Glendale Window Tinting for Homes, Office, & Commercial

Window Tint LA is the leading provider of window tint and specialty window film treatments for residential and commercial properties in Glendale, CA. Window Tint LA offers one of Southern California’s most experienced and professional window film installation teams, and all of the the window tint we stock is of top quality. Window tint offers your Glendale property a host of benefits including lowered cooling costs, enhanced security, and greater privacy. From a retail shop at the Americana at Brand to a San Fernando Road auto body facility to a Rossmoyne residence, there is no Glendale property that can’t benefit from window tint.

Please feel free to speak with one of our representatives or to use the contact form on our website to schedule an appointment at your Glendale business or home. Our estimates are always free of cost, and we are always happy to demonstrate how window tint and/or window film could be a great benefit to your property.

Window tint offers many benefits to homes and buildings in the city of Glendale; a few of the notable qualities are:

Reduced HVAC (Heating and Cooling) Costs

Solar window tint will block most of the invisible infrared rays of sunshine that heat up a property’s interior. When sunlight comes through glass windows not coated with energy efficiency window tint, it elevates the interior temperature of the property, leading to use of fans or air conditioning and running up the electric bill. Cooling costs costs are one of the biggest monthly expense of many Glendale properties, so reducing the need for AC by reducing solar heat with window tint will mean smaller power bills and more savings each month. Window film also adds insulation to your windows, helping to maintain steady interior temperatures when you are cooling down or warming up the home or commercial location.

Enhanced Security Against Theft, Damage

You can make your Glendale residence or business safer with security window film: this specialty window film makes glass windows virtually “shatter proof.” Even when struck with a hammer, brick, or by flying debris, a glass window coated with safety film will not break into pieces, and will only crack into a web-shaped pattern. That means a thief cannot get in, and it means reduced chance of injury for anyone inside who is near the broken window. Safety window film pays for itself the first time it keeps a Glendale home or business and those within the property safe.

Enhanced Privacy with Window Tint

Window tint can dramatically increase the privacy of your property in many ways. A property owner (or manager) can choose from frost/etched window films, which allow in sunlight but block the view by rendering windows gently opaque. These films can barely be detected from a distance and maintain the look you love about your Glendale property. Frost window film is a great choice for street-level offices or restrooms, or for interior windows of a conference room or medical exam room that should guarantee the privacy of occupants. We also offer one-way privacy window tint, which allows a clear and unobstructed view out through your windows but that can stop the view into your home or business from outside. One way privacy window tint comes in finishes ranging from the reflective and metallic to a simpler, subtly darkened finish that’s undetectable until anyone tries to look in through your windows.