Brentwood Home Window Tint Ideas

There is a common misconception that window tint is only suitable for use on the windows of automobiles or office buildings. In fact, your home can benefit from window film in myriad ways, especially when that home is in a Los Angeles neighborhood like Brentwood. Window film will improve your Brentwood home in myriad ways based on the unique factors that shape this affluent, desirable community, including the Southern California climate, the demographics of surrounding neighborhoods, and the general cost of living in this part of Los Angeles.

In Brentwood, home window tint can keep your residence cooler even on the hottest, sunniest days of the long Los Angeles summer. Solar window film allows in plenty of welcome visible sunlight but rejects much of the warm, invisible infrared light, therefore keeping your home cooler and more comfortable. That means less need for air conditioning system usage, and in most Brentwood homes, climate control costs account for around fifty percent of the overall electric bill. (Window film adds insulation to the windows that will also help keep your home warmer when you are using the furnace in the winter.)

Window tinting can also make your home more private and secure by blocking the view into the property and by physically reinforcing the windows against shattering. This keeps you safer during an attempted break-in and during a storm, earthquake, or other dramatic event. Improved security is a major consideration in the minds of many Brentwood homeowners who choose to install window film in their property.

However window tinting a home can also be done for enhanced aesthetics. The more windows your home has, the more window film can improve the appearance of the residence. Just like a new coat of paint brings new charm to a property, so too will window tint reinvigorate the home’s looks. You can choose from various shades of window tinting that add a touch of color or depth to the property or you can opt for a modern reflective window film that adds a sleek metallic look. There are also frosted and patterned window films that can approximate the look of expensive custom glass work at a fraction of the price of actually changing out windows.

Window film, in short, can improve both the function and the appearance of your home’s windows. Window tinting is an affordable and low-impact way to update and enhance your Brentwood residence.

Privacy Frost

Get total Privacy day and night with Privacy frost. You can even add the Frost half way up you windows

Privacy Frost

Privacy Frost window film can add privacy to those windows that have private views

UV Protection

Film was applied to the windows to stop UV Rays

UV Protection

UV protection for your floors and furniture