Blackout Window Film in Hidden Hills, a Gated Beauty

“Blackout window tint coats the glass on your residence and ensures no one can see into your home from the outside.”

Residential blackout window film in Hidden Hills, nestled next to the City of Calabasas and the Santa Monica Mountains, makes more sense than most Southern California neighborhoods. First, the gated city is home to many actors, celebrities and professional athletes. Certainly they appreciate the privacy that blackout window film provides. Secondly, these homes are large and well-situated, so they aren’t cheap. Those who own them are cognizant of how the cost to maintain all that square footage can add up steeply. Blackout window film rejects solar energy and heat and saves a lot of money in air conditioning costs.

Finally, there’s the times for yourself that make you feel better. Residential blackout window film can help in theater/media rooms; or on bedroom windows to improve sleep. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of blackout window film in Hidden Hills – one of the most affluent communities in all of Los Angeles County.

Total Privacy with the Blackout Window Tint in Hidden Hills

Blackout window tint coats the glass on your residence and ensures no one can see into your home from the outside. It ensures the total privacy that Hidden Hills residents demand – beyond the locked gates up front. If not on bedroom windows, consider blackout window film for bathroom windows, or even the lower half of casement windows.

Perfect that Home Theater or Media Room

It’s difficult to create a good theater or media room in homes. Often they have too many windows, or big windows, or just aren’t situated correctly. If you have a theater or media room in Hidden Hills, take sunlight out of the equation with blackout window film. You can get that truly cinematic experience – the only light being that on the screen.

Blackout Window Tints Save Money

Big homes like those in Hidden Hills usually have big windows, and often lots of them. All together these glass openings let in a ton of the sun’s harmful rays and solar energy. Blackout window film rejects the solar energy and rays and keeps interiors cooler, meaning you can leave the air conditioning off more often. The bigger the square footage, the more the savings. This can actually become an attraction point come re-sale time. Who doesn’t want to save a lot of money?

Doze Better with Blackout Window Film

Those who work nights or different hours will appreciate blackout window tint film. Certain rooms can be targeted and become a true haven for a good night’s (or day’s) sleep. Make your bedroom or den a darkened sanctuary. Give your eyes and body a true restful siesta. This can be especially true of windows facing east or west, which get bombarded by sunlight at sunrise and sunset.

Re-Sale Value of an Investment into Blackout Window Film

Finally, consider the re-sale value for Hidden Valley homes. While many have been upgraded or beautified, what truly makes yours stand out? Differentiation is a big deal in real estate sales, as you complete with homes of similar size with comparable features. Make yours stand out with the energy savings factor, a blacked-out theater or rooms where buyers can sleep in peace as long as they want.

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View of the Garage from the outside with Blackout Film

Blackout Film

Blackout Film was applied to the garage door windows

Blackout Film

Get total privacy with Blackout Film

Blackout Film

Blackout Film can make your home stand out a little more