Visit the Pomona Home and Garden Show

On Friday, February 19, 2016, the Home and Garden Show ( will take over the historic Fairplex in Pomona, California. From the 19th through Sunday the 21st, the Fairplex will host dozens of home and garden specialists. These include landscape designers, energy efficiency experts, general contractors, and kitchen cabinet makers.

The Pomona Home and Garden Show is sure to attract thousands of visitors from neighboring cities like Chino and Montclair and from all across greater Los Angeles County.

The Fairplex is located at 1101 West McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768. Information about the location can be obtained by calling 909-623-3111. It was formerly called the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds and has hosted the annual LA County Fair since 1922. Each year the LA County Fair, the nation’s 4th largest county fair, sees more than 1 million visitors, thus confirming the Fairplex’s ability to host massive events with ease.

The Fairplex features around 325,000 square feet of indoor exhibition space and occupies more than 540 acres of total area. That includes paved parking sufficient for a staggering 30,000 vehicles.

Attendees of the Home and Garden Show come for many different reasons. Some visitors are simply there to see the latest ideas and offerings in home and garden décor. Other attendees are industry professionals seeking out new partners, materials, or products. Still other attendees are designers or decorators seeking inspiration or to learn about their competitors.

But, of course, the most numerous visitors to every Home and Garden Show are homeowners who care deeply about their residences. They want to find the best ways and the best people to make improvements to their homes.

At the Home and Garden Show, one can expect to learn about the topics presented here.

Find Your Perfect Landscape Designer

Whether you dream of an elegant “outdoor room” or a lovely but drought-resistant yard, you’ll find landscape design professionals who can help you achieve your goal at the Pomona Home and Garden Show. Whether you need sprinkler installation or patio and other hardscape designs, this is a great place to compare ideas and get pricing estimates from some of the region’s leading landscape experts.

Meet Your Next General Contractors

The best way to reduce stress during a major home improvement project is to work with a skilled, experienced general contractor. Great contractors only work with great plumbers, electricians, roofers, and so on. If you select a great contractor to oversee your project, you can rest assured that he or she trusts everyone working in and around your home. Meet dozens of contractors and find the right fit for you at the Home and Garden Show.

Learn More About Great Interior Design

From paint to wallpaper to upholstery to lighting and so much more, there is a true art to truly great interior design. The Pomona Home and Garden Show is a great place to meet up with industry-leading interior design specialists. These specialists can work with you to create interior spaces you and your family will love and which will have guests gasping at the beauty of your home.

Find Out Window Tinting Benefits

In southern California, window tinting is one of the smartest ways of making a home more energy efficient and less expensive to keep cool and comfortable. Window films can even make a home safer and more private.

Los Angeles window film experts will be in attendance at the Pomona Home and Garden Show. They will be ready to demonstrate the benefits of high-quality films, which can lower your electrical bills by blocking warming infrared light. Window film can also block up to 99.99% of the harmful UV rays that fade floors and furniture and damage skin. Also, ask about security window film that can make glass highly shatter-resistant.

The Riverside Home and Garden Show

On Friday, June 4, 2016, the Home and Garden Show ( is headed to the newly renovated, thoroughly modernized Riverside Convention Center. From the 4th through Sunday the 6th, Riverside will host a huge assortment of home improvement specialists, landscaping and gardening teams, energy efficiency experts, and a myriad of other residential improvement professionals.

Riverside residents, as well as Californians from all across Inland Empire cities like Fontana, Ontario, San Bernardino, and beyond, will flock to the show to see all the latest trends in home improvement and to meet with prospective future contractors, designers, and more.

The Riverside Convention Center is located at 3637 Fifth Street, Riverside, California, 92501. (Information about the center can be reached by calling 951-346-4700.) The facility offers more than 65,000 square feet of flexible-use exhibition space and is replete with modern amenities such as efficient LED lighting and even occupant-sensing technology that automatically adjusts energy management systems. The landscaping is renewable and drought-tolerant, and the building itself sparkles among the Spanish Revival-style architecture of downtown Riverside.

