Security Window Film for Pacoima, a Distinct L.A. Region

“It takes just a few minutes inside to realize the difference.”

Known for more than “La Bamba,” residents of this hamlet of Los Angeles are particular about their homes and security window film in Pacoima is not a foreign subject. They know the benefits of getting window film on residential windows. With all the sun in that area of the San Fernando Valley, savvy homeowners don’t take long to discover the wonders that window film can provide for residential properties. It takes just a few minutes inside to realize the difference.

Keeping Pacoima Businesses Cooler

Cooling the interiors of homes and businesses in Pacoima is not an easy task. These are relatively older homes in what they call established neighborhoods. So they leak – cool air when you’re A/C runs all-out. Think about it: if your home interior is cooler all the time, what’s the need for air-cooling units? The savings is significant for property owners of this older neighborhood of the northeast corner of the San Fernando Valley. Interior heat is a constant battle for these property owners – who lack the natural breezing qualities that residents of, say, Northridge or Granada Hills enjoy.

Window Film for Advanced Security

When you consider security window film in Pacoima you have to think about the proximity to freeway access. Pacoima is easily accessible from the Foothill Freeway (210) which means easy in, easy out for today’s mobile bandits. Forward-thinking homeowners take action to prevent any such transgressions. With security window film in Pacoima homes, the weakest part of a home’s defense is covered. Those big portals through the exterior walls, the windows, are covered and tint-shaded to obscure views into what’s inside. Thieves are less likely to attempt a break in when they don’t know what’s inside.

Constant Vigilance over UV Rays

This is not a city, officially, but an 81,000-person piece of the city of Los Angeles. There are thousands of structures with limited weatherproofing and significant need for measures to control energy consumption. Security window film not only impacts the vision into the home, it also rejects solar energy. Today’s modern window films such as those made by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that are known to cause skin cancer. They also provide glare reduction and knock back a good portion of the heating infra-red light (IR rays). All told, having security window film on your home keeps the insides cooler and people inside that much more comfortable.

All about the ‘Cool’ Factor

Overall, security window film for Pacoima residents keeps homes cooler, makes them look cooler from the outside, and prevents not-so-cool people from trying to break and enter. Window film also provides safety inside in case of breakage. Should a hard object hit your window the film keeps glass pieces together and not tossing small shards out to hurt people or pets. These modern window films reject most of the sun’s most harmful rays and reduces glare among many benefits. Please contact us today for more information about the modern, high-quality window films and what they can do for your home.

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Security Window Film in Somis, a Farmland Nugget among Suburbs

Somis residents value their solitude and sense of separation from urban society.”

Residents of this spread-out ag-zoned community will be hard-pressed to argue against security window film in Somis, Calif., an unincorporated area of Ventura County. It’s not nestled, it’s just between the cities of Moorpark and Camarillo, an east-west corridor of Highway 118 that long ago just connected Ventura with Los Angeles. The areas near it have grown, but the Somis community has not – and the residents like it that way. Visitors are treated with respect but with an element of suspicion. Somis residents value their solitude and sense of separation from urban society.

Supplement the Law Enforcement Presence in Somis

With homes spread out over acres of orchard land why the interest in security window film in Somis nearby locales like Camarillo Heights or Moorpark Home Acres? Because these unincorporated neighborhoods are patrolled by county sheriff’s deputies and not their own police department. Not to disparage their fine work but patrols can be inconsistent, and caring Somis homeowners are wise to seek additional home-security precautions. Alarm systems and bars on windows can seem overboard. A simple way to deter criminal activity is to nudge them away from your property before the decision is made to act.

Added Crime-Prevention Element for Homes Separated from Others

Most Somis homes are not right next to other homes or structures. That means potential burglars if they scope out places must get pretty close. With security window film in Somis or nearby places like Saticoy the views from the outside to the interior are blurred or even blocked. Why let that antique lamp or wall art entice someone to break into your property? Security window film for Somis residences makes great sense when one considers what lets crime occur in the first place. Sure the homes are out of the way from society, but that little highway nearby? It allows fast access by people with poor intentions.

