Bird Safety Window Film in Bluff Heights of Long Beach

“Owners might be amazed at how much cooler their home stays all the time with window film on Bluff Heights homes.”

The neighborhood’s name along suggests that bird safety window film in Bluff Heights could be a good idea. This seaside community in the southernmost part of Long Beach features many older homes with “architectural integrity” that owners wish to preserve, mostly in the Craftsman or California Mission styles. These homes look neat but often have large windows to enjoy the sunshine and views – but that are an open target for a misguided bird, or troublesome vandals. The neighborhood’s location atop the major bluff overlooking the “long beach” means many of our winged friends frequent the area.

Nitty-Gritty on Bird Safety Window Film for Bluff Heights Homes

What would bird safety window film in Bluff Heights accomplish? First, the window film provides protection for both the bird and people inside the home should a fast-moving or large bird accidentally crash into a window. Not everyone has experienced this but it does happen: birds do not see the glass and crash into the window. Second, a bird safety window film can be shade tinted or even frosted decoratively, which makes a home façade look cool but also makes the glass visible so birds might steer clear. Finally, the added film strengthens glass and holds pieces together upon breakage, preventing injuries inside.

Quality Window Films Protect from Overbearing Sunshine, Too

Bluff Heights homeowners not convinced that birds are a danger should know that all that sunlight dripping into the interior does indeed pose problems. Sun-driven ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and heating infra-red light (IR rays) dry out and damage items inside a home like hardwood floors, carpet, blinds, drapes and nearby furniture. Ultraviolet rays also are known to damage human skin. A modern, quality residential window film rejects more than 99 percent of UV rays and provides other benefits such as glare reduction, IR ray rejection and total solar energy rejected (TSER).

Long-Term Investment into Preservation

The Bluff Heights neighborhood is recognized as a historic district so major building changes fall under special codes to preserve the architecture. Actually, quality window films will do just that: protect the wood and support elements inside from too much drying due to sunlight exposure. A window tint film on a home is an investment toward protecting the structure and what’s inside. Since this is a seaside community there is potential not only for too much sunlight from above but also from the horizon as sun rays bounce off the ocean. Owners might be amazed at how much cooler their home stays all the time with window film on Bluff Heights homes.

Energy Savings Galore with Window Film in Bluff Heights

Then there is the savings on electricity bills each month by not running the air conditioning system as much thanks to the energy-rejecting quality of the film on one or more windows. Quality window films are known to reduce the heat invading your home through window glass by as much as 84 percent. Do the math and get an idea on how much you can save on electricity bills. The savings can reach into four figures on an annual basis. Plus your home looks cooler from the outside, and feels more comfortable on the inside.

Bluff Heights at a Glance

The Bluff Heights neighborhood of south Long Beach is directly north of Bluff Park, a beautiful grassy leisure area with excellent views of the ocean and nearby harbor. The neighborhood is sandwiched along the shore by Alamitos Beach in the west and Belmont Heights to the east. It stretches roughly from 4th Street toward the ocean to Broadway, and between Junipero and Redondo avenues.

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