Attendees of the Riverside Home and Garden Show will have the opportunity to meet with professionals from all fields and to learn about projects of all types. To mention a few, the following is a list of things visitors are always keen to learn about:

Window Tinting/Window Film

In the sunny Inland Empire, window tinting is a less expensive but great way to keep a home cool, more temperate, and comfortable at all times. Window film blocks out the sun’s hot infrared light, lessening your need for fans and air conditioning and thereby lowering your electric bills. Window tint also blocks almost 100% of the UV light that fades flooring and furniture and causes damage to the skin. Don’t forget to ask a window film representative about privacy and security window film, too!

Landscape and Hardscape Design

There’s never been a better time for California homeowners to consider drought-resistant landscaping, and there’s no better place to learn about it than from the landscape professionals you’ll meet at the Home and Garden Show. Come to talk about general landscaping; about patio, deck, pools, or other hardscape work; and about any other projects you have in mind for your Southern California home.

Kitchen Remodels

A proper kitchen remodel can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so you have to make sure you do it right! At the Riverside Home and Garden Show, you can meet with contractors and discuss plans and budgets for your kitchen remodeling plans. You can view samples of appliances, cabinets, and counter tops, and you and your family can start to get a sense of just what your brand new kitchen might look like. It all starts here and ends in the most important room in your home.

Solar Panels

The sun-drenched Inland Empire is a great place for solar panels! Installing solar panels on your home (or on your place of business, of course) is a great way to cut down on your energy bills and to reduce your carbon footprint: when you use less of the power company’s electricity, it’s a win-win for you and for the environment. Talk to “green collar” technology experts about whether or not solar panels might work for your home and your budget.

3M Thinsulate Window Film Advantages for Homes

The benefits of window film have long been established by residential builders, architects, and families that choose to retrofit the windows of their home with window tint. Traditional window tint serves to reduce solar heat. It keeps a house cooler and more comfortable even during the hottest, sunniest days. Window tints make a home more pleasant for its occupants and help reduce electrical costs.

The 3M Thinsulate window film goes a step beyond traditional sun control window tint, offering enhanced interior comfort and reduced climate control costs even in the cold months. The difference is all about insulation. Read on to see why 3M Thinsulate climate control window film is a smart choice for people everywhere and especially for residents of Southern California.

3M Thinsulate Window Film Keeps Your Home Cooler

The primary function of window tint is to reduce the effect of the sun on your home’s interior. The most obvious way it does this is by rejecting much of the solar heat, chiefly caused by invisible infrared rays that warm up the home.

Sun-blocking window tint helps keep your home cooler, meaning less use of fans or air conditioning, which leads to lower bills. You’ll also need fewer electric lights during the day as the window tint lets you leave window blinds up and drapes open, also another energy benefit.

3M Thinsulate Keeps Your Home Warmer

It might seem odd that the same window film that keeps your home cooler in the summer can keep it warmer in the winter, but that’s what 3M Thinsulate climate control window film does. This high-tech film adds so much insulation to your windows, and it is nearly as effective as upgrading single-pane glass to a double-pane window.

Windows that benefit from better insulation allow for less heat loss. This means that the interior warmth you have created with a furnace or local heating unit doesn’t drift out through your glass windows.

3M Thinsulate Window Film Reduces Glare, Not Light

Many homes are defined by their windows, and the bright natural light they let in can make a residence more pleasing and inviting. But too much sunlight, especially during the long sunny months experienced by Los Angeles residents, can make an interior space too bright and garish to enjoy. Don’t sacrifice the view you enjoy through your windows or the pleasant full-spectrum light of the sun by closing the blinds. The 3M Thinsulate window film can reduce the harsh glare of sunlight but still allow in enough light to pleasantly fill a room.

3M Thinsulate Window Tint Blocks UV Light

The Skin Cancer Foundation strongly recommends ultraviolet light-blocking window tint to protect your health and the health of your family and visitors. The 3M Thinsulate window film blocks 99% of the ultraviolet light responsible for skin damage. These same UV rays also fade flooring and furnishings, discolor your upholstery and artwork, and even fade the very paint on the walls over time. Protect everything and everyone in your home with window tint.

Costs and Benefits of 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film

Installing residential window film costs a fraction of the price of replacing old or compromised windows. The expense of a window tint installation project usually pays for itself in just 2.5 years. On the other hand, recouping the investment you make to replace your home’s windows may take more than a decade and half to pay for itself in energy savings.

Residential window film is a great idea, especially in Los Angeles. The summers are long and hot, while the winter can be cold but not so frigid to need double- or triple-pane glass. Also, the sun shines almost all year round, so UV light is always a threat.