Consider the Safety Aspect of Window Film

Security window film for Somis households helps in a number of other areas many unsuspected by local residents. For instance, windows unimproved with film tend to shatter, fall away and propel sharp little pieces into the interior. It can cause a real threat of injury to humans and pets inside. Window film helps hold glass window pieces together, albeit in damaged state, most of the time still connected with the frame. This prevents injuries inside, but also holds an obstacle for entry by would-be intruders.

Bolster the Overall Security of Somis Properties

This unincorporated part of Ventura County in the Las Posas Valley is connected with Moorpark, Camarillo and Ventura by two state highways, the 118 and 34. Most traffic along the 118, formerly known as Los Angeles Avenue, is by freight trucks carrying cargo from coastal ports. But in between there is a considerable amount of commerce associated with agriculture, and with it brings the criminal element. Somis homeowners are wise to consider adding home improvement elements that will bolster the overall security of their property. Security window film in Somis is among them.

Security Film

Protect your family from break ins

Security Film

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Security Film

Keep a natural view and strengthen your windows

Security Window Film for Indian Hills Estates, in East Simi Valley


“Windows are the weakest point in a home’s security, simply sheets of glass covering large openings in the exterior walls.”

Quiet and safe are words they use to describe their neighborhood, so it’s understandable that security window film for Indian Hills Estates is among their most desirable window improvements. The east Simi Valley community is known as anything but crime-infested. So the homeowners – and they live in these homes at a 97-percent clip – want to keep it that way. With a major freeway off-ramp not far away there is potential for unwanted visitors from the big city, plus troublemakers among the big teenage population in Simi Valley. Added security-related home improvement projects are always considered by savvy Indian Hills homeowners.

Protect the Bigger Homes in the Indian Hills Area of Simi Valley

Houses in the general Indian Hills area – which can include the neighborhoods of Indian Hills Ridge, Indian Meadows to the south, and White Cloud Estates, Silverthorne and ShadowHawk to the east – are big homes. These are not mansions per se but they are larger than a typical Simi Valley home and as such have elements like tall ceilings and large windows. Windows are the weakest point in a home’s security, simply sheets of glass covering large openings in the exterior walls. Security window film in Indian Hills Estates makes it harder for would-be culprits to see property inside, serving as a sort-of crime-deterrent measure.

Residential Window Film as a Crime-Deterrent

Security window film for Indian Hills homes does this through a great selection of tint shadings or even decorative window film with a frosted appearance. Tint shading does not have to hinder the ability to see from the inside-out. Residents here would not want that as many homes have nice views of the hills or nearby golf course. Instead, today’s quality residential window films have strong glare-reduction features that might help seeing outside. On the flip side, tint shading or a frost definitely impact the ability to see inside from the street. Don’t let suspects see an antique clock or art on the walls, and they may be less likely to intrude.

Window Film as an Interior Safety Element

Another feature with window tint film in Indian Hills, or nearby neighborhoods like Texas Tract, is prevention of shattering glass upon impact. Unimproved window glass can fall away quickly and leave a gaping unprotected hole. Regular glass also can propel shards of glass fragments into the interior, causing an injury threat to humans and pets. Windows with film attached are reinforced and tend to stay there sometimes still attached to the frame. This prevents injuries inside and serves as yet another obstacle for a would-be intruder. Every little bit can help in the overall protection scheme for your home.

Differentiate Your Home-for-Sale with Quality Window Film

There is potential to improve the look of your Indian Hills home from the street, with added tint coloring or decorative window film. This section of Simi Valley north of Alamo Street and between Yosemite Avenue and Stearns Street is known for strong property values, and come sale time there aren’t many different models to help differentiate. You can make your home stick out by improving the appeal from the curb – and also touting energy savings as residential window films keep interiors cooler. Reject nearly all ultraviolet light from entering a home, and the difference inside is noticeable, meaning you run the air conditioning system less. All told this alone could save Indian Hills tract homeowners significant money in the long run.

