Bird Safety Window Film in Victor Heights, near Chinatown

“A window film reinforces glass on windows, preventing it from breaking into a lot of small, sharp flying pieces upon breakage.”

Of all the Los Angeles neighborhoods and sub-districts, bird safety window film in Victor Heights may be most attractive. This is, after all, a neighborhood made famous for its peafowl by a 2009 Los Angeles Times article. Like other neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles area, notably the Susana Knolls community in east Simi Valley, peacocks and -hens are commonplace in Victor Heights, which is west of Chinatown outside of downtown. Besides their noisiness – they are known for peculiar preening sounds at night – peacocks and hens pose danger for home windows. It’s a reason why Victor Heights is a prime candidate for bird safety window film.

Birds ‘Part of the Neighborhood’

“They’re part of the neighborhood,” a Victor Heights neighbor told the Times. “They’re nice to have around, and they’re not hurting anybody.” Well, peacocks and hens, and other types of birds are always a threat to windows, especially larger homes with bigger windows and lots of them. Ask your window tint installation company about bird safety window film, which helps protect our winged friends as much as it benefits home owners. A window film reinforces glass on windows, preventing them from breaking into a lot of small, sharp flying pieces upon breakage. It’s an interior safety element many homeowners do not consider.

Window Film as a Crime-Deterrent Home Improvement Project

Besides protecting those inside the home, bird safety window film in Victor Heights or nearby communities like Chinatown and Echo Park deters those outside from getting in. Because the film tends to hold broken glass pieces to the window frame, upon impact with a solid object the glass does not just break away leaving a gaping hole. By holding the broken window pieces in place, albeit in a very cracked mode, it remains an obstacle for someone trying to enter. Add a darker tint shade or even frosted decorative window film and they might not make the attempt in the first place. Culprits are less apt to try to enter properties when they don’t know what’s inside.

‘Forgotten’ by Some, Not by All

Victor Heights long ago got the nickname “Forgotten Edge,” because police couldn’t locate the district after calls to report crimes. That’s not always true for no-gooders out looking to take your property. Why even give them that itch? Bird safety window film, or tint-shaded or decorative window film, blocks views from the outside into your home. If you have valuables like clocks or art, you can’t remember to keep the blinds or shades drawn all the time. Plus, window film provides extra protection from the sun’s rays, which help not only you but the property items inside. The sun’s rays, particularly ultraviolet rays (UV rays) dry out and seriously damage things like carpets over time.

Preventative Measure for Bird-Related Window Breaks

Victor Heights is a neat Los Angeles neighborhood with often stunning views into downtown L.A. The height noted in its name, though, make homes there target for accidental bird crashing into windows. Anyone who’s witnessed or heard a flying bird colliding with a home window knows how frightening it can be. Besides the sound, if a bird is large enough or carries enough velocity, the glass could break – causing a costly mess that also could cause injuries if preventative measures are not there. Bird safety window film is a good option for homes prone to large flocks of birds in the area.

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