Artificial Grass Protection

Do you live in a city that is suffering due to the drought? If so, you may be aware of the rebate being offered to homeowners that switch from natural grass to artificial turf.

If you are considering the switch, here are a few things you should know:

  • Most people do not know that the sun can damage turf. When sunlight is reflected off your windows they rays are magnified and when it strikes the turf it causes it to fade or burn. This damages the turf and often has to be replaced. Turf guard window film will prevent this from happening. The window film reduces the glare that reflects off nearby windows.
  • Many turf companies will not honor the warranty if preventative measures were not taken to protect turf from burning.

To protect your turf, we offer two film types. Both options are applied on the exterior of your window.
The first option is our most popular. This is a screen film. The film does not block visibility, its similar to looking in and out of a bug screen. The film is available in white, silver, and black with silver being the most popular. Samples are available for both film options.

The second option is a matte  film. This film is best in situations where visibility is not important. The film blocks visibility when looking in and out of the window. This option provides total privacy, UV protection, and glare reduction all while still allowing up to 73% of natural light in your space.

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turf protection

Window film installed to protect turf in beautiful Corona home

turf protection window film

Turf guard window film installed to prevent discoloring of turf

turf window film for homes

View of second story windows after turf guard has been installed

turf protection window film in Los Angeles

Close up of window film

Residential turf guard Window Film

Protect your turf with window film

Residential turf guard Window Film

Window film installed to reduce glare on windows.

turf window film for homes

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