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Security Window Film in Tujunga, where the Sun Shines Brightly

“Residents here may notice that keeping homes or workplaces cool in the hotter months is a challenge.”

The neighborhood is dominated by a freeway, so security window film in Tujunga can be a priority for the thoughtful homeowner. Home protection in Tujunga is top-of-mind for owners of homes in this neighborhood of the Northeast Valley. With its neighboring community Sunland, these locales are wary of outsiders or unruly visitors. These neighborhoods along the Foothill Freeway (210) have pretty much run out of room to grow and expand city services like police patrols. With that in mind, Tujunga residents are wise to consider their own security measures for their homes and business properties.

Better than Relying on Air Conditioning System

The neighborhoods of Tujunga and Sunland often are linked due to their unique rather secluded setting along the highway, but each has distinctions. Broadly, both are located in a climate lacking much flow of winds and air so the sun can seem a constant enemy. This corner of the San Fernando Valley, which includes the city of San Fernando and Pacoima, gets plenty of sunshine and the limited breezes don’t help with cooling the insides of structures. Residents here may notice that keeping homes or workplaces cool in the hotter months is a challenge – an ongoing struggle that may require more than the air conditioning system.

Big Electricity Bill Savings with Window Film in Tujunga

Tujunga homeowners will notice the lower electricity bill numbers shortly after residential window film is installed on their home windows. More than 80 percent of heat that infiltrates a home structure can be reduced with this one-time home improvement investment. Today’s high-quality window films like those made by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that are known to damage our skin and even cause skin cancer. So adding a simple thin layer of film to your home’s windows does a world of good including reducing energy consumption and preventing long-term damage from sunlight.

Details about Security and Window Film

Back to what you can get from security window film in Tujunga and nearby locales, think about the solitude of the area nestled against those big mountains. Thousands of cars roll by each day on the 210 freeway, and among them is a potential culprit. Homes near freeway off-ramps especially are prone to break-ins by do-badders who want quick getaways. Don’t give them a glimpse of what they might get by adding window film with a deep tint shade or even a decorative film like a frosted window tint. Then people on the street or sidewalk can’t see clearly into your property. It’s a deterrent to thoughts about breaking in.

Strengthen the Weakest Point in a Home’s Defense

Tujunga with its almost 30,000 residents is about twice the size of neighboring Sunland, and together they create a subregion with lots of homes – many with security-improvement needs. Owners of these properties appreciate their proximity to Los Angeles yet respect their separation from it. Relying on police services for home protection is a gamble, not because of fine law enforcement efforts but because of how spread out the area is. For true home security in Tujunga, take it upon yourself for peace of mind about your home security. Security window film in Tujunga is a strong improvement to the weakest point in a home’s exterior defense: the thin glass of windows.

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Safety Window Film in Sunland, in the Old Foothill Freeway Corridor

” … if you’re struggling to keep your structure cool during hotter months, there’s more to it than the air conditioning.”

The communities often get combined and so it’s true for home protection: security or safety window film for Sunland? Or is it safety film for Tujunga? It doesn’t really matter except owners of properties in these communities of the Northeast Valley except a common denominator. These neighborhoods don’t like to be interrupted or intruded by outsiders or those with ill intentions. These are well-established blocks of neighborhoods with little room for growth so outside influences can be limited. Those who live here like that; hence demand for security or safety film.

‘Sun’ is in the Name for a Reason

These communities, Sunland and Tujunga, are too often paired together even though each has distinct qualities. Both overall however are in a climate with limited wind- and air flow, meaning when the sun decides to bear down, look out. Why do you think it’s called “Sun”-land, anyway? Along with the city of San Fernando and the community of Sylmar, this corner of the San Fernando Valley gets bombarded with sunshine from the south, and lacks decent wind and air flow to cool off surface temperatures. This is important: if you’re struggling to keep your structure cool during hotter months, there’s more to it than the air conditioning.

