Anti-Graffiti Window Film to Protect Against Vandalism

Far too many business owners fall victim to vandalism. They know the pain and frustration of finding graffiti on their property. Not only does graffiti affect the business aesthetics but it’s also expensive damage to mitigate. Often a business is forced to bear the brunt of replacing glass windows marred by vandalism, and this undue expense can costs many thousands of dollars.

Anti-graffiti window film is a great way to prevent glass from being damaged. Anti-graffiti film will protect all types of glass against etching, gouges, scratches, acid marking, and spray paint. The cost of anti-graffiti film is but a small fraction of the costs associated with replacing the actual glass; it is much easier and far less expensive to replace sheets of window film than it is to replace your glass windows, mirrors, or doors every time they are damaged.

For the following project, our customer wanted to protect his new establishment against potential vandalism. We applied a 6mm anti-graffiti film to all of the exterior windows. The film acts as a “sacrificial” layer; in an event of vandalism or other damage, the glass panes themselves will not be damaged, all that would need to be replaced is the window film.

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Before picture

Before picture


Anti-Graffiti film installed

After picture: Anti-Graffiti film installed


Before picture

Before picture


Prior to Anti-Graffiti films

Prior to installing anti-graffiti film to these windows


Anti-Graffiti film

After picture: Anti-Graffiti Window Film successfully installed.


Anti-Graffiti Security Film

Anti-Graffiti film was installed to offer protection against vandalism and add security to the glass