properties Is The Smart Move

Installing home window tint in Pacific Palisades homes is a smart move for a number of reasons; window tint protects your property against UV light fading and damage, it improves the privacy and security, and it keeps the property cooler and comfortable, too. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that home window tint is also a smart property update from an economic standpoint, too. Simply put, if you add window film in a Pacific Palisades residence, you will save money. So much savings so, in fact, that your window tint will invariably pay for itself.

First off, window film reduces the amount of infrared solar energy that gets through glass windows and into the property. This invisible portion of the sunlight spectrum is the warmest part of sunshine, so blocking it keeps things cool and mild in the home. That means reduced use of the air conditioning and fans even on hotter, sunny days so common in California, which means smaller electric bills. Window tint also improves the insulation of windows, effectively letting single-paned windows serve as effectively as modern energy efficient double-pane windows, but at a fraction of the price of replacing the actual windows in the home. Improved insulation means still less use of the heating and cooling systems, which means even more savings.

Secondly, home window fillm blocks almost 99.9% of the UV light that’s also invisible but always present in sunshine. UV light is responsible for most of the sun’s damage to flooring (faded rugs and discolored hardwood), upholstery (weakened and discolored fabrics), and to artwork and photos (washed out and faded over the years) on the walls. By blocking UV light, you can extend the working life of many of surfaces and items in your residence, saving large amounts of money when you don’t need to restore or replace flooring, upholstery, curtains, and more

Third, security enhancing window film can protect the home against accidents, weather events, and even crime. By reinforcing the windowpanes and preventing the glass from shattering even if it is cracked, window tint keeps your home safely sealed off even under extreme circumstances. Whether struck by flying debris, the concussion of an explosion’s blast wave, or by a stone or crowbar wielded by a would-be burglar, window tint can prevent glass windows and doors from shattering into pieces and leaving the home’s interior exposed. That can mean vast amounts of money saved in avoided damage and/or loss from burglary.

Window Tint 90272

Reduce heat in your home with window tint.

Window Tint 90272

Heat reduction film.

Window Tint Pacific Palisades

Protect your home and valuables with clear security film.

The Case for Home Window Tint In Marina del Rey

Adding window film to Marina del Rey properties is the single best enhancement a homeowner or property manager can make. In Marina del Rey residential window tint offers many benefits that can will a residence more affordable, more comfortable, more secure, and better looking. Many people think of window tinting only as a way to increase the privacy of a residence, and of course window tint will make your Marina del Rey property more private, blocking the view in but still allowing you to see through the windows from inside with ease. But that is arguably the least notable benefit of window tinting.

Of more interest to many residents of Marina del Rey is home window film cost savings: window tint blocks out a large portion of the sun’s heat that makes the inside of a home too hot for comfort, necessitating the use of A/C systems air, window cooling units, and fans to keep the home cooler. Climate control expenses account for a majority of the cash people spent on power bills annually, so if you keep your home more cool and comfortable by blocking sun heat with window film, you won’t have to expend power running the A/C.

And as Marina del Rey also gets its share of cooler days, too, people are happy to find out that window film greatly enhances insulation, helping keep your home warmer as well as cooler; whatever the interior temperature in the property, whether warmed by a heater or cooled by the A/C, window film helps to keep it that way by improving the insulation of glass windowpanes.

Window tint also blocks out the UV light that fades floors and damages upholstery and other items. The pictures and paintings on the walls and the curtains, linens, and all the other things around your home that can be susceptible to sun damage will be better protected from fading and discoloration because of window tint’s ability to reject 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light. Blocking this type of light also keeps you safer: it is this type of sunlight that is responsible for sunburns and for chronic skin damage that often leads to skin cancer.

Window film improves the security of your residence in Marina del Rey. Window tinting physically reinforces glass windowpanes, making them highly resistant to shattering and therefore helping to prevent a burglar from entering the property and keeping you safer from cuts caused by pieces of glass from a broken window.

Reduce Heat

Reduce the amount of heat that comes into your home with Window Film

Reduce Heat

Reduce heat and block harmful UV Rays with window film

Reduce Heat

Window film can reduce your monthly energy bill

UV Protection

Block harmful UV Rays

Brentwood Home Window Tint Ideas

There is a common misconception that window tint is only suitable for use on the windows of automobiles or office buildings. In fact, your home can benefit from window film in myriad ways, especially when that home is in a Los Angeles neighborhood like Brentwood. Window film will improve your Brentwood home in myriad ways based on the unique factors that shape this affluent, desirable community, including the Southern California climate, the demographics of surrounding neighborhoods, and the general cost of living in this part of Los Angeles.

In Brentwood, home window tint can keep your residence cooler even on the hottest, sunniest days of the long Los Angeles summer. Solar window film allows in plenty of welcome visible sunlight but rejects much of the warm, invisible infrared light, therefore keeping your home cooler and more comfortable. That means less need for air conditioning system usage, and in most Brentwood homes, climate control costs account for around fifty percent of the overall electric bill. (Window film adds insulation to the windows that will also help keep your home warmer when you are using the furnace in the winter.)

