Anti Graffiti and Glass Protection Film in Los Angeles

Shop and building owners who have large glass windows at pedestrian level know the concern all too well: what if someone decides to deface the windows? Whether with sprayed-on graffiti, key scratches, or acid etching, this sort of damage presents the owner with nothing but bad choices. Should you replace the window, despite the time and expense and the risk that it will be damaged again? Or should you leave it in place, even though it’s unattractive and will depress business and property values? And once the first damage is done, it only encourages other vandals to leave their marks as well.

However, there’s an alternative to help keep your windows safe: graffiti protection film. This is a thin (4-7 mils, depending on type) but tough sheet of transparent plastic film that can be cut to fit your window. It is invisible once applied, without coloring or distorting the light that comes through the window. You should not know it’s there once it’s been put on. (Note that this is not the same product as shatter protection film, which usually goes on the inside of the window and helps hold the glass together if a burglar tries to smash it.)

Graffiti protection film is also referred to as sacrificial film, because its purpose is to take the damage that would otherwise harm the window. It blocks paint from touching the glass, and is strong enough to stand up to keying or razor blade attacks without allowing the window to be scratched. It can even absorb the acid that some attackers use to etch glass, without allowing it to pass through.

When properly applied, graffiti protection film should be impossible for passersby or vandals to pick off. But a trained technician can easily remove the damaged film and reapply a new layer, much faster than it takes a glazier to replace a damaged window. Not only does this keep your windows looking good, it helps prevent other vandals from seeing you as a target.

Agencies such as the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing agree that removing graffiti quickly is one of the best ways to ensure that it doesn’t happen again: it shows the vandals that their acts won’t be rewarded, and it discourages others who might try to compete by adding their own marks. The ideal time frame for removing graffiti is no more than 24 to 48 hours, which is difficult to schedule if you have to replace the entire pane, but entirely doable for replacing graffiti protection film.

Your windows are a major investment in keeping your building looking good and attracting customers, and unfortunately they can also be a major source of headaches as well. Having graffiti protection film applied can help cut down on those worries and ensure that your glass stays looking good for a long time.

Anti Graffiti Film

Prevent acid etching with anti graffiti window film

Anti Graffiti Film

Windows that have a lot of traffic going by them run a higher risk of being vandalized

Anti Graffiti Film

Image of window after film was applied

Anti Graffiti Film

Once applied anti Graffiti film is invisible

Anti Graffiti Film\

Window film was applied to protect the window from began scratched or acid etched by vandals

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Film was applied to the window

Anti Graffiti Film