3M Thinsulate Window Film for Residential and Commercial Properties

Window Tint LA proudly offers 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film. This window treatment dramatically enhances the energy efficiency and improves the interior comfort of both Los Angeles residential and commercial locations.

3M Thinsulate window film blocks a majority of the sun’s heat to create a cooler, more pleasant interior that’s UV-protected and glare-free. This tint goes a step beyond solar heat rejection by improving the insulation of the windows of your home or business. That means reduced cooling costs resulting in reduced solar warming and a lessened need for both cooling and heating. 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window film is almost imperceptible to the eye.

Enjoy Solar Heat Reduction With the 3M Thinsulate

To fight against the unrelenting warmth of the sunshine in Los Angeles window tint is a must-have for the forward-thinking home or commercial property. Window tint reduces the amount of hot infrared sunlight that passes through glass windows. The interior space won’t experience as much warming and thus won’t require as much use of fans and air conditioning systems.

Improved Insulation in Rooms Protected by 3M Thinsulate

Installing 3M Thinsulate window film to a glass window provides almost as much insulation as adding another pane of glass. In other words, it can effectively turn single-paned windows into double-paned windows in terms of insulation properties.

This thin, almost invisible window film helps stop interior temperature loss via the windows. This means that the cooled air from air conditioning in the summer or the heated air from the furnace in the winter will be both better maintained. Enjoy lowered HVAC costs all year round.

By many measurements, your windows are responsible for more than 30% of your HVAC costs. As HVAC costs account for nearly 50% of overall electrical costs, those untreated glass windows might be responsible for as much as 15% of your home or business’s overall annual energy costs!

Avoid Distractions With Visible Light and Glare Reduction

Natural light can help to make a business more productive and a home more inviting. It’s a well-documented fact that sunlight improves your mood and gives you energy and motivation. It is even a must-have for health thanks to its effect on circadian rhythms. However, too much light is even worse than not enough of it; harsh sunlight can make screens hard to see and rooms too bright to use without eyestrain.

3M Thinsulate window film allows a huge portion of the natural light that leads to positive feelings and efficient work. However, it reduces the harsh glare effect of direct sunlight that makes interior spaces too bright to enjoy.

Prevent Sun Damage With Ultraviolet Light Reduction

When it comes to UV light, what you can’t see can hurt. Ultraviolet light is responsible for the photochemical reaction that causes faded and discolored flooring and upholstery. You can also blame it for the washed-out wall decor and artwork in sunny rooms.

Preventing sun damage to your Los Angeles area residence or commercial location is as easy as having Window Tint LA install 3M Thinsulate window film on your windows. This window tint effectively blocks 99.9% of the UV light that might otherwise bleach and discolor your interior.

3M Thinsulate Window Film Installation and Cost

As noted above, applying 3M Thinsulate window tint can save your Los Angeles area property as much as 15% off overall annual electrical costs. For most homes and businesses, the installation of window film will pay for itself in less than three years thanks to reduced energy costs.

And for most homes and even for commercial locations of smaller size, a window tint installation job usually takes just one to two days. Every pane of glass in your property receives a custom-cut piece of window tint. Be sure to choose the best professionals to install your window treatment for the best results.

You can count on Thinsulate window film to create a seamless, invisible update that will keep interior spaces cooler and make your property more energy efficient. The process involves no dangerous or noxious chemicals, and these dye-free window tints will not discolor over time. In ten years, your windows will work as well and look as good as they do on the day we finish our window film installation.

3m Thinsulate Window Film: Commercial

The average commercial facility expends nearly 35% of its annual heating and cooling costs due to inefficient windows allowing temperature loss of treated interior air. Simply put, your business’s windows are costing your business money. 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film is the ideal window film for commercial use in Los Angeles, a region that sees reliably hot, sunny summers and generally cool, mild winters.

This is true, thanks to its unique ability to both reject solar heat and maintain interior temperatures. Whether maintaining cool, air conditioned temperatures or preserving the heat of warmed air, this window film works all year round.

Better Comfort with Better Climate Control

3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film will help maintain the ideal interior temperature for your offices, restaurants, or retail location. It adds as much insulation to glass windows as adding an entire additional pane of glass, greatly reducing the temperature loss most windows experience.