Window tinting can also make your home more private and secure by blocking the view into the property and by physically reinforcing the windows against shattering. This keeps you safer during an attempted break-in and during a storm, earthquake, or other dramatic event. Improved security is a major consideration in the minds of many Brentwood homeowners who choose to install window film in their property.

However window tinting a home can also be done for enhanced aesthetics. The more windows your home has, the more window film can improve the appearance of the residence. Just like a new coat of paint brings new charm to a property, so too will window tint reinvigorate the home’s looks. You can choose from various shades of window tinting that add a touch of color or depth to the property or you can opt for a modern reflective window film that adds a sleek metallic look. There are also frosted and patterned window films that can approximate the look of expensive custom glass work at a fraction of the price of actually changing out windows.

Window film, in short, can improve both the function and the appearance of your home’s windows. Window tinting is an affordable and low-impact way to update and enhance your Brentwood residence.

Privacy Frost

Get total Privacy day and night with Privacy frost. You can even add the Frost half way up you windows

Privacy Frost

Privacy Frost window film can add privacy to those windows that have private views

UV Protection

Film was applied to the windows to stop UV Rays

UV Protection

UV protection for your floors and furniture

North Hollywood Home Window Tint


Window tint offers myriad benefits to North Hollywood residences including reduced power bills and increased security. Window tint can also improve the appearance of your home’s exterior while simultaneously making the interior cooler and free from the harsh glare of direct sunshine. All in all, it’s an improvement well worth considering.

When sunlight comes streaming through the windows of a North Hollywood home, it heats up the interior, often making it so hot you will be forced to shut the blinds and crank up the A/C and fans. This leaves your property in the dark unless you turn on electric lights, draining power alongside your cooling systems. With solar rejection window tint, the sun’s hot infrared light is largely stopped right at the window, keeping your interior cooler and meaning less need for climate control systems and the associated costs. These same solar heat blocking window films will allow in plenty of visible light, so you can cut down on the use of artificial lighting, too. Overall, solar window tint means smaller electric bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Ultraviolet light is the leading cause for discolored hardwood floors, faded carpets and upholstery, and damaged photos, decor, and artwork. UV light may be invisible to the naked eye, but it wreaks havoc on a property’s interior over time. UV blocking window tint rejects nearly 100% of this damaging light, protecting your property and possessions against fading while allowing plenty of visible light to brighten your home.

Security window film acts like a set of iron bars, preventing the windows from acting as a point of entry for a criminal, but without the unattractive look of a metal grate. Safety window film makes glass highly resistant to shattering, instead merely allowing glass to crack into a spider web pattern that holds together as an intact mass. Windows treated with safety window film will have to be replaced in the event of a break-in attempt or an accident, but it’s unlikely that any of the items within your home will have to be replaced.

One way privacy window tint blocks the view into your windows but still lets you see out through the windows; frost window film lets light pass through but blocks the view entirely. People often choose frost window tint for street-level businesses or as window film for residential bathrooms or bedrooms, while one-way window tint is a great choice for upper floors where a view out is wanted.

UV Protection

Keep a natural view from the inside looking out

UV Protection

Lifetime Residential Warranty

UV Protection

Protect your floors and furniture from UV rays with window film

UV Protection

Stop your floors from fading and/or discoloring with window film

Why Westwood Home Window Tint Is Gaining Popularity

Westwood is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and the area has lots of aspects worth celebrating; one of those things is the great weather, which brings months filled with bright, warm sunshine every year. But while the sun-filled days are lovely, they are also a serious issue for your electric bills. When you ate inside, you want your Westwood, CA residence to be pleasant and cool, and that too often means closing the shades and using fans and air conditioning nonstop during the warm summer months.

There’s a better way to overcome the sun’s warmth than by shutting all the windows and cranking up the AC – you can keep the sun’s heat outside when you have your Westwood property’s windows covered with window film.

Tinting the windows at your Westwood property is the best way to reduce your costly power bills. In a place like LA, window tint can save more money than you might expect – in fact, most window tint installations will have paid for themselves in just a few years. When you put UV and infrared blocking window tint onto your property’s windows, you block out much of the solar energy that penetrate untreated glass windows. But window tint does not block out the natural light you love about your Westwood, CA home.

Top quality window tint is engineered to block out only certain rays of the spectrum of sunshine. The window tint process cuts out much of the sun’s hot rays, leaving your property cooler and less expensive to keep comfortable. Residential window film also blocks out those UV rays that can fade flooring, upholstery, linens, and artwork. And as yet another bonus window tint enhances the insulation of the property, keeping the place warmer in the colder months (cold being a relative term most of the time in Los Angeles).

Window film also improves the privacy and security of your Westwood property, blocking the view into the home from the outside (without damaging the clarity of the view out of the windows) and enhancing the tensile strength of the panes. With window tint in place, your windows will be resistant to cracking and shattering, protecting the home from burglaries and during storms, natural disaster events, and other dangerous issues.


Clear UV Tint

Reduce heat in your home with window tint.

Window Tint Near Me

Clear film to help protect against 99% of UV rays.

Window Tint Westwood

UV ray protection.

Window Tint 90024

Reduce heat and protect the furniture in your home!