Which is Larger: Sunland or Tujunga?

Statistically Tujunga is larger with nearing 30,000 residents, compared with Sunland’s 15,000-plus. There’s also the lesser-known Shadow Hills neighborhood with its more than 13,000 residents, with a good number of war veterans. With household median income of 58,000 to 68,000 these are not low-income neighborhoods but homeowners who take great pride in where they live. They know the value of the dollar, so safety window film should be that more enticing. You can save a lot of money at home with residential window film. Safety window film in Sunland or Tujunga adds another element to what you may get with this one-time investment.

Get Durability with a High-Quality Window Film

With a high-quality window film like those made by Huper Optik you get just that: a coating on windows of your property you can trust to last. These modern window films apply advances like nano-technology that differ greatly from the films seen in the past like you see on cars all over Los Angeles. Nano-technology films, especially those like Huper Optik’s Ceramic Series, apply the most up-to-date technological advances to reject as much of the sun’s energy as possible while still ensuring your vision looking in-to-out, and preventing glare and oppressive heat.

Safety and More from Window Film for Residential Properties

Safety window film in Sunland or nearby Tujunga or Sylmar can provide significant advantages to residents of the area by keeping home interiors cooler and therefore saving lot of money on electricity bills. Moreso, these residential window films can reject powerful sun rays to protect what’s inside for years to come. On top of it all the myriad of options like tint shade or decorative window film allow the opportunity to make your home look just that much better than the one down the street. Contact us today for more information about safety window film in Sunland or the surrounding region. Ask about how safety window film protects humans and pets inside in case of breakage.

Security Film

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Security Film

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Commercial Window Film in Newhall – Lasting Hub of Santa Clarita

“Overall, commercial window film modernizes a structure both in performance and perspective.”

Preservation being part of their soul, business owners here can understand the benefits of commercial window film in Newhall, a portal to the past in the Santa Clarita Valley. Long before supposed leaders in 1987 consolidated a handful of local communities – Valencia, Saugus and Canyon Country among them – Newhall was a place where businessmen and travelers stopped and got a taste of Los Angeles. Lyons Avenue today is a reminder of this community’s vibrant past. Travelers may be impressed with the historic connection, but today’s business owners aim to capitalize with modern amenities including window film to “wow” customers in “Old Town.”

Lyons Avenue: Once, and Forever, a Commercial Thoroughfare

At first glance from the 5 and 14 freeways (the Golden State and Antelope Valley respectively) Newhall may appear just a place to stop off and rest for a bit. But long before Santa Clarita became a major city Newhall was where oilmen, wannabe citrus growers and others congregated to dream of riches. They still kind of do, but they have a lot more competition. Lyons Avenue and nearby retail and commercial strips have thrived in this location – and remain a great reason why Newhall business property owners should invest in commercial window film. It’s not a place going anywhere down, unless the neighborhood lets it.

Commercial Window Film to Protect in Multiple Areas

Commercial window film on local Newhall area business properties means protecting customers and property on the inside, while making structures look better on the outside. Inside, customers and workers will be more cool and comfortable, meaning return business and more productive workers. Outside, potential property buyers will see a clean, modern-looking façade that can only add to the final sale price. Overall, commercial window film modernizes a structure both in performance and perspective. These quality window films perform well, rejecting more than 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. They also are perceived as modern and cutting-edge – perfect for property buyers from more recent generations.

Simple Precaution to Deter Crime

Broadly let’s ensure the business-related benefits are apparent with commercial window film in Newhall and nearby communities like San Fernando and Pacoima. A business property can deter criminal thoughts by knocking back views from the outside into your business. What they can’t see can’t attract them, so having some sort of vision-blocking element is at least a barrier to potential break-ins. People who’ve lived in Newhall long enough know how much people of the neighborhood like visitors. Well, unlike the long past the community is surrounded by millions of people, all mobile due to freeway access. It’s wise to take precautions.

