Security Window Film in Arleta, a Northeast Valley Bastion


The relatively small neighborhood of Los Angeles is dominated by families and therefore a strong candidate for security window film, in Arleta in the northeast quadrant of the San Fernando Valley. While not known for a high crime rate, Arleta has a considerable number of older home structures and adding a touch of added security to some of them can be worthwhile. Today’s security window films can apply modern advances like nano-ceramic technology that can do wonders for the value of a property.

Young Community – and Part of ‘Back to the Future’

Arleta may seem a small neighborhood between places like Mission Hills, Sun Valley and Pacoima but it definitely has elements of distinction. For instance, in the “Back to the Future” movie series, Arleta was the filming location for the McFly family. Demographically it’s considered “moderately diverse,” but of note is that the percentage of residents there between ages 11 and 18 is among the highest in Los Angeles County. About 35,000 people call Arleta home, and many homeowners there take great pride in keeping their homes and streets safe. Residential security window film is a step in that direction.

Benefits of Quality Residential Security Window Film

Quality security window film, like offerings by Huper Optik, LLumar or Vista Window Film, provides visual deterrence to potential criminal acts. These films are strong on glare reduction making it easier to see out, but more importantly add a tint shade or a decorative touch like frosting and outsiders can’t see well into the inside of homes. Culprits can be less likely to attempt break-ins if they’re unsure what’s inside. Security window films provide a considerable amount of privacy to homes – an element most homeowners in Arleta would appreciate.

Four Square Miles with Lots of Homes to Protect

For the uninitiated, the boundaries of Arleta are Laurel Canyon Boulevard on the northeast, Paxton Avenue on the northwest, Tonopah Avenue to the southeast and Woodman Avenue on the southwest. Some estimate the entire neighborhood is about four square miles. Not a huge area geographically but a neighborhood with plenty of single-family homes. Many have huge front windows that can be targets for lookey-loos or even vandals. Add some security window film and block views to your home’s interior, and also some protection in case of breakage. Windows improved with film are less likely to explode and propel sharp shards of glass inward and toward people or pets.

One-Time Investment for the Betterment of Arleta Homes

Security window film in Arleta can provide a multitude of benefits, among them significant cost savings on electrical bills each month because modern window films reject almost all ultraviolet light and a good portion of the heating infra-red rays. Homes with quality window film all around stay cooler and let you leave the air conditioning system alone more often. The savings can be significant – making a one-time investment to improve your Arleta home’s windows something to last well into the future.

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In case of a break in the security film will prevent the glass from shattering into pieces.

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Protect your home and valuables with security film.

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EnerLogic Window Tint for Home and Business

EnerLogic Window Film

Window Tint LA is proud to offer EnerLogic window film, a product that can improve the energy efficiency and interior comfort of your Los Angeles residence or commercial location. Window tint reduces solar warming and creates a cooler, more pleasant and glare-free interior. EnerLogic window tint goes a step further, actually enhancing the insulation properties of the windows to which it is applied. That means lowered cooling costs thanks to reduced initial warming and a greater reduction of both cooling and heating costs thanks to better thermal insulation, and all without any noticeable effect on the appearance of your home or business.

EnerLogic Window Tint – Heat Reduction

To combat the steady warmth of the sunshine in Los Angeles window tint is a must-have update for the home or commercial location. Window tint reduces the amount of warming infrared sunlight that passes through glass windows, preventing the interior space from warming and curtailing the need for fans and air conditioning, thereby enhancing comfort and reducing electrical costs.

EnerLogic Window Tint – Enhanced Insulation

Applying EnerLogic window film to a glass window provides as much insulation benefit as adding another pane of glass. This thin, almost invisible film helps to prevent the change of interior temperatures, so the cool air your create with HVAC systems during the summer and the warmed air achieved through heating systems during the winter will be better maintained, meaning lowered HVAC costs all year round.