That means chilled, air conditioned, or fan-circulated air stays cooler when it’s hot outside, and heated air stays warmer when exterior temperatures plummet. Your staff, visitors, and clients will enjoy a comfortable interior all year round and without the need for blinds drawn to block the summer sunshine or the dry, stale air that comes with too much use of furnaces.

Reduced Hot Spots and Glare

One of the best aspects of 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film is that it not only rejects solar heat and adds insulation but that it helps maintain a universally more comfortable interior. Whether you are standing right next to a sun-drenched window or you are all the way across a large room, this solar heat blocking window tint helps ensure that the interior of your commercial property is all evenly temperate, no matter how large the space is and regardless of how many windows it has. That means less worry about where you position desks, dining tables, retail displays, and more. This window tint also reduces the sun’s harsh glare, easing the strain on eyes and making it easier to see computer screens.

Lowered HVAC Costs All Year Long

When you run air conditioning systems less, you reduce your company’s electric bills. When you use less heat to warm up interior spaces, you reduce your company’s energy costs. When you install 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film to the glass windows of your commercial facility, you are ensured that the sun won’t warm your interior as much and that your windows won’t leak as much of the interior temperature out, thus allowing you to save on both sides of those HVAC issues. It’s an elegantly simple way to save on the bottom line all year around.

Enhanced Commercial UV Protection with Window Tint

Ultraviolet light slowly but steadily wreaks havoc on every object it touches. UV light can fade carpets and hardwood flooring, it can bleach and discolor upholstery, and it can damage artwork, documents, and more. It can even cause skin damage with prolonged exposure, and that’s something from which you need to protect your employees. Installing 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film blocks a staggering 99.9% of ultraviolet light, keeping the people and property inside your business safe from harm.

New Casper Cloaking Technology Window Film Creates Privacy for Screens and Monitors

What Is Screen Cloaking Window Film?

Casper Cloaking Technology, developed by leading applied materials brand Designtex, is an advanced screen privacy window tint that in fact does just what its name suggests: it cloaks, or obscures, the view of screens. To be specific, it blocks the view of all larger LED and LCD screens, rendering those surfaces dark and indistinguishable to anyone outside a window, glass wall, or glass door with its interior coated by Casper window film.

Years of scientific development went into the creation of this film, which uses an advanced understanding of the properties of light to limit certain types of light emission while still permitting a crisp, clear view of others. When you look in through a window coated with Casper screen cloaking window tint, you will hardly notice it’s even there — until, that is, you take a look up at that LED monitor mounted in the wall at the end of the room and notice that all you see is a black screen, while everyone inside the room is nodding and smiling at the content they see.

Why Screen Cloaking Window Tint Is Superior to Previous Options

In the past, if you wanted to keep the contents of a presentation, video, or graphics private beyond the view of a select group, you had several options at your disposal, but all had significant drawbacks. The main tried-and-true approach to keeping information private was simply to block off the view into a conference room or office entirely. This could be done by applying privacy window film to glass walls and windows, blocking the view into the room.

One way privacy window tint could do this while still allowing a view out from inside the room so long as it was brighter outside the space in question; if lighting conditions changed, the one way window tint lost its efficacy.

Frosted privacy window tint blocks the view through glass surfaces in both directions, while still allowing light to pass through. It represents a fine way to ensure privacy for those inside a meeting and for the content on display on screens, but it does not foster the kind of open culture many offices prize. And both frost window tint and one way privacy window film are rather permanent; once applied, they can’t be removed and reapplied at will.

Curtains, drapes, and/or blinds are another common way to keep information private from those outside an office or conference space. These are good options because they can be early drawn or pushed aside, welcoming an open feel when merited, but their drawback comes for just the same reason: whenever a curtain is closed or blinds are lowered to block the view into a space that is usually visible, it elicits interest and even suspicion that can damage the trusting culture of a space and that makes clear there is something to hide in the first place.

Window Cloaking Tint Is Ideal for Professional Spaces

With Casper Cloaking Technology window film applied to the inside of glass walls, doors, and windows within the offices of a corporation, government entity, research facility, and beyond, the organization can foster an unbroken feeling of community while still allowing presentations and media to be kept private and discreet.

Because this cloaking film only blocks the view of LED and LCD screens, it renders monitors and televisions impossible to view from behind the space so treated while still allowing the people and other elements within to be seen clearly. That allows for the noting of who is in a given meeting, what their body language is saying, and other such factors, while still keeping the actual content being discussed private and secure.