In the End Window Film Saves a lot of Money

Newhall was the first permanent town of what is now known as Santa Clarita Valley, and old-timers won’t let it go. It still carries quite a name for itself with the oldest remaining oil refinery in the world and also a robust history with Hollywood and filming. Today its retail and commercial outlets continue to thrive, which means many compete for customers. Commercial window film gives businesses and edge over the others, to make a business property look better and also save the property owner thousands of dollars annually in electricity bills.

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Privacy Window Film in Maywood: Among the Smallest Cities in L.A.


“This small city in southeast Los Angeles County not only appreciates being left alone, its residents act on it.”

Broadly it’s one of the gutsiest cities in the state, so the connection between privacy window film and Maywood is not a stretch. Every decent neighborhood will have residents who say they love how quiet, or how safe, it is to live there. This small city in southeast Los Angeles County not only appreciates being left alone, its residents act on it. Security and privacy are imperatives for owners of Maywood homes and properties. They are cognizant of the government services – or lack thereof – they receive. They know which home improvement additions will get them the best bang for their buck.

Keep Home Interior Private Moments Private

What they call privacy window film for Maywood homes is just that: adding a film to your home window glass that boosts privacy which comes with an assortment of benefits overall. You can feel free to shower and towel off without anxiety over who may be looking through the clear glass bathroom window. Private moments inside the home don’t have to be publicly accessible. You don’t have to fear passing cars or pedestrians peering into unimproved windows to see items they might want to come back for. Overall, privacy window film for Maywood and nearby communities like Huntington Park or Bell performs just as the name suggests: it provides protected solitude, in spades.

Safety from Harmful Rays from Above

Other personal benefits to adding privacy window film to your Maywood, Calif. property can include additional personal security due to impaired sight lines into your home; safety inside in case of breakage; and protection from solar energy elements. The latter can be imperative for you, your family and visitors inside your home. We all love sunlight in Southern California. However too much of it can be hazardous to our health and property. The sun’s two dominant light spectrums, ultraviolet and infra-red, can damage and otherwise impact you and everything around you with prolonged exposure. People can tend to overlook the significance of sun spots inside a home.

Privacy Window Film as Preventative Measure

Broadly, adding privacy window film in Maywood or nearby locales like Commerce and Bell will protect you, your home visitors and things inside your property from being hurt. Ultraviolet rays are known to cause skin cancer in humans, an understandable oversight when property owners don’t realize how much an area of a home is bombed by sunlight. Infra-red rays are how the sun heats us and letting them in naturally warms your interior. Together they can cause mayhem – unless you take preventative measures like privacy window film. Call us today for more information about privacy window film in Maywood or any other Los Angeles-area locale.

City of Maywood at a Glance

  • Incorporated as a city: Sept. 2, 1924
  • Population: (est. 2016): 27,600
  • Size: 1.18 square miles
  • Major roadways: Atlantic Boulevard north-to-south; Slauson Avenue east-west.
  • Main freeway: Interstate 710 (Long Beach Freeway) accessible via Atlantic Boulevard.
  • Trivia: Most densely-populated in California
  • Trivia II: Highest proportion of Latinos, immigrants and undocumented immigrants in the country.
  • Trivia III: First municipality (in 2010) to outsource all city services in the state of California.
Privacy Film

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Bird Safety Window Film in Bluff Heights of Long Beach

“Owners might be amazed at how much cooler their home stays all the time with window film on Bluff Heights homes.”

The neighborhood’s name along suggests that bird safety window film in Bluff Heights could be a good idea. This seaside community in the southernmost part of Long Beach features many older homes with “architectural integrity” that owners wish to preserve, mostly in the Craftsman or California Mission styles. These homes look neat but often have large windows to enjoy the sunshine and views – but that are an open target for a misguided bird, or troublesome vandals. The neighborhood’s location atop the major bluff overlooking the “long beach” means many of our winged friends frequent the area.