EnerLogic Window Film – Visible Light Transfer vs. Glare Reduction

Bright, natural sunlight helps to make a business more efficient and productive and a residence more pleasant and inviting. However, too much light can make computer and television screens hard to see and rooms too bright to occupy without blinds and drapes or without squinting and eyestrain. EnerLogic window tint allows in more than 70% of the natural light that leads to positive feelings and productivity, yet it reduces the harsh glare of direct, unchecked sunlight that makes interior spaces unpleasant.

EnerLogic Window Tint – UV Reduction

Ultraviolet light is invisible but it is far from innocuous. UV light is the chief culprit behind the photochemical reaction that leads to fading flooring, upholstery, and wall decor in sunlit rooms. Preventing sun damage to the furnishings and materials in your Los Angeles area home or business is as simple as applying sheets of EnerLogic window tint, which effectively blocks 99% of the UV light that would otherwise fade and discolor numerous elements of the interior.

EnerLogic Window Film – Installation Process

Applying EnerLogic window film can save your Los Angeles area facility or residence as much as 10% off overall annual electrical costs. The entire project, from materials to installation costs, usually pays for itself in terms of savings in just 2.5 years, and for a business or home of standard size, the installation process usually requires only one to two days. Every single pane of glass receives a custom-cut sheet of window film, so you can count on EnerLogic window film providing a seamless, all-but invisible update that will make interior spaces cooler, more evenly temperate, and more energy efficient. The process involves no dangerous or strong-smelling chemicals. Your updated home or facility will also be more eco-friendly, thanks to the reduced carbon footprint.

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Lower your energy costs with EnerLogic window film.

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All the films we carry block 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

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EnerLogic film will help keep the business cooler in the hot summer days and warmer in the cold winter days.

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EnerLogic film for businesses can also help lower energy costs.

EnerLogic Commercial Window Film


Reduce your business’s energy costs and enhance sales and efficiency all year round thanks to EnerLogic window film. 

Window Tint LA proudly offers our commercial clients EnerLogic 70 window film, a cutting-edge window tint that can reduce your facility’s heating and cooling costs and improve the productivity of a workplace, a retail location, or any other commercial enterprise.

EnerLogic 70 window film can reduce a building’s climate control costs in both the warmer months and in colder seasons because beyond serving as a window tint alone, this film both blocks unwanted solar heat and adds a layer of insulation to a facility’s glass windows, helping maintain the desired interior temperature.

We work with Los Angeles commercial window tint clients of all types and sizes, and after a careful assessment of their facility and a consultation to discuss their business’s needs, EnergLogic window film is often the choice at which the client and we mutually arrive. Please feel free to request an in-person meeting to discuss the potential cost savings and other benefits your business could gain from installing this high quality window tint.

Heat Rejection

The more windows your business has, the more solar heat is getting in, and the more you are wasting electricity to keep your employees, customers, and/or clients cool by running your HVAC systems. EnerLogic 70 window tint blocks more than 40% of the solar heat that would otherwise enter your facility, rejecting much of the warming infrared solar rays chiefly responsible for elevating interior temperatures. From an office building to a warehouse to a retail location, if your business has windows, you stand to save money with window tint.

Enhanced Insulation

Commercial window film can reduce a business’s annual electrical costs by as much as 10%. With EnerLogic window film, much of these savings come through the reduced need for heating. Applying EnerLogic 70 window film to a business’s windows is as effective as adding a whole new layer of glass. EnerLogic window film helps keep heat inside your business even when exterior temperatures drop, maintaining a comfortable workplace or customer experience and reducing the need for use of central heating.

Enhanced insulation is also a great benefit to your business when the weather turns warm: untreated windows allow uncomfortable hot spots in areas of a building near glass windows, and allow the cooler overall interior temperatures to dissipate. In the summertime, not only can EnerLogic window tint prevent your commercial location from heating up, but it can also help preserve the cool interior air you achieve through A/C systems.

