Anti Glare Film For Santa Monica Beachfront Home

The homeowners of this lovely beachfront residence in Santa Monica love the skylights and large windows that lighten and brighten their home; in fact natural sunlight is one of the defining characteristics of the residence. And of course they also love their view. But with so much sunlight coming into the interior, at times the glare made it difficult to enjoy their view, frustrating to work on a computer, and hard watch TV, especially in the late afternoon. In fact, when the sun was setting in the west, they simply had to keep their shades down. All that sunlight also led to hot, unpleasant interior temperatures.

In order to solve the glare and heat problem, we installed a ceramic window film to all of the residence’s skylights and windows.

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Window Film For home

Window film is commonly applied to skylights to reduce heat, glare, and to block harmful UV light.


Anti Glare Film For Skylights was applied to all skylights

Anti glare film for skylights was applied throughout the house.


Santa Monica Window Tinting

Solar glare and heat were both huge problems for this Santa Monica beachfront home, especially in the late afternoon. To mitigate these issues, we applied a ceramic film that not only reduces glare and heat but also blocks 99.9% of UV rays.


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Our window tints and labor are back by a Lifetime Residential Warranty.


santa Monica window tinting for home

You can’t beat the view of a beachfront home with large windows, but a frequent request we get from home owners that live on the beach is for window tints that can block glare and heat that enters the home in that long, late afternoon.


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The view is never compromised by the quality window tints carried by Window Tint LA.


Anti Glare Film

Anti Glare Film For Skylights.


Anti Glare Film For Skylights was applied to all skylights

Anti Glare Film For Skylights was applied to all skylights.


Anti Glare Film

Anti Glare Film For Residential Windows.