Burbank, CA – Commercial & Home Window Tinting

Home window tinting in Burbank, California and commercial window tinting in Burbank are common calls for us at Window Tint LA. We provide top quality window films from Huper Optik that block up to 98% infrared heat and 99.9% ultra violet ray rejection.

Burbank Home Window Tinting

Huper Optik Ceramic window film applied to this Burbank California home by Window Tint LA

Burbank homeowners shopping for window film is are often in search of window film for privacy, heat rejection, or to protect wood floors and furniture from fading. Ultra Violet rays are the largest contributor to the fading of floors, furniture, and even window covering.

Burbank Home Window Tinting

Home Window Tinting in Burbank, California by Window Tint LA

The window films we offer include a lifetime residential warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty which means these films are meant to last and perform. Traditional dyed films can turn purple in as quickly as just a few months. Huper Optik’s ceramic films are 100% dye free and metal free. There are no dye’s to fade or change colors. There are no corrosive metals either. Huper Optik’s ceramics are truly revolutionary and are the only dye free and metal free films on the market.

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