Return On Investment

Windows account for the vast majority of heat entering a building during the warm seasons or lost from your business when it is cold out. A typical window is 30 times less efficiently insulated than the wall that surrounds it. Newer, modern windows do offer much better insulation properties than older windows, but due to the cost of window replacement, it will be an average of at least 15 years before your business recoups its investment in new windows through reduced HVAC costs. On the other hand, EnerLogic window film we usually pay for itself through heating and cooling savings in less than three years.

Ultraviolet Ray Rejection

Over time, UV light can cause severe damage to your facility’s interior and to the property and/or merchandise therein. Ultraviolet light fades and discolors floors and carpets, it damages upholstery and window treatments, and it can bleach and discolor paperwork and artwork, including photographs. EnerLogic window tint blocks 99% of the UV rays that would otherwise enter your business, protecting furnishings and merchandise and helping to keep your staff and visitors safe from skin damage, too.

Glare Reduction

EnerLogic window tint allows in approximately 70% of the visible light that makes your business a pleasant and productive place for employees and visitors, but it also reduces the sunlight’s harsh glare by as much as 22%. That makes it easier for office workers to see computer screens, for for retail customers to browse inventory, or for safer operation of machinery in industrial settings. Reduced glare means less eyestrain and might even help reduce fatigue and stress levels.

Commercial Window Tint Installation

For many types of business in Los Angeles window film installation is a single day project or at most a several day undertaking. The entire process may last just a few hours for commercial clients like a restaurant or retail outlet, and that is true even if your business has a range of windows in myriad shapes and sizes. Every window in your business receives a custom-cut sheet of EnerLogic window tint, so ensuring a proper fit is never an issue.

The window tint application process is almost disruption-free, so work can continue even as our installers do their job. Window film installation and materials leave no mess behind, and the process is free of harmful, damaging, or odor-causing chemicals. Call up Window Tint LA today for a free, no-obligation estimate of what EnerLogic window film can do for your business.

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Protect your merchandise from harmful UV rays wth our film.

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Film blocks 99.9% of UV rays.

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UV rays are responsible for the fading of floors and furniture.

Security Window Film in Naples – the Island Neighborhood of Long Beach

“Today’s window films apply emerging scientific advances for the ultimate in protection.”

When locals start discussing security window film in Naples, a little island of a neighborhood in Long Beach, they typically get around to the uninvited. While the community is for the most part safe, it’s impossible to completely keep out trouble. While this coastal enclave is separated from mainstream urban society, stragglers still do wander about. Having security window film on your home’s window offers a peace of mind that your property is as protected as possible. Doing otherwise is neglecting the most vulnerable points in the overall defensive system for your home: the windows.

Protect the ‘Weakest Link’ with Security Window Film

When you think about defending a home, where is the easiest place for culprits to attack? The windows are huge openings in the exterior walls of a structure. Unimproved, these portals allow relatively fast access to your home sanctuary. A way to deter this is to not allow passersby a glimpse into what may be inside. A quality window film, such as those provided by the Germany-originated Huper Optik, comes in a variety of tint shades and even decorative styles like frosted. From the inside you can still see in-to-out quite clearly – some would say even better. But from the outside people can’t see valuable items like antique clocks, or artwork on walls.

Engaging Science for Ultimate Protection

On top of the added security, window film in Naples or other nearby communities like Belmont Shore creates an almost-invisible protective punch. Today’s window films engage modern advances like nano-technology which provides more protection from the sun’s harmful rays than typical old vinyl films of yesterday. A NASA space shuttle engaged a Huper Optik film to protect the pilots upon re-entry into the atmosphere. They needed a window film with enough performance to stop the heat – but without impacting the ability of the pilots to see. Today’s window films apply emerging scientific advances for the ultimate in protection.

Around-the-Clock Security

In Naples and other nearby Long Beach neighborhoods the sun shines a majority of days on the year. All those sun rays ultimately cause damage, whether to your skin, or items inside a home like blinds, drapes or carpets. Having quality film on the windows is a protective measure that works around the clock to reject ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and the heating infra-red rays (IR rays) that can make it difficult to keep home interiors cool consistently. There’s an added safety element, too: glass improved with window film are reinforced and will not propel shards of glass upon impact.