Nitty-Gritty on Bird Safety Window Film for Bluff Heights Homes

What would bird safety window film in Bluff Heights accomplish? First, the window film provides protection for both the bird and people inside the home should a fast-moving or large bird accidentally crash into a window. Not everyone has experienced this but it does happen: birds do not see the glass and crash into the window. Second, a bird safety window film can be shade tinted or even frosted decoratively, which makes a home façade look cool but also makes the glass visible so birds might steer clear. Finally, the added film strengthens glass and holds pieces together upon breakage, preventing injuries inside.

Quality Window Films Protect from Overbearing Sunshine, Too

Bluff Heights homeowners not convinced that birds are a danger should know that all that sunlight dripping into the interior does indeed pose problems. Sun-driven ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and heating infra-red light (IR rays) dry out and damage items inside a home like hardwood floors, carpet, blinds, drapes and nearby furniture. Ultraviolet rays also are known to damage human skin. A modern, quality residential window film rejects more than 99 percent of UV rays and provides other benefits such as glare reduction, IR ray rejection and total solar energy rejected (TSER).

Long-Term Investment into Preservation

The Bluff Heights neighborhood is recognized as a historic district so major building changes fall under special codes to preserve the architecture. Actually, quality window films will do just that: protect the wood and support elements inside from too much drying due to sunlight exposure. A window tint film on a home is an investment toward protecting the structure and what’s inside. Since this is a seaside community there is potential not only for too much sunlight from above but also from the horizon as sun rays bounce off the ocean. Owners might be amazed at how much cooler their home stays all the time with window film on Bluff Heights homes.

Energy Savings Galore with Window Film in Bluff Heights

Then there is the savings on electricity bills each month by not running the air conditioning system as much thanks to the energy-rejecting quality of the film on one or more windows. Quality window films are known to reduce the heat invading your home through window glass by as much as 84 percent. Do the math and get an idea on how much you can save on electricity bills. The savings can reach into four figures on an annual basis. Plus your home looks cooler from the outside, and feels more comfortable on the inside.

Bluff Heights at a Glance

The Bluff Heights neighborhood of south Long Beach is directly north of Bluff Park, a beautiful grassy leisure area with excellent views of the ocean and nearby harbor. The neighborhood is sandwiched along the shore by Alamitos Beach in the west and Belmont Heights to the east. It stretches roughly from 4th Street toward the ocean to Broadway, and between Junipero and Redondo avenues.

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Frost Privacy Window Film for Hawaiian Gardens Homes

“These residential window films do not have to be shiny or otherwise detract from your home’s exterior impact.”

Its homeowners can be ever-vigilant for that little edge for their property – a reason why frost privacy window film in Hawaiian Gardens is like a best-kept secret. Homeowners eyeing re-sale time want the most value for their property. In neighborhoods with many same-style structures, differentiation is key. You can make your home stand out, especially from the ever-important curbside view, with a decorative frost window film on all the street-facing glass. Think about how much square footage visible from the street is unimproved, rather boring glass. Why not put it to work?

Functional as well as Decorative

Frosted window film is decorative, certainly, but it also is a functional option over the more-expensive etched glass. What is attractive for owners of homes in Hawaiian Gardens or nearby communities like Cypress, La Palma or Lakewood is the nearly unlimited number of window film designs to match home décor, or establish a totally new look. A frosted window film also does not impair visuals from inside to out as much as you’d think – so passersby on the street can’t see what’s inside your home providing an element of crime deterrence. Not that Hawaiian Gardens is unsafe. Don’t leave it up to chance, by bolstering your privacy.

Always Combating Ill Effects of too much Sunshine

Like other window films for Hawaiian Gardens property owners, frost privacy window film provides other benefits such as rejection of harmful sun rays, and a constant cooling effect on the interior that ultimately saves a lot of money on energy bills. Quality window films like those produced by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer, plus a good portion of the heating infra-red rays. Hawaiian Gardens gets plenty of sunlight during a majority of days in the year, and leaving all that solar energy unaddressed means running the air conditioning unit more often.

