Anti Graffiti Window Film in Picfair Village

“Anti graffiti window film helps expedite cleaning up … vandalism and protects overall property values.”

Of many Los Angeles neighborhoods that could benefit from anti graffiti window film, Picfair Village and other communities nearby like Mid-Wilshire and Little Ethiopia seem decent candidates. Not that graffiti and vandalism are prevalent in these neighborhoods; but this type of window film just makes clean-up that much simpler. Anti graffiti window film is basically a peel-off disposable and replaceable film that provides peace of mind should the unthinkable occur. No one wants their home defaced, but at least with this home improvement project the bad feelings don’t have to linger.

Once Home to Iconic Movie Theater

Picfair Village of course derives its name from something old-timers may remember: the Picfair movie theater that was at Pico and Fairfax until the early ‘80s. This residential district in the Westside of Los Angeles is quite diverse, with mostly African-American families but also residences of white, Latino and Asian-Pacific families. The mostly Spanish Colonial and Art Deco home styles are neat and owners tend to preserve them – another great reason for anti graffiti window film in Picfair Village and nearby neighborhoods. Why let acts of vandalism deter from the overall feel of the community?

Protect Overall Property Values with Anti Graffiti Window Film

Picfair Village can be underrated as a community. Note the 2004 edition of Los Angeles magazine which named Picfair Village among the “10 Most Overlooked Neighborhoods in Los Angeles.” Or, the 2007 Los Angeles Times article that noted Picfair Village is “on its way to becoming L.A.’s next trendy place to live and play.” While residents there appreciate the notoriety, they also respect their privacy. Quality window films on residential windows can blur the vision of passersby into homes and serve to deter potential break-ins before they happen. Anti graffiti window film helps expedite cleaning up of that type of vandalism and protects overall property values.

Down ‘Main Street’ Picfair Village

Picfair Village has a pseudo “main street” – Pico Boulevard between Hauser and Fairfax – that’s peppered with trendy boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Some say the neighborhood is growing in popularity for economic and leisure activity, yet another reason why anti graffiti window film is a good idea for owners of homes or business buildings alike. Keeping properties clean of debris and vandalism maintains local property values, and deters more unkind acts from happening. Picfair Village residents take pride in their neighborhood and are keen to call authorities if they witness suspicious activity.

Anti Graffiti Window Film Comes with Service

Anti-graffiti window film can be customized rather easily by our experienced installation technicians, on windows at homes, businesses and commercial structures. Installation does not have to be disruptive, and is definitely less costly than a full window replacement. We provide free estimates, for the cost of the residential anti graffiti window film installation, for Los Angeles-area residents. With anti-graffiti window film, we guarantee that we will promptly arrive to remove and replace the films if your home or business is victimized by graffiti.

This area with a mix of homes and two- and four-plex multi-family units, and full- or partial-size lots, was once applauded as “the New Wilshire.” While that level of economic notoriety did not develop, the neighborhood still grew into a place where many residents appreciate to call home.”

Anti Graffiti Film

Window film was installed to protect the windows from vandalism, acid etching and scratches

Anti Graffiti Film

Protect your Windows from acid etching

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Film will prevent damage to the glass when vandalism occurs