Encino Home & Commercial Window Tinting

If you operate a business or own a home in Encino, window tint is a great way to cut down on your property’s energy costs and to enhance your privacy and security, too. We offer both commercial window tint and home window tint to clients all around Encino and in greater Los Angeles County beyond. Whether you are interested in window tint for privacy or want to beat the heat of the hot summer in Encino window tinting is a low cost solution that offers an excellent return on the investment in reduced electric bills and damage or theft prevention.

Our one way privacy window tint can make it impossible for people to see in through the windows of your home or place of business while still maintaining a crystal-clear view out through the windows. We also stock window tint that will cut down on the bright glare of the sunshine inside while still letting people see in, perfect for retail locations that want to show off their merchandise.

In Encino, commercial window tint clients are often interested in security window film that can not only keep their property more private for employees and visitors during operating hours, but which can also prevent burglary or vandalism during off hours: security window film can prevent break-ins by preventing glass windows from shattering into multiple pieces when when struck repeatedly by a heavy object. Safety window film also means much less jagged glass lying about that could injure someone within. Commercial window tint for offices also plays a more basic role of simple making the interior of your place of business more pleasant each and every day. By reducing the glare and heat of the sunlight but still allowing in plenty of natural light, window tint makes the workplace more pleasing and productive.

Our home window tinting clients are usually interested in window film that can provide multiple benefits, such as added privacy and UV blocking, for example. Window tint can both block the view into your home and prevent harmful ultraviolet light at the same time, and all without compromising your view out into the streets and neighborhoods of Encino. Window tint will keep your home cooler and more comfortable the very first day it is installed.

And if you are interested in reducing both your carbon footprint and your electric bill, window film is the ideal solution. By blocking a large portion of the hot sunlight (infrared beams are invisible to the naked eye but are responsible for most of the sun’s warming effects) that warms your property’s interior, you preclude the need for running the A/C. HVAC expenses are one of the leading electrical expenses for both homes and businesses in Encino, so window tint will do wonders for your bottom line expenses.

We are glad to provide a thorough estimate of the savings your Encino property stands to gain once you install high quality window tint. When it comes to commercial window film clients, we will even conduct a review of your facility, studying the type and volume of windows present, the sun’s positioning, and multiple other factors that help us create an accurate energy model of your business. When you see the potential savings, you’ll realize that window tint pays for itself in less time than you might expect.