Chatsworth, CA Window Tinting – Home and Business

Window tinting in Chatsworth, CA for a home or business is one of the most affordable ways to improve the property. Home window tinting improves your property in ways ranging from heightened security to more privacy to smaller power bills. Commercial Window tint installation will usually pay for itself in a couple years or so thanks to your lower energy bills, and our high quality window films are designed to last for twenty-five years or more.

Chatsworth Home Window Tinting & Commercial Window Tinting

High quality solar rejecting window tints block a large portion of the sunlight’s hot infrared rays, keeping interiors cooler and comfortable and lowering a facility’s need to use its HVAC systems. As HVAC costs are usually the largest portion of an electric bill, window film can reduce overall operation costs dramatically, especially during the hot and sunny days of summer in Southern California.

Chatsworth Commercial Window Film – Commercial locations, government facilities, and schools can all benefit from window tint.

Window film is a superlative security enhancement for a property: it renders windows highly resistant to shattering. Just as a car’s windshield does not split into multiple pieces in an accident, a window treated with security window film can stand up to a thief’s hammer or a vandal’s brick or to flying debris during a weather or disaster event.

Privacy window film is a must for schools, medical or legal practices, fitness or health centers, and any other commercial, government, or educational institution where the facility’s occupants need protection against unwanted eyes. We stock reflective films that create a mirror effect for those outside or dark tints that cannot be seen through from without; both of these privacy window tints maintain a crystal clear view out though the windows.

Protect and your home and lower your energy bills with window film.

Window tint treatments will markedly lower your Chatsworth home’s power bills by rejecting hot solar rays that are invisible to the naked eye but can easily be felt as interior temperatures rise. Our heat rejection solar films block most of the infrared light responsible for heating up your home, therefore reducing your need for AC or fans to cool it down again. That means lower electric bills and major savings over time.

Chatsworth Residential Window Film – Home Window Tinting in Chatsworth to reduce heat, protect furniture and floors from sun damage, and increase privacy.

Window tint also blocks the ultraviolet light that is a cause of faded floors and bleached or discolored upholstery and decor. Especially if your home has hardwood floors or carpeting, you need to protect your flooring from damage by installing window film. Trying moving a piece of furniture or carpet that has sat in one place for a period of time and you’ll see how the floor underneath is a different color than flooring exposed to the damaging effects of UV light.

Privacy and security window films are must-haves for the responsible homeowner who wants to keep family, home, and valuable safe against theft or damage. Privacy window film, either in the form of frosted window film that allows in light but blocks the view, or one way reflective window tint, that can be seen through only from inside, are both fine choices. Your privacy window film can improve the curb appeal of your home, acting as a decorative element, even as it prevents people from seeing in. Residential security window film is the best way to turn your home’s greatest vulnerability, glass windows, into nearly impenetrable, shatterproof panes that will stand up to criminal activity, damage during a storm, or debris caused by an accident.