The Benefits of Bel Air Window Film

The Bel Air neighborhood occupies only a little more than six square miles of the greater Los Angeles region, yet it is one of the most famous spots in all of California. Bel Air is frequently seen in film and television and the famous people and gorgeous residences are known all around the globe. Every home in Bel Air is a valuable piece of property and deserves the best in terms of security and protection.

Protecting a Bel Air residence means installing high tech, reliable security alarms, ensuring that all doors close tightly and that all locks work properly, and that any other physical security features like walls and gates are in good repair. But that still leaves the matter of the windows, which are always the most vulnerable part of any property. It would be a shame to have to put security bars over the windows of a beautiful Bel Air home, thereby reducing the aesthetic appeal of the home and partially blocking the view out through the widows. Fortunately, bars are no longer necessary for window security.

With window film Bel Air homes can be protected against breaking and entering without the need for unsightly bars over the glass. Security window film adheres to all types of windows, even those with custom shapes, and reinforces the glass, preventing it from shattering into pieces even if it is struck by a rock, a hammer, or a larger, heavy object. Window film holds the broken glass together in one solid piece, preventing a thief from accessing a residence and protecting those within from injuries caused by shards of glass. A window treated with window film might have to be replaced after an attempted break-in, but the valuables within the home will remain safe and sound.

Another reason Bel Air window film is popular is for the privacy this tinted film offers. Window tint can fully block the view into a Bel Air residence during the daylight hours but without reducing the clarity of the view out through the window at all. That means respite from the onlookers who flock to Bel Air hoping to spot someone rich and famous and without the regard for their privacy.

Window tint also blocks most of the infrared and ultraviolet portions of the sunlight spectrum, keeping a Bel Air home cooler and better protected from sun damage, respectively. That means reduced cooling costs and less fading and bleaching to flooring and furnishings.

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