Ongoing Utility Bill Savings with Security Window Film

Last but certainly not least, there is money savings. Security window film in Naples and other parts of Long Beach limits the need for air conditioning. The more you keep the A/C off, the better your electricity bill looks at the end of each month. It is estimated that having residential window film on the glass of your home reduces the interior temperature by more than 80 percent. Contact us today for more information about the best security film for your home.

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Protect your home with security film.

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Security film will not propel shards of glass upon impact.

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Security film also protects against 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Commercial Window Film in Newhall – Lasting Hub of Santa Clarita

“Overall, commercial window film modernizes a structure both in performance and perspective.”

Preservation being part of their soul, business owners here can understand the benefits of commercial window film in Newhall, a portal to the past in the Santa Clarita Valley. Long before supposed leaders in 1987 consolidated a handful of local communities – Valencia, Saugus and Canyon Country among them – Newhall was a place where businessmen and travelers stopped and got a taste of Los Angeles. Lyons Avenue today is a reminder of this community’s vibrant past. Travelers may be impressed with the historic connection, but today’s business owners aim to capitalize with modern amenities including window film to “wow” customers in “Old Town.”

Lyons Avenue: Once, and Forever, a Commercial Thoroughfare

At first glance from the 5 and 14 freeways (the Golden State and Antelope Valley respectively) Newhall may appear just a place to stop off and rest for a bit. But long before Santa Clarita became a major city Newhall was where oilmen, wannabe citrus growers and others congregated to dream of riches. They still kind of do, but they have a lot more competition. Lyons Avenue and nearby retail and commercial strips have thrived in this location – and remain a great reason why business property owners should invest in commercial window film. It’s not a place going anywhere down, unless the neighborhood lets it.

Commercial Window Film to Protect in Multiple Areas

Commercial window film on local Newhall area business properties means protecting customers and property on the inside, while making structures look better on the outside. Inside, customers and workers will be more cool and comfortable, meaning return business and more productive workers. Outside, potential property buyers will see a clean, modern-looking façade that can only add to the final sale price. Overall, commercial window film modernizes a structure both in performance and perspective. These quality window films perform well, rejecting more than 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. They also are perceived as modern and cutting-edge – perfect for property buyers from more recent generations.

Simple Precaution to Deter Crime

Broadly let’s ensure the business-related benefits are apparent with commercial window film in Newhall and nearby communities like San Fernando and Pacoima. A business property can deter criminal thoughts by knocking back views from the outside into your business. What they can’t see can’t attract them, so having some sort of vision-blocking element is at least a barrier to potential break-ins. People who’ve lived in Newhall long enough know how much people of the neighborhood like visitors. Well, unlike the long past the community is surrounded by millions of people, all mobile due to freeway access. It’s wise to take precautions.

In the End: Window Film Saves a lot of Money

Newhall was the first permanent town of what is now known as Santa Clarita Valley, and old-timers won’t let it go. It still carries quite a name for itself with the oldest remaining oil refinery in the world and also a robust history with Hollywood and filming. Today its retail and commercial outlets continue to thrive, which means many compete for customers. Commercial window film gives businesses and edge over the others, to make a business property look better and also save the property owner thousands of dollars annually in electricity bills.

Commercial Tint

We offer anti-graffiti films to help protect your business from vandalism.

Commercial Window Tint

Window film can help lower your energy costs.

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Window film will help reduce heat.


EnerLogic Residential Window Film


Keep your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and more cost-effective all year round thanks to EnerLogic window film. 

Window Tint LA is proud to offer EnerLogic 70 window tint, a cutting-edge window film that can dramatically reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs. Notably, unlike with many types of residential window tint, EnerLogic 70 window film can reduce your climate control costs in both the hot summer months and in colder winter weather. That’s true because beyond acting as a mere window tint, this film actually adds a potent layer of insulation to your home’s glass windows. So whether you are worried about the heating costs of a mountain cabin enduring the cold of winter or the summer cooling costs of a residence in the valleys of Los Angeles window film is a wise choice for your home. This fine window tint also offers a host of other benefits for its residential clients, all of which help our clients decide that EnerLogic window tint is a logical choice for their family.

