Anti-Graffiti Window Film For Los Angeles Storefront

Business owners have tons of things to worry about each day including protecting the glass of their storefront. It has been reported that businesses spend millions of dollars each year to replace glass that has been damaged by graffiti alone. Replacing glass is very costly and time consuming. In some cases replacing glass at a storefront will cause a business to close until the repairs are completed.

Window Tint LA offers anti graffiti film to solve this problem. The film is a clear thick coating that is applied to the exterior. The film offers a scratch-resistant layer that protects your glass. This virtually invisible film eliminates damage to glass in high traffic areas and glass etching vandalism. When a miscreant attempts to scratch the glass or use acid etching chemicals, they will only damage the film, not your expensive glass. The film can be quickly replaced and at a fraction of the cost of replacing your glass.

Call window Tint LA with any questions you have regarding protecting your storefront. We are open 7 days a week. We offer completely free consultations. We will measure your glass, provide you with film samples that are yours to keep, and provide a quote on the spot!

anti graffiti film

Expert installer installing anti graffiti window film.

6 mil anti graffiti film

Virtually clear film installed to protect glass

window protection

Window film protects against graffiti and acid etching

anti graffiti window film 6 mil clear

Professionally installed anti-graffiti window film

window protection in los angeles

Save time and money with anti graffiti film

anti graffiti film installation

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