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Always dreamed of your wedding and now it’s finally coming to life?

As women we are always looking to add a magical touch to this special day. You may be focused on the wedding colors, the center pieces, or the guest list, but we have a way to add that magical touch you’re looking for! We can have your vision come to life. We have amazing designers that can create a beautiful decal for your wedding. Call us for a free consultation (310) 935-1748!

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Dance floor decal.

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Add your names or last name to your dance floor with a decal.

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Add your initials to your dance floor.

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We can design something special for you.

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Have your names or last names on your wedding dance floor.

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You can also include the date on your monogram.

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Skylights in Beautiful Beverly Hills Home

Large skylights are a beautiful addition to any home. Here in Los Angeles we get a lot of sunshine throughout the year. Many home owners love the natural light skylights bring into their home, but not the extra heat that they add. Running your air conditioning through out the day can drastically increase your electricity bill. Our expert consultants and installers specialize in skylights and will help you choose the right film for your glass and your needs. We offer a variety of heat reduction films in various shades to reduce the heat coming into your home. Our window film protects against 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

We install film on hundreds of homes! One of the biggest questions we get all the time is whether or not the film will affect indoor plants. Visible light is what would affect the photo synthesis process but the plants are able to adjust to the film and the amount of light they are receiving. The lighter films should not affect the growth of the plants as they will adjust. Call us with any questions, (310) 935-1748!

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Protect your floors and furniture from fading with our 99.9% UV blocking films.

Skylight Tint

Tint For Skylights

Lower your energy costs with our heat rejection window film.

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Security Window Film for Camarillo, in the Middle of Ventura County

For the most part the community is safe and quiet, so it’s appreciated if security window film for Camarillo homes and businesses is not atop a “To-Do” list. This city in the heart of Ventura County – it’s considered “West Ventura County” but on a map it centers the populated southern portion of this county northwest of Los Angeles County – is dominated by residential properties with a peppering of strip and outlet malls and commercial areas. As stated overall Camarillo is relatively crime-free; but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to rest on your laurels.

Still there are Threats from Out-of-Town Urban Areas

Over the years Camarillo residents have nurtured decent rivalries with the bigger cities nearby like Oxnard, Thousand Oaks and Ventura. These bigger cities can tend to have pockets of lower-income neighborhoods, which in turn develop mostly younger troublemakers who are not afraid of hitting the road to locate victims of bad deeds. With the busy Ventura Freeway (101) running right through Camarillo, potential culprits have pretty fast access in and out of Camarillo. This is not good news if your property is near the freeway, of course. It bolsters the argument for security window film on Camarillo homes and businesses.

Protect the Bigger Homes in Camarillo from Trouble

Homes in Camarillo tend to be larger than most you will find in the immediate area or from all over Ventura County for that matter. They can have touches like large windows, to allow great views of nearby hills or off toward the Pacific Ocean. The Channel Islands can be seen here on clear days so many Camarillo homeowners like west-facing big windows to impress visitors, and enjoy themselves. These big windows go two ways: they let you see the sights, but also let would-break intruders see into your home. That is a big draw of security window film in Camarillo – to hopefully deter a criminal act before it begins.

Residential and Security Window Film as Crime-Deterring Investment

Security window film for Camarillo homes and other properties accomplishes this through a good selection of tint shadings, or even decorative window film with a frosted appearance, to make it harder for “do-badders” to see what’s inside to possibly steal. These tint shadings do not have to greatly impact your ability to see from inside-to-out. Today’s high-quality window films have great glare-reduction features that could actually improve vision to the outside. Yet, tint shading or a frost definitely impacts seeing from the street. Don’t let culprits even get a glimpse of that art on the walls, or antiques on the shelves.

Make Your Camarillo Home-for-Sale Stand Out Quality Window Film

Aside from safety, a security window film in Camarillo could improve the appearance of your property and add elements to help differentiate it from others in the neighborhood. This is not good for just bragging rights but could help boost the sale value of the property. You can improve the look of Camarillo properties from the street, with a neat tint coloring, or decorative window film. You also could promote energy savings, as window films keep interiors cooler and air conditioning units off. Reject nearly all UV or infra-red light from entering a home and the difference inside is noticeable. Contact us today to learn more about security window film for Camarillo homes, or in nearby neighborhoods like El Rio, Camarillo Heights or Somis.

Tint Near Me

Protect your home and your valuables with our security film.

Window Tint for Homes

Security film prevents your glass from shattering.

