Bird Safety Window Film in Cardiff, a Jewel in North San Diego


” … for homeowners it can mean a broken front window, a very expensive proposition.”

Not too many homeowners in other communities may think much of this; but bird safety window film in Cardiff by the Sea can be a hot commodity. This little enclave of North San Diego County hosts beautiful homes facing the Pacific Ocean and fine beaches as far as the eye can see. It also features a robust amount of animal life, including birds and seagulls. Cardiff property values can be high due to the proximity to the sea; so many homeowners go with very large windows to enjoy views. Hence the problem: birds that can’t see glass come crashing into windows. And there are a lot of birds in San Diego County.

Prevent Breakage and Replacement Costs with Bird Safety Window Film

Now, the situation is bad enough for bird lovers who worry about their flying friends. But for homeowners it can mean a broken front window, a very expensive proposition. It also can scare the heck out of you, if you’ve ever experienced seeing or hearing a bird in full flight crash into a window. Luckily there’s bird safety window film for residents of Cardiff or nearby communities like Leucadia. Sunsets at Cardiff Beach can be stunning, and that’s an understatement. The bluffs near Cardiff and nearby provide excellent viewing spots – and nesting places for birds of many varieties. And there are always plenty of pesky seagulls.

Boost Home Security with a Window Tint

Officially, Cardiff is part of the City of Encinitas, along the North San Diego coast between La Jolla and Carlsbad, and Oceanside. The neighborhood of about 12,000 residents is a surfer’s paradise. But like many beach communities it can attract transients, and other unwanted elements of society. Window tint film can benefit homes by not only protecting from bird-caused breakage, but also to deter crime. Deep-shaded tints or even decorative window films prevent passersby – and would-be thieves – from seeing inside your home. Unscrupulous individuals are less apt to re-visit a home at night if they don’t know what’s inside.

Bird Safety Window Tint in Cardiff as a Safety Measure

Whether birds or bad guys, with film on the glass, windows are less likely to collapse or otherwise hurt people when broken. Say a burglar hits your side window with a hard object. A window with film usually will remain in the frame, cracking and bending but not completely collapsing and leaving a gaping open hole. This slows the burglary effort down, buying time for a neighbor to hopefully hear it or scaring away the culprit entirely. Additionally, upon impact sharp shards of glass will not fly into the interior, preventing potential injury to people or pets.

Variety of Options for Window Tint – for Birds and Buyers

Bird safety window film in Cardiff and other North San Diego locales is available in a variety of colors and tint shades. Adding a tint or color helps the birds; they are more likely to see and avoid unclear glass. But also consider potential buyers of your home. A tinted window on a home can improve the look of the front façade. Likewise with a decorative window film, such as a frosted look, which would make the property stand out from others in the neighborhood. In home sales differentiation is a key sales element. Make your property stand out from the rest. And a final word: residential window tint can keep homes cooler, meaning significant long-term savings in electricity bills because you can leave the air conditioner off.

window tinting for birds

Bird safety film installed to help birds see the glass

window tinting for birds

Bird safety film has lines that are visible to birds

window tinting for birds

Help save birds by installing window film

window tinting for birds

Window film includes a lifetime residential warranty!

window tinting for birds

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