Heat Rejection

EnerLogic 70 window tint blocks more than 40% of the sun’s heat, rejecting much of the warming infrared solar rays that elevate interior temperatures during the warm months and necessitating the costly use of air conditioning systems and electric fans.

Enhanced Insulation

Residential window film can save you 10% or more off of your annual overall energy bills, with much of these savings gained by reduced need for heating. Applying EnerLogic 70 window film to your home’s windows is as effective as adding another pane of glass. This window film helps keep heat inside your residence, maintaining a comfortable interior and reducing the need for central heating or power-hungry space heaters. This enhanced insulation is also a great benefit during warm weather when untreated windows allow uncomfortable warm spots in parts of your home and let cool interior temperatures dissipate in general. Thus in the summertime, not only can EnerLogic window tint keep your home from heating it up, it can keep it cooler, too. (Keep in mind that the claim of 10% off energy bills is not only of your HVAC costs but indeed off of your residence’s entire electrical bill.)

UV Light Blocking

Ultraviolet light can cause irreversible damage to your home’s interior. UV light fades and discolors hardwood floors and carpets, it damages upholstery and window treatments, and it can discolor and damage artwork, photographs, and documents. EnerLogic window tint blocks 99% of the UV light that would otherwise enter your home, protecting all your prized belongings and furnishings, not to mention your own skin.

Glare Reduction

While EnerLogic residential window tint allows in 70% of the visible light that makes your home a pleasant place to spend the day, it reduces the harsh glare of the sun’s light by as much as 22%. That makes it easier to see screens, to enjoy reading or writing, or simply to enjoy interior spaces without the need for drawn blinds or closed curtains. Reduced glare makes your home more pleasant, and also lessens eyestrain and may even reduce fatigue and stress.

Residential Window Tint Application

For most residences in Los Angeles window film installation is a single day project. In fact, the entire process may last only a few hours, even if your home has multiple windows in myriad shapes and sizes. EnerLogic window tint can be customized to fit on almost any type of glass window, whether it’s single- or double-paned, plate glass or made up of multiple panels, rounded, and so on. The process is clean and almost disruption-free and once the job is completed, there is no residual impact on your home other than windows that work better to protect your interior space and save you money on heating and cooling costs.


Window Tint Near Me

Residential window film can save you 10% or more off of your annual overall energy bills.

Tint Near Me

The film will also keep the warmth in your home in the winter.

Home Tint

EnerLogic film will keep your home cooler in the summer.

Solar Panels and Sunny Los Angeles: A Great Team Working for Your Home

At present, there are fewer than a million homes in America with solar panels on their roofs. That means tens of millions of residences paying the power company for each and every watt their home consumes. The installation of solar panels can not only reduce the amount of power you need to buy from a provider, it can in some cases eliminate your electric bills entirely. In fact, solar panels might even make you money by selling energy back to the grid when your home produces more than it needs.

The catch is that not all areas of America get the same amount of sunshine. If every square mile of the country saw as many bright, sunny days as Los Angeles, California, for example, then more people would have solar panels, right? Maybe… but maybe not. Even in Los Angeles residential solar panels are not as common as you might think. The main reason for that is a simple lack of awareness and some misconceptions about costs. Many Americans think of solar panels as an expensive way to produce a bit of extra power and to be more eco-friendly. As far as the latter point, indeed solar energy can greatly reduce your carbon footprint in a marked way – residential solar panels are not some mere “feel good” nod to greener living, they can greatly reduce carbon emissions caused by your home.

And when it comes to costs, far from being an expensive luxury that may help you save a bit of cash, in the long run, home solar energy systems can be quite affordable to install and can pay for themselves in short order. That’s especially true in a place like Los Angeles where the sun shines down most days out of the year. Why not put some of that sunshine to work? After all, it’s going to fall on your roof anyway!