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Vista Window Film for San Pedro Residences and Businesses

The southernmost community of Los Angeles is known for many things, but sunshine is an ever-present challenge – making Vista Window Film and San Pedro a perfect match. While Pacific Coast breezes or on-shore haze can keep the harbor town cool much of the time, the sun shines aplenty in San Pedro and more than one property owner certainly is concerned with the cost of keeping structures cool especially in summer and early autumn months. Vista Window Film focuses on delivering high-quality window film that engages modern technology to provide a stylish appearance while also bringing plenty of protective punch against the sun’s harmful rays.

Challenge No. 1: Dangers of Ultraviolet Rays

Southern California residents and visitors adore the sunshine and overall climate of Los Angeles especially along the coastal areas. However there is a caveat: too much sunshine without precautions can be disastrous. For people, ultraviolet rays (UV rays) in particular are an ongoing concern. In the past few decades most Americans have learned of UV rays due to medical reports but also a bombardment of advertising from sunscreen companies. And for good reason: UV rays are terrible for the biggest organ on our body, the skin. Unaddressed, ultraviolet rays can cause premature aging of the skin, harm your eyes and most alarmingly cause skin cancer. Quality residential or commercial window films in San Pedro or nearby communities like Wilmington or Carson takes on the trouble head-on.

Challenge No. 2: Heating Properties of Infra-Red Rays

For homes or commercial buildings on San Pedro or South Bay communities the other challenge is infra-red rays (IR rays), the spectrum of light from the sun that causes heat. We all love plenty of windows in our homes or workplaces to let in natural light or just enjoy views. But unaddressed, IR rays just plug away constantly at warming up interiors. This results in a demand for air conditioning system usage, which costs money. Today’s modern window films for structures reject a good portion of IR rays – and nearly all UV rays – keeping interiors cooler, more comfortable, and less costly to manage.

Add Luxury Inside with Quality Window Film

Many people think San Pedro is its own city, like nearby Long Beach. At one point it was its own city, but early in the 20th century it consolidated with the City of Los Angeles, which desired its own port to compete with other major metropolitan cities. What once was a major seaport focused on fishing became a significant regional economic player with the Port of Los Angeles. San Pedro today is known as a working-class neighborhood of L.A. and as such many residents lack the luxury of high-powered air conditioning systems or other cooling mechanisms for structures. Hence the need for quality window film like those offered by Vista Window Film or respected window film manufacturer Huper Optik. These window films keep interiors cooler and more comfortable and save a lot of money in the long run.

Proud Heritage and History of San Pedro, California

San Pedro has a history with U.S. military protection, serving as a U.S. Navy Battle fleet home port for more than 20 years, before most of the fleet headed to Hawaii to deter Japanese aggression. Much of that history remains, and proud long-time residents treat their hometown and properties with respect. The community has a thriving local economy with many small and medium-sized businesses, many of which are in older buildings that could use the cooling (and money-saving) power of window film on large glass windows. Please contact us today to learn more about Vista Window Film or other window tinting options for structures in San Pedro, Wilmington, Lomita or other nearby locales.

Window Tint Near Me

Vista window film for homes.

Window Film San Pedro

Vista window film can help lower your energy costs.

Commercial Tint

Vista window film for businesses.

Security Window Film in Arleta, a Northeast Valley Bastion


The relatively small neighborhood of Los Angeles is dominated by families and therefore a strong candidate for security window film, in Arleta in the northeast quadrant of the San Fernando Valley. While not known for a high crime rate, Arleta has a considerable number of older home structures and adding a touch of added security to some of them can be worthwhile. Today’s security window films can apply modern advances like nano-ceramic technology that can do wonders for the value of a property.

Young Community – and Part of ‘Back to the Future’

Arleta may seem a small neighborhood between places like Mission Hills, Sun Valley and Pacoima but it definitely has elements of distinction. For instance, in the “Back to the Future” movie series, Arleta was the filming location for the McFly family. Demographically it’s considered “moderately diverse,” but of note is that the percentage of residents there between ages 11 and 18 is among the highest in Los Angeles County. About 35,000 people call Arleta home, and many homeowners there take great pride in keeping their homes and streets safe. Residential security window film is a step in that direction.

Benefits of Quality Residential Security Window Film

Quality security window film, like offerings by Huper Optik, LLumar or Vista Window Film, provides visual deterrence to potential criminal acts. These films are strong on glare reduction making it easier to see out, but more importantly add a tint shade or a decorative touch like frosting and outsiders can’t see well into the inside of homes. Culprits can be less likely to attempt break-ins if they’re unsure what’s inside. Security window films provide a considerable amount of privacy to homes – an element most homeowners in Arleta would appreciate.

