Culver City Window Film

More and more property owners in Culver City, California are turning to Window Tint LA our professionally installed window film to help guard against the impact of excess sunlight and ultraviolet light.

Using wide expanses of glass adds depth and an element of space to your home or commercial space, but the harsh sun in Southern California cannot be stopped from getting the best of you. Heat passes rapidly through plain glass, contributing to 50 percent of the utility bills due to heat gained and heat lost.

We apply the window film on the inside of your window pane. The film is compatible with both single and double-pane glass of all shapes and glasses. As you are well aware, these two types of glasses are the ones that are common in homes and commercial establishments. The ability of adding the window tint to existing panes makes the process far more cost effective than buying smoked or etched glass.

The Use of Decorative Window Film in Homes and Offices

Your home or office in Culver City will be transformed with the use of decorative window tints. These tints give you several advantages:

• This tint enhances the look and feel of your living and working space. This is because you can easily add depth to your arrangement as compared to using plain glass.
• Various areas of your property can benefit from these decorative tints. We can personalize an outdoor patio, solar room, observatory, or a sunroom to your liking.
• We can also apply the films to the interior of your home or office. We can use them on panes separating rooms and for panes used on entry doors and closets in your home.

For commercial applications, often apply frost to separate offices and work areas such as separating the receptionist’s area from the customers.

• You can print logos, graphics and create unique designs on the tinted window. This transforms a plain windowpane into a work of art.
• Our films give you a viable alternative to window blinds, which require regular cleaning, replacement and maintenance.
• The ability to add the window tint to existing glass saves you cash as compared to total glass replacement.

As you can see, a decorative commercial or residential window tint serves functions beyond the beauty. This makes it suitable for both commercial and home window tinting applications in Southern California.

Home Window Tinting – Culver City, CA

There are various reasons you might want a residential window tint. These include:

• Privacy. The film allows you to see the outside clearly but doesn’t allow someone to see the inside of your house. This protects you from prying eyes.
• Protection. This comes in two forms. First, the residential window tint protects you from harmful rays of the sun. Secondly, it prevents glass from injuring you if the windowpane breaks.

These might be the reasons you decide to install window pane in your home. However, the tint comes with several other benefits that add value to your home, and your life. These include:

• Window tints are environmentally friendly.
• They save energy, which in turn reduces your monthly energy bill.
• Tints protect your furnishings and valuable art from fading.
• Tints help reduce glare and hot spots.
• The tint finish is a scratch-free surface that allows for easy maintenance using the normal window cleaning products.
• You get to make maximum use of outdoor views resulting from installation of modern, spacious windows.
• Home window tinting adds to the value of your property. This comes up when the time comes to resale it.

Therefore, these tints transform your home into a place that is comfortable and relaxing.

Commercial Window Tint – Culver City, CA

We apply this on window pane for entrances, compartments, windows and other window pane in the business environment. Working in the full glare of sunlight is not a pleasant experience. Additionally, prolonged exposure of your staff to ultraviolet rays might cause skin problems, which might result into expensive lawsuits for your business.

One benefit of commercial window tint is the privacy it provides. Tinting the reception areas can separate your staff from the customer space, which can be vital for business operations. We can also add anti-graffiti and safety / security films to high traffic areas in your business to protect your windows and glass from scratches and vandalism.

We are a residential and commercial window film installation company with a reputation to offer not only the highest quality. We are aware of the local regulations on tinting in Culver City and the wider California. We offer completely free consultations where we offer guidance and expertise in selecting the perfect tint for your windows.

• Reduce the interior heat up to 70 percent.
• Give you 80 percent protection.
• Reduce infrared rays by up to 92 percent.
• Reduce ultra violet rays by up to 99 percent.

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