Let’s talk about the costs associated with residential solar electric systems. The costs of installing a residential solar system are usually in the neighborhood or $10,000 to $12,000. But there are myriad credits and tax breaks offered at the federal, state, and local levels that can greatly reduce the actual cost of a solar panel system. The government wants you to use clean, renewable energy and will incentivize you enough to where you may pay closer to $8,000 in total cost. Of course, those savings are not available in all areas and are subject to change, but even a full cost system is still a good investment: the average residential solar panel system in Los Angeles can generate enough electricity to almost entirely negate a home’s need for power from an electric company.

A quality solar system should last for at least 25 years; keep that in mind as we discuss some of the specifics here. Assuming the home uses approximately the national average of around 3,000 kilowatt-hours per year, and with an average LA-area electric bill of $1,300 per year, you will pay around $34,500 over the next quarter century to power your Los Angeles home. That is approximately quadruple the cost of putting solar panels on your home’s roof.

And by the way, the installation process is quite simple and the panels are entirely unobtrusive. Your entire system will consist of the solar panels on your roof, wiring down to a compact converter box (solar energy is collected in direct current, or DC fashion, and must be converted to alternating current, or AC, before your home can use it), and then hooked into your home’s electrical wiring. Any additional power you need, say on one of the rare rainy days in Los Angeles (solar panels do collect energy through rain, fog, and clouds, but not nearly as much), you can still draw from the grid and pay for; on days where your panels produce more energy than you use, you may well get paid by the electric company as you dump the watts out onto the grid.

Solar panels not only save you money, they make you money by covering their installation costs over time and by generating cash when they generate excess power. The best thing you can do beyond installing solar panels is to not stop there: make your home, even more, energy efficient and eco-friendly by next turning to the windows.

In Los Angeles residential window tint is as wise an investment as solar panels. High-quality window films block much of the sun’s hot infrared rays, and it is IR (infrared) sunlight that heats up interior spaces when it pours through the untreated glass, leading to the need for air conditioning and fans for climate control. HVAC costs are often the highest component of an electric bill, so if you can reduce your reliance on the air conditioning thanks to window tint, you can reduce your overall living expenses greatly. Once your house has solar panels and window tint, you’ll want the Los Angeles sun to shine bright all day knowing it is making your energy through your solar panels without heating up your home thanks to window film.

Keep in mind that window film also blocks the ultraviolet light that can fade your flooring and furnishings and even damage your skin, so that’s another bonus. You can also opt for security and privacy window films that can make your windows highly resistant to shattering and that can block the view into your home without restricting your view out. All in all, window film and solar panels are home improvements that go hand in hand: they both start working for you the same day their installation is complete, and they both pay for themselves over and over as time goes by.

Tint Near Me

Lower your home’s energy costs with window tint.

Window Tint Near Me

Our high-performance films will block much of the Sun’s infrared heat rays responsible for increasing the temperature in your home.

Tint for Home

Our high-performance films block much of the infrared sunlight to help keep the climate in your home cooler.

Residential Window Film in Cypress – the Former ‘Waterville’

“Also consider what residential window film can do for the aesthetic appearance of a home or business property in Cypress.”

Homeowners there wishing to separate their property from suburban sameness should consider residential window film in Cypress and surrounding environs. This suburban city of about 50,000 in the northern part of Orange County began with a heavy involvement of the dairy industry but has developed into an area mixed with residential and commercial properties. With the sun shining for a majority of days in the year, owners of properties in Cypress or nearby communities like La Palma or Stanton need to know about long-term damages from sun exposure – and what they can do about it.

Bolster Energy Efficiency on Your Cypress Home

This classic post-war suburban community features plenty of homes built long ago and not always designed for energy efficiency. Without good weatherproofing they can tend to leak cool air making it an ongoing battle to keep them cool and comfy inside. More troublesome may be the number and size of windows as these portals for the sun let ultraviolet (UV) and infra-red (IR) light warm the square footages of space inside. A quality window film by makers such as Huper Optik provides significant UV and IR rejection rates and keep your home’s interior cooler consistently.

Save Piles of Money with Residential Window Film in Cypress

Not to be overlooked for residential window film in Cypress is the savings on electricity bills, as air conditioning systems are needed less often if windows are properly protected with film. Whether or not you go with a tint shade on the film, modern quality window films carry technological advances that reject solar energy to levels unprecedented even a few years ago. Think up to 99.9 percent rejection of UV rays, which are known to cause skin cancer, and you get an idea. Tack on significant IR rejection rates plus glare reduction and solar energy rejection and the benefits of residential window film add up.

Differentiate Your Home with Quality Window Film Applications

Also consider what residential window film can do for the aesthetic appearance of a home or business property in Cypress. All that glass facing the street is not doing much to contribute to the curb appeal of the property. Add a touch of charcoal tint shading, or even a decorative frost, and slow cars down as they pass because drivers wonder why the structure looks different than the rest of the neighborhood. It’s differentiation in an area – the window portals – that others skipped. Sell it upon re-sale time to potential buyers by letting them know not only does it look good, it feels good inside because it’s much cooler.

Cool the Sun and Boost Privacy with Residential Window Film

Improving a home in Cypress can involve many things, such as better front yard landscaping, an exterior paint job, maybe even a new roof. But little provides such a long-term return on investment than a simple one-time application of window film in Cypress or nearby locales such as Lakewood. The community was originally called “Waterville” because of all the artesian wells in the area, but later turned into Dairy City and finally Cypress after all the farmers left. The name comes from cypress trees near a school to protect from seasonal Santa Ana winds. Today, other additions are available to address environmental factors – including residential window film to cool the sun and add privacy.


Window Tint Near Me

Lower your energy costs with window tint.

Tint for Homes

Reduce heat in your home.

Home Tint

Increase your privacy with window film.

Commercial Window Film in Pico-Robertson Neighborhood of L.A.

“Business property owners are wise to apply commercial window film and save significantly each month in terms of air conditioning costs.”

The neighborhood’s situation sandwiched between Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles, and Mid-City to the east, means commercial window film in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles is attractive for a number of reasons. Numerous and varied businesses line major corridors like Pico and Robertson boulevards; and the entire subregion provides a lot of jobs and significant economic boost. Business property owners are wise to apply commercial window film and save significantly each month in terms of air conditioning costs. Plus cooler interiors mean happier customers, who would be more likely to return, and more-productive workers.

Old Buildings cannot Keep Temperatures Cool – without Help

Pico-Robertson is a pretty densely populated community, in what is known as the Westside area of Los Angeles. Its population today can be estimated at around 20,000, and the neighborhood has a significant Jewish population. It has one of the highest population densities in all of the City of Los Angeles, and its residents are a bit older when compared with other L.A. communities with a media age of 36. You could also say that about the structures of Pico-Robertson – they are older than most you’ll see all over Los Angeles, and because of that can be trickier to keep cool. Without significant weatherproofing these business buildings can leak cold air and stress air conditioning systems.

Clean Front Business Façade Part of Marketing

Considering its neighboring communities like Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills, Carthay and Mid-City, Pico-Robertson can be quite alluring for business owners and entrepreneurs. So many people live in this neighborhood that it’s difficult not to think about the business potential. However, no matter how solid a business (and its business plan) is, little dissuades potential customers more than evidence of vandalism on a property. Leaving graffiti uncleaned is like telling people you don’t care about your appearance. Maintaining a clean exterior appearance is a public relations position for a business, and commercial window film helps deter criminal acts before they occur.

Commercial Window Film as Crime-Deterrent Measure

Quality commercial window film, especially those with a deep tint shade or even decorative film, blurs visions into your building – and helps would-be culprits to move on. Why let passersby see your most valuable inventory or computer equipment for workers? Don’t give them an opportunity to make that decision to act. For retail establishments, however, it might be wise to go with a clear window film, one that provides protection from the sun’s powerful rays but lets people on the sidewalk what there is to purchase inside. Buildings dominate by offices can go with a deeper tint shade, say a 30-percent charcoal tint. This makes the exterior look better while adding a little protection oomph with the tint shading.

Sound Investment Delivering Dividends for Years

The bottom line is commercial window tinting in Pico-Robertson helps keep interiors of buildings much cooler. In the long run, this saves owners thousands of dollars each year in energy costs. You will notice the lack of need for the air conditioning unit to run all the time. Spots inside buildings that seem to always have the sun shining will not be as prone to damages – because modern window films reject more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and a good portion of the heating infrared rays (IR rays). Commercial window film in Pico-Robertson is a sound investment that will deliver dividends for years to come.

Commercial Window Tint

Lower your energy costs with window film.

Window Tint Near Me

Reduce the heat in your location with our film.

Commercial Window Film in Mid-City West: an L.A. Subregion

“Property owners are wise to take action to attract potential customers, and … deter visitors from negatively impacting the values of properties.”

The need for commercial window film in Mid-City West, called a “subregion” in the City of Los Angeles, is evident. There are just a lot of major streets with numerous business types in what could be called a consortium of small L.A. neighborhoods that includes the Fairfax District, Miracle Mile, Carthay Circle and Beverly Grove. Economic activity dominates the neighborhood’s consciousness; this is not suburban-picnic paradise. With so many cars and visitors streaming through Mid-City West each day, property owners are wise to take action to attract potential customers, and also deter visitors from negatively impacting the values of properties.

Business Enhancement with Commercial Window Film

The Mid-City West Community Council website’s “About Us” page reads like a standard chamber of commerce informational: they want to work with the government; engage stakeholders; and convey an overall sense of cooperation. It’s a friendly neighborhood, sure, but deep down local jobs and economic vitality are too crucial for the subregion. Commercial window film in Mid-City West is a business-enhancement measure. It’s action a property owner can take to attract and keep more customers, and save a considerable amount of money in cooling costs while doing it. Keeping interiors cool means at-ease customers, who in turn might feel comfortable enough to return.

Dissuade Potential Trouble with Commercial Window Film

Customers and clients also feel comfortable and are more likely to continue engagement with a business if they feel safe and secure. Little dissuades customers more than a graffiti-scarred front façade, or undesirables hanging out in front of a property. Commercial window film provides a savvy deterrence to criminal activity: potential suspects can’t see clearly into the insides of a structure. They may be inclined to move on if it’s unknown precisely what’s inside. And with a quality window tint film, including those with deep tint shades or even a frosted decorative film, your property inside will be shielded from view.

Safety with Commercial Window Film, Too

Retail establishments may want a film without shading tint, often called a clear tint. All modern window films including the clear variety reject most of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays (UV rays) providing a protection element to your property. But even with clear, the film provides a safety element for business owners. In case of an impact with a window, those with film applied will not shatter and propel small sharp glass pieces into the interior – an injury hazard for those inside. Window film holds window fragments together, and big glass chunks often remain clinged to the frame. This also provides an obstacle for would-be intruders.

Just be Cooler with a Quality Commercial Window Film

Quality window films like those manufactured by companies like Huper Optik or LLumar shield view of valuable items inside your business such as computers or inventory. Quality window films reject more than 99 percent of UV rays which are known to cause skin cancer, plus a much of the heating infra-red rays (IR rays). Overall you save money because air conditioning units are used less, and gain peace of mind that your property has another layer of protection from human criminal elements.

Mid-City West at a Glance

Mid-City West is a subregion for the City of Los Angeles, in the western portion of the Wilshire District between that and the Pico-Robertson neighborhood to the west. North-to-south is West Hollywood and Mid-Wilshire. The subregion with about 50,000 residents also can be known simply as Mid-city or Midtown.

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