Four Square Miles with Lots of Homes to Protect

For the uninitiated, the boundaries of Arleta are Laurel Canyon Boulevard on the northeast, Paxton Avenue on the northwest, Tonopah Avenue to the southeast and Woodman Avenue on the southwest. Some estimate the entire neighborhood is about four square miles. Not a huge area geographically but a neighborhood with plenty of single-family homes. Many have huge front windows that can be targets for lookey-loos or even vandals. Add some security window film and block views to your home’s interior, and also some protection in case of breakage. Windows improved with film are less likely to explode and propel sharp shards of glass inward and toward people or pets.

One-Time Investment for the Betterment of Arleta Homes

Security window film in Arleta can provide a multitude of benefits, among them significant cost savings on electrical bills each month because modern window films reject almost all ultraviolet light and a good portion of the heating infra-red rays. Homes with quality window film all around stay cooler and let you leave the air conditioning system alone more often. The savings can be significant – making a one-time investment to improve your Arleta home’s windows something to last well into the future.

Tint Near Me

In case of a break in the security film will prevent the glass from shattering into pieces.

Window Tint for Homes

Protect your home and valuables with security film.

Residential Tint

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EnerLogic Window Tint for Home and Business

EnerLogic Window Film

Window Tint LA is proud to offer EnerLogic window film, a product that can improve the energy efficiency and interior comfort of your Los Angeles residence or commercial location. Window tint reduces solar warming and creates a cooler, more pleasant and glare-free interior. EnerLogic window tint goes a step further, actually enhancing the insulation properties of the windows to which it is applied. That means lowered cooling costs thanks to reduced initial warming and a greater reduction of both cooling and heating costs thanks to better thermal insulation, and all without any noticeable effect on the appearance of your home or business.

EnerLogic Window Tint – Heat Reduction

To combat the steady warmth of the sunshine in Los Angeles window tint is a must-have update for the home or commercial location. Window tint reduces the amount of warming infrared sunlight that passes through glass windows, preventing the interior space from warming and curtailing the need for fans and air conditioning, thereby enhancing comfort and reducing electrical costs.

EnerLogic Window Tint – Enhanced Insulation

Applying EnerLogic window film to a glass window provides as much insulation benefit as adding another pane of glass. This thin, almost invisible film helps to prevent the change of interior temperatures, so the cool air your create with HVAC systems during the summer and the warmed air achieved through heating systems during the winter will be better maintained, meaning lowered HVAC costs all year round.

EnerLogic Window Film – Visible Light Transfer vs. Glare Reduction

Bright, natural sunlight helps to make a business more efficient and productive and a residence more pleasant and inviting. However, too much light can make computer and television screens hard to see and rooms too bright to occupy without blinds and drapes or without squinting and eyestrain. EnerLogic window tint allows in more than 70% of the natural light that leads to positive feelings and productivity, yet it reduces the harsh glare of direct, unchecked sunlight that makes interior spaces unpleasant.

EnerLogic Window Tint – UV Reduction

Ultraviolet light is invisible but it is far from innocuous. UV light is the chief culprit behind the photochemical reaction that leads to fading flooring, upholstery, and wall decor in sunlit rooms. Preventing sun damage to the furnishings and materials in your Los Angeles area home or business is as simple as applying sheets of EnerLogic window tint, which effectively blocks 99% of the UV light that would otherwise fade and discolor numerous elements of the interior.

EnerLogic Window Film – Installation Process

Applying EnerLogic window film can save your Los Angeles area facility or residence as much as 10% off overall annual electrical costs. The entire project, from materials to installation costs, usually pays for itself in terms of savings in just 2.5 years, and for a business or home of standard size, the installation process usually requires only one to two days. Every single pane of glass receives a custom-cut sheet of window film, so you can count on EnerLogic window film providing a seamless, all-but invisible update that will make interior spaces cooler, more evenly temperate, and more energy efficient. The process involves no dangerous or strong-smelling chemicals. Your updated home or facility will also be more eco-friendly, thanks to the reduced carbon footprint.

Tint For Homes

Lower your energy costs with EnerLogic window film.

Home Window Tint

All the films we carry block 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Window Tint Near Me

EnerLogic film will help keep the business cooler in the hot summer days and warmer in the cold winter days.

Tint For Businesses

EnerLogic film for businesses can also help lower energy costs.