This is precisely why so many proactive workplaces are doing away with the drapes, blinds, or even the old reams of butcher paper and tape that were once used to cover windows whenever sensitive data was about to be on display.

The Many Applications of Screen Cloaking Window Tint

Screen privacy window films were developed for and are primarily marketed to workplaces with offices and conference rooms where glass walls and windows are a major portion of the interior architecture. These privacy tints can block the view of wall-mounted screens and computer monitors, keeping the content displayed on the screen private and secure while not creating an exclusionary environment by allowing the people within the room to be clearly seen.

But screen cloaking window film has vastly more potential than to serve merely to block the view into meetings in offices. It can also be used, for example, to block the view of screens viewed through exterior windows. This can help a bar or restaurant prevent passersby from watching a paid televised event for free, or to allow a location to display material that might not be public for all viewers (based on age or other factors) without risk of offending anyone outside looking in. Screen privacy window film might even help to protect copyrighted material by preventing it from being seen outside of a permissible venue even if said venue has transparent windows, walls, or doors.

From the information displayed on a doctor or lawyer’s computer to the sales figures on a banker’s screen, any professional with a street level office will benefit from Casper Cloaking Technology films just as much as the people worried about unwanted intra office viewing of screens.

Achieving Privacy Need Not Damage Aesthetics

Casper screen cloaking window film leaves an interior space looking almost identical to its pre-installation look save for the obvious enhancement of obscured screens and monitors. But should you desire even more privacy for a given space, Designtex offers multiple complimentary privacy films that can offer even more discretion to a space while still not fully obscuring the view in and damaging the open feel of a workspace.

The brand offers multiple window coatings that create patterns on the outside of windows that disrupt the clarity of the view in without fully obscuring the interior. Working in tandem with screen cloaking window tints, these films enhance privacy while still promoting an open, communal feel.

The Difference Made by Residential Window Tint in Venice

Venice, CA is a vibrant, storied area filled with people and places of all kinds. On any given day, the neighborhood is filled with both longtime residents and first time visitors. Venice is home to dozens of restaurants, shops, and businesses of all kinds, and it is full of lovely and unique homes. There are scenic canals for which the town gets its name, the famous Venice Beach beachfront and boardwalk, there are broad streets, narrow alleys, and everything in between.

If you own a home in Venice, California, protecting your prized property is surely of the utmost importance to you and your family. And proper home protection means both ensuring the residence is safe against break-ins and burglary and also safe from the damage that can be caused by natural forces. One single product can offer your Venice home all sorts of safety and security benefits: residential window film.

In Venice, CA window film can be the first line of defense against a thief intent on entering your home (or your place of business). Security window film reinforces glass windowpanes and prevents them from breaking into pieces and falling out of the frame when struck. A window treated with window film can be cracked and will require later replacement, but it won’t form dangerous shards and the glass won’t fall out of the frame. Not only will safety window film prevent a criminal from entering your Venice property, but it will also keep you and your family safe following an accident or natural disaster, preventing hazardous pieces of glass from falling away from the windows and potentially causing cuts or puncture wounds.

The second way Venice residential window film protects your home is by blocking out the ultraviolet light that can cause interior fading and damage. UV light can discolor wooden floors, fade upholstery, carpets, and drapes, and wash out photos, paintings, and other items you have in your home. Window tint blocks 99% of this invisible but harmful light, also keeping your skin safer against sun damage that can lead to cancer with protracted exposure.

Window tint will also reduce the interior temperature of your Venice home, blocking much of the solar energy responsible for elevated indoor temperatures. When your residence stays cooler thanks to reduced solar heat gain, that’s less electricity you will use (and pay for) thanks to reduced need for AC and fans.

ceramic huper optik

Block 99.9% of UV rays by installing window film

tinting home windows cost

Window film comes in various shades so you can maintain your view when looking out

house window tinting film

Ceramic window films block the maximum amount of heat, which help save on energy costs!

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Heat Blocking Window Film for Palos Verdes Homes

Palos Verdes Heat Blocking Window Tint

The average home in Palos Verdes, California spends up to 50% of its annual energy costs on climate control. This is true when the household runs the air conditioning and fans to keep the residence cool in the summer and when the heat is on during the surprisingly cool days of the wintertime.

