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Window Tint LA provides home window tinting and commercial window tinting for Altadena, California and all of Los Angeles County. Home window tinting and commercial window tinting offers benefits ranging from enhanced security to greater privacy to reduced electric bills. Protect your wood floors from fading by blocking 99.9% of harmful ultra violet rays and up to 98% infrared heat.

Installing home window tint in Altadena, CA is one of the most affordable ways to improve a home or commercial property. Home Window film and commercial window tinting offers benefits ranging from enhanced security to greater privacy to reduced electric bills. It can be hard to find a comparable return on investment when a window tint installation project can end up paying its own cost many times over in reduced HVAC costs, and security window film will have paid for itself the first time it protects your Altadena home or business from a burglary or prevents damage during an accident or natural disaster.

Residential & Commercial Window Tinting in Altadena, California.

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Altadena Commercial Window Tinting

Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from window tint.

Our solar rejecting window tints can block a majority of the sun’s warming IR rays, keeping your offices or retail space cooler and more comfortable and reducing your reliance on air conditioning systems. The glare reduction of these tints also makes your interior space more pleasant and welcoming without noticeably reducing the amount pleasant natural light passing through the windows.

Window film also offers businesses remarkable security enhancement, making windows virtually shatterproof. By adding an extra strong layer of film to a glass window, you ensure that though the glass may crack, the windowpane as a whole will remain intact, preventing unwanted entry and keeping the staff, visitors, and property within the business safe and sound.

Privacy window film can make your commercial property a much more pleasant and secure place to conduct business, host diners, or generally serve patrons in most any setting. From a fitness center to a medical practice to a school, any property with windows that are easily seen into from without (such as a street-level location) will benefit from either one-way privacy window tint or from frosted window films.

Altadena Residential Window Film – Window Tint for your Home

Protect your home and your family with window film.
Window tint can reduce your Altadena home’s electric bills by keeping your home cooler during the hot and sunny summer months and by keeping it warmer during the winter. By rejecting a majority of the hot infrared sunlight that warms a home to the point of discomfort, window tint lessens the need for fans or air conditioning. And by adding a layer of insulation to glass windows, window tint helps to maintain the interior temperature of your home whether you are trying to keep things cooler or warmer.

Frost Window Film for Privacy – Home or Office

Los Angeles Frost Window Tinting Film

Los Angeles Frost Window Tinting Film

One-Way Privacy Reflective Window Tint in Altadena 

Privacy window film can keep you and your family feeling safer and more secure in your home by preventing people from seeing into the property. Choose frosted window film for a diffuse, soft natural light and a 100% guarantee no one can see in (a great choice for the bottom half of windows in bedrooms or bathrooms) or choose one-way privacy window tint to keep your view out of your home’s windows clear while preventing anyone from seeing in.

One-Way Privacy Reflective Window Tint Los Angeles

Huper Optik Fusion 10% One-Way Privacy Reflective Window Tint

Window tint also protects the interior of your Altadena home by blocking out ultraviolet light. UV rays are the leading cause of faded flooring an upholstery and can bleach and discolor photos, artwork, and more. UV light is also damaging to skin, so blocking it protects the health of your family, pets, and visitors. We stock window tint that can reject up to 99% of these damaging ultraviolet rays, so you can rest assured that once your installation project is complete, your floors, furnishings, and family will be better protected all thanks to a modest one time investment.

Whiteout Window Tint Film Los Angeles

Whiteout Window Tint Film Los Angeles