Frosted Window Film can Add Value to Properties

Aside from the savings, there is potential to add value to your home with a frost privacy window film in Hawaiian Gardens. Frosted film is available in many colors and shades, which can be applied to highlight a window or door area. Or simply go with a regular residential window film but in a decent tint shade like 50 percent charcoal, which still lets in half the light but without the solar energy with it. These residential window films do not have to be shiny or otherwise detract from your home’s exterior impact. Contrary, many top-quality window films come with strong glare reduction performance figures.

Options Galore for Residential Window Film Treatment

Contact us today to talk with one of our experienced technicians about which residential window film might be best for your Hawaiian Gardens property. The frosted window film option provides a lot of privacy inside, while also perhaps deterring crime in the process. Frosted window film comes in many thicknesses, so owners of homes on busy traffic areas are keen to add a bit of visual obstruction to view lines into rooms. You’re also protecting humans and personal items inside from potential damage from the sun’s rays, and go with a scratch-resistant coating to easily replace the film. You have many options for window film on Hawaiian Gardens homes and commercial properties.

Privacy Frost

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Residential Window Film for Agoura – the ‘Old Town’

“… not every resident can afford the monthly electricity bill needed to crank the A/C whenever the sun shines too brightly.”

Yet another heat wave is announced and you’re stuck in an Agoura home with no residential window film installed. You can pull all blinds and drapes and try to pray the vicious sunlight away. Plus maybe crank up the air conditioner and wait it out. Hopefully you have a back yard pool to dip into to cool off. Because it gets hot in old-town Agoura and nearby Agoura Hills and Oak Park. And not every resident can afford the monthly electricity bill needed to crank the A/C whenever the sun shines too brightly. There must be a better solution.

Discover the (Cool) World of Residential Window Tinting

This unincorporated community of Los Angeles County has a bit of history on its side, with an old stagecoach stop there in the 1920s, plus previous names like “Picture City” when Paramount Pictures owned a nearby ranch for filming outdoor scenes and Westerns. When the City of Agoura Hills incorporated land to the northwest, the “Old Agoura” neighborhood as it’s often called remained not in the city but part of the county. Regardless of changes over the years, one thing is certain: it can get brutally hot at this junction of the Ventura Freeway (101) and Kanan Road that leads over the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Even Modern Clear Window Films Block Dangerous Rays

Because there are decent views available in the area namely of mountain peaks or valleys, it is not most desirable to go with a full-on blackout window tint film. Those are good for home theaters or media rooms where the blackout film can make the rooms feel like a real theater with the only light coming from a screen. Modern residential window tinting films can be clear or nearly clear, yet still pack a protective punch from the significant power of the sun. Quality window films like those made by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which are known to cause skin cancer.

Residential Window Film Can Save Considerable Piles of Cash

On top of that these quality, modern window films also reject a good portion of the sun’s infra-red rays, which are essentially the sun’s light that produces heat. So the double-punch of stopping UV rays and IR rays keeps home interiors cooler and air conditioning units off, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in electricity bills each year. Beyond energy savings, these films come in a variety of tint shades and even decorative frosted films. Homeowners can spruce up the exterior appearance of their properties with residential window tinting, and gain other benefits while doing it.

Contact Us to Learn More About Residential Window Film for Agoura Properties

The same window films that block most UV light still can let in a majority of visible light to enlighten your Agoura home. Please contact us today for more detailed information! Like with most areas of Greater Los Angeles, Agoura residents enjoy hundreds of days of sunshine every year. Sunlight is great for tourists, but left unaddressed it can cause considerable problems for properties. Hardwood floors, artwork on walls, merchandise in retail outlets, UV light chips away at everything. Hardwood flooring especially those made of maple or oak is known to bleach and yellow with too much UV exposure.

UV Protection

Save your floors and furniture with UV blocking window film

Heat Reduction

Lower your monthly energy bills

Heat Reduction

Reduce the amount of heat the comes into your home

Reduce heat

Heighten the look of your windows