El Segundo Window Tinting for Homes & Buildings

We are proud to offer both residents of El Segundo home window tint and to work with commercial window tint clients of all types and sizes located anywhere in El Segundo or the surrounding neighborhoods of Greater Los Angeles. Whether you want residential window tint for privacy or window tint for your office that will help reduce heat and cut down on your energy costs, we are the ones to call.

Our company is happy to offer no cost, no obligation consultations and estimates, so call us up to schedule a home window tint meting at your El Segundo residence or a commercial window tint consultation at your place of business. We install window film for offices, schools, government facilities, and more. Every job we take on is customized to the specific needs and preferences of the client, with considerations like privacy, security, and aesthetics all weighed heavily.

While window tinting and window film offers myriad benefits, the primary reasons we hear from El Segundo window tint clients are:

Privacy Window Tint

We install one way privacy window tint that lets you see out through your windows but blocks the view in as well as frosted window films that let soft natural light pass through your windows but render them impossible to see through. It’s wise to consider privacy window tint for homes or businesses that are situated on or near busy streets or where the people or property inside need to be kept protected. Whether you have a young family at home or you manage an office where your staff wants to feel safe and secure at work, privacy window film means relief from unwanted eyes peering in.

Solar Reduction Window Tint

Solar rejection window tint can keep your El Segundo home or commercial property much cooler by blocking out the warming infrared rays that heat up interior spaces when passing unchecked through glass windows. Window tint reduces your electric bills by reducing your need to rely on air conditioning and fans to maintain interior climate control. We also offer UV window film (window tint that blocks ultraviolet light) that can protect your property’s interior against sun damage. UV light can fade and/or discolor hardwood floors and carpeting, it can bleach upholstery and artwork, and it can even damage your skin. Our UV window tint can block as much as 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Security Window Film

Keeping your El Segundo property feeling more secure with privacy window tint is a good first step, but for truly enhanced safety, we recommend security window film that actually makes your windows stronger and more resilient in the face of a break-in attempt or an accident or weather event. Security window film adds an almost invisible but incredibly strong layer to glass windows that prevents them from shattering into pieces when cracked. We stock security window films that also offer the benefits of privacy window tint, so whether you’re considering home window tinting or commercial window tint, if you’re located in or around El Segundo, please consider calling our office today.