Bird Safety Window Film in Santa Susana Knolls of Simi Valley

“It’s one reason why Susana Knolls homes are strong candidate for bird safety window film.”

Among any Los Angeles-area neighborhood, bird safety window film in Santa Susana Knolls could top the list in terms of need. Old-timers in this unincorporated rock-dotted corner of east Simi Valley dispute how it started, but peacocks and peahens have a history here. Their noises – a distinct preening sound usually at night – are a joy to some, nuisance to others. Where they can be problematic though is in their size. A peacock can cause real damage to a home property. With so many in the Knolls neighborhood the odds increase for a high-speed peacock to crash into cars, walls and, yes, windows.

Strong Candidates for Bird Safety Window Film

It’s one reason why Susana Knolls homes are strong candidate for bird safety window film. Peacocks and -hens and other species of birds are always a threat to windows, especially larger homes with big windows. The Knolls with its rolling terrain can feature properties with views, and big windows are commonly situated just for that reason. The larger the window, the bigger the potential for a big break. Bird safety window film can add a touch of charcoal tint shading, or a decorative element like frosting, to window glass to let birds see it and hopefully avoid. Such touches also boost privacy inside the home.

Boost Privacy and Security in Susana Knolls

Besides the disposition of local winged friends, bird safety window film can provide other benefits for Susana Knolls homes. The increased privacy is important from a security perspective, because the area is patrolled by county sheriff’s deputies, and not regularly. And Knolls residents like it that way. They are notoriously private, and wary of unknown visitors. Add something to your home windows to prevent would-be troublemakers from peering inside, and they might be less likely to attempt a break-in later. You can get added privacy and crime-deterrence at the same time.

Be Prepared for Mischief and the Unexpected

Understand that birds aren’t the only threat to windows in Susana Knolls. This is a territory dominate by large sandstone rock formations, which chip off plenty of smaller stones available for mischievous children to throw around. Huge ancient oak trees drop branches and large acorns, and strange wildlife can roam the shadowy hills. Having a window tint film on your Knolls home windows is an amenity that can impress visitors, and potential home buyers down the road. There’s not a lot of room for significant home improvement addition projects in the Knolls, so every little additional feature means that much more value-wise.

Safety Outside – and Inside – in Susana Knolls

Contact us and ask about bird safety window film, in Santa Susana Knolls or nearby communities like Chatsworth, Sinaloa Lake or Wood Ranch. These window films help protect our winged friends as much as they benefit property owners. A window film reinforces glass on windows, preventing breakage into small, sharp flying pieces that can hurt people and pets inside. This interior safety element can be important for many homeowners, and actually could maintain an obstacle should an intruder attempt entry. Window film-reinforced window glass tends to stay attached to the frame, in bigger albeit damaged pieces. The glass won’t just break away en masse and leave an unprotected opening to your home.

Santa Susana Knolls at a Glance

This neighborhood is not to be confused with what is known as Santa Susana, which is centered at Tapo Street and Los Angeles Avenue to the west. That community was rather absorbed into the City of Simi Valley upon incorporation in 1969. That same vote excluded the Knolls from city consideration – by choice of its residents. The Knolls as it’s commonly known is located at the southern end of Kuehner Drive, along Katherine Street where Santa Susana Pass Road bends toward Chatsworth and Los Angeles.

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