Granada Hills Window Tinting for Homes & Businesses

If you are looking for commercial window tinting or residential window tint, Granada Hills has only one provider that can ensure top quality window film installed by the most skilled and experienced team in greater Los Angeles, and that’s the team from Window Tint LA. We work with Granada Hills clients of