Bird Safety Window Film in Lake Manor near Chatsworth

“Sometimes very large birds, ones that can make nights noisy, and pose a threat to windows on your property.”

Quaint is one word that residents offered to describe the community, an indication that bird safety window film in Lake Manor in the west San Fernando Valley could catch on. There’s quite a bit of history in this nook of the Simi Hills – old flyers once advertised “cabin sites,” and plenty of evidence of the past remains. Regarding current structures there are threats in Lake Manor and nearby communities like Chatsworth and West Hills. Lots of rocks lie around, chipped off the huge sandstone boulders notable for the area. And there are birds. Sometimes very large birds, ones that can make nights noisy, and pose a threat to windows on your property.

When ‘Peacock’ Sighting Makes Community Headlines

A Lake Manor neighborhood website page local to Lake Manor recently featured a post letting everyone know where … a peacock was sighted. Peacocks and peahens are an import to the region, namely “over the hill” in the Santa Susana Knolls neighborhood of Simi Valley. These large, flightless fowl are noisy at night, perch on porches and leave large droppings. In short, they are an annoyance for many homeowners. But nuisance is one thing; forcing costly repairs something else entirely. If you have concerns about accidental window breakage in Lake Manor, look into bird safety window film or security window film for peace of mind.

Window Film as an Interior Safety Amenity

Residential bird safety window film in Lake Manor means having experienced technicians properly adhere a thin coat of film to the glass where you want it (not every owner chooses to tint every window). More on the qualities of the film later, but first, think about when a solid object hits and breaks glass. Without reinforcement the window would shatter and propel small sharp glass fragments all over the place, causing potential for injury. A window film on the same window would prevent the fragmenting and hold the window – albeit in damaged pieces – together and often to the frame.

Reinforce those Large Openings around Your Lake Manor Home

The aspect of reinforcing your home’s windows is too often overlooked. Windows are the weakest point in the overall protection scheme for a home. All that’s stopping the outside world from penetrating these large openings is thin glass. With film attached and a window not disappearing during impact, an obstacle remains for would-be intruders. Any deterrent to an illegal entry should be welcomed by homeowners. Add to that a film tint shade, or even ornamental window film like the frosted variety, and your windows help distort the vision of would-be culprits into your home. They may not be likely to attempt entry if they’re unsure about the prize inside.

Contact Us for Details about Window Film in Lake Manor

Finally, there’s bird protection in Lake Manor, and window film can help. First, as mentioned above, film-adhered windows do not shatter on impact. This protects the poor peacock or fast-flying bird that crashed into the glass in the first place. Secondly, if you add a tint shade or decorative window film, the window glass no longer is invisible to birds. Why do you think they fly into windows in the first place? They don’t know the glass is there! Shaded or decorative window film is a protective measure for residential properties in a number of ways. Please contact us today to learn more about window film in Lake Manor or any other Los Angeles area community.

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