3M Thinsulate Window Film for Residential and Commercial Properties

Window Tint LA proudly offers 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film. This window treatment dramatically enhances the energy efficiency and improves the interior comfort of both Los Angeles residential and commercial locations.

3M Thinsulate window film blocks a majority of the sun’s heat to create a cooler, more pleasant interior that’s UV-protected and glare-free. This tint goes a step beyond solar heat rejection by improving the insulation of the windows of your home or business. That means reduced cooling costs resulting in reduced solar warming and a lessened need for both cooling and heating. 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window film is almost imperceptible to the eye.

Enjoy Solar Heat Reduction With the 3M Thinsulate

To fight against the unrelenting warmth of the sunshine in Los Angeles window tint is a must-have for the forward-thinking home or commercial property. Window tint reduces the amount of hot infrared sunlight that passes through glass windows. The interior space won’t experience as much warming and thus won’t require as much use of fans and air conditioning systems.

Improved Insulation in Rooms Protected by 3M Thinsulate

Installing 3M Thinsulate window film to a glass window provides almost as much insulation as adding another pane of glass. In other words, it can effectively turn single-paned windows into double-paned windows in terms of insulation properties.

This thin, almost invisible window film helps stop interior temperature loss via the windows. This means that the cooled air from air conditioning in the summer or the heated air from the furnace in the winter will be both better maintained. Enjoy lowered HVAC costs all year round.

By many measurements, your windows are responsible for more than 30% of your HVAC costs. As HVAC costs account for nearly 50% of overall electrical costs, those untreated glass windows might be responsible for as much as 15% of your home or business’s overall annual energy costs!

Avoid Distractions With Visible Light and Glare Reduction

Natural light can help to make a business more productive and a home more inviting. It’s a well-documented fact that sunlight improves your mood and gives you energy and motivation. It is even a must-have for health thanks to its effect on circadian rhythms. However, too much light is even worse than not enough of it; harsh sunlight can make screens hard to see and rooms too bright to use without eyestrain.

3M Thinsulate window film allows a huge portion of the natural light that leads to positive feelings and efficient work. However, it reduces the harsh glare effect of direct sunlight that makes interior spaces too bright to enjoy.

Prevent Sun Damage With Ultraviolet Light Reduction

When it comes to UV light, what you can’t see can hurt. Ultraviolet light is responsible for the photochemical reaction that causes faded and discolored flooring and upholstery. You can also blame it for the washed-out wall decor and artwork in sunny rooms.

Preventing sun damage to your Los Angeles area residence or commercial location is as easy as having Window Tint LA install 3M Thinsulate window film on your windows. This window tint effectively blocks 99.9% of the UV light that might otherwise bleach and discolor your interior.

3M Thinsulate Window Film Installation and Cost

As noted above, applying 3M Thinsulate window tint can save your Los Angeles area property as much as 15% off overall annual electrical costs. For most homes and businesses, the installation of window film will pay for itself in less than three years thanks to reduced energy costs.

And for most homes and even for commercial locations of smaller size, a window tint installation job usually takes just one to two days. Every pane of glass in your property receives a custom-cut piece of window tint. Be sure to choose the best professionals to install your window treatment for the best results.

You can count on Thinsulate window film to create a seamless, invisible update that will keep interior spaces cooler and make your property more energy efficient. The process involves no dangerous or noxious chemicals, and these dye-free window tints will not discolor over time. In ten years, your windows will work as well and look as good as they do on the day we finish our window film installation.