What comes a surprise to most Palos Verdes residents is that as much as 30% of their overall cooling and heating costs come as a direct result of their windows. Ironically, glass windows allow in most of the heat that makes a home uncomfortable on hot days and allow out most of the warmth that makes a home cozy when it’s cold. That means more use of AC in the summer and more reliance on the furnace in the winter. Or, in other words, more windows mean greater overall HVAC costs.

But with high quality window film Palos Verdes residential life becomes much more affordable and more comfortable, too. That’s because sun control window film can both reduce heat in the summer and add insulation that maintains interior temperatures all year round.

Heat Control Window Film for Palos Verdes Homes

Sun control window film blocks out a majority of the sun’s infrared light, and it is this portion of the spectrum that is largely responsible for warming a property’s interior. In fact, infrared light can cause interior warming even when it is not shining directly on a window, so window tint keeps your Palos Verdes home cooler during all hours of the day, even when it is overcast but warm out. Window film also helps protect your prized home’s interior by blocking as much as 99% of the harmful UV rays that can fade and discolor wood floors, carpets, upholstery, and more.

Contrary to the popular perception of Southern California weather, the Palos Verdes Peninsula actually sees more cool days per year than hot days. Window film can help keep your Palos Verdes home comfortable and cost-effective on those colder days, too. Quality window film adds a layer of insulation to a pane of glass that can be as effective a source of insulation as installing double paned windows, and at a fraction of the cost. For most Palos Verdes homes, window film will begin to pay for itself right away, and pay for itself and begin to save you money in terms of energy cost savings in as little as two or three years. Were you to replace all the windows in your home, you would not see the same savings for more than a decade at least.

By helping keep the heat outside during the summer and helping to maintain your desired interior temperature all year round, window tint makes a Palos Verdes home less expensive to maintain. By keeping you and your family more comfortable, it makes your Palos Verdes home more pleasant each and every day.

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Window film installed to block heat.

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Window tint includes a lifetime residential warranty!

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Window film for reducing heat.

Palos Verdes Home Window Tint

Palos Verdes Home Window Tinting: Protect Your Home’s Interior

Many of our residential Palos Verdes window tint customers come to us because they are interested in adding more privacy to their homes thanks to window tints; others want to learn how much window tint reduces energy expenses through reduced HVAC costs. Still other people want to learn about enhanced security for their Palos Verdes home thanks to cutting edge, extra strength security window film.

What all of our Palos Verdes window tint customers are thrilled to learn is that almost every type of window film we carry offers the added bonus of a dramatic reduction of the amount of ultraviolet light that gets through the windows and into the home.

Ultraviolet light, or UV light, is invisible to the naked human eye, but it is chiefly responsible for sun damage. The effects of UV light are clear whenever your move a piece of furniture that has long sat in one spot on the floor or a piece of artwork that has hung in the same spot on the wall for years. You’ll realize that the area long covered is a different color than the rest of the floor or wall; those exposed portions of your home’s interior will likely have undergone fading and discoloration over time. It is the photochemical reaction that occurs when UV light hits most objects that causes this discoloration, and the damage can’t be reversed once it has occurred.

But you can prevent UV light from damaging anything inside your Palos Verdes home with window tint. Most of the window films offered by Window Tint LA block out an astonishing 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light. That means almost zero sun fading and discoloration effect your home’s floors, furniture, walls, or artwork even with all the sunny days seen by the average Palos Verdes residence.

Whether you choose one way privacy window tint, frosted privacy window film, or solar heat reducing window tints for your home, you are also going to get dramatic UV light reduction when you choose to have Window Tint LA install your home’s window film. And even if you don’t feel you need enhanced security, privacy, or energy efficiency, window tint is still a great idea for a Palos Verdes property for its UV blocking properties alone. Especially in the home with lots of windows and/or skylights, the more sunlight that enters the home unchecked, the more sun damage the interior will endure over time.

Block out the unwanted UV light while still enjoying a bright home and a crystal clear view outside thanks to ultraviolet light blocking window tint from Window Tint LA.

Hüper Optik Window film was installed in Palos Veredes Home

Huper Optik

Keep your natural view from the inside looking out and still protect your family and your home from harmful UV rays

Hüper Optik

Huper Optik window film was applied to the windows

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Protect your furniture and floors from fading with window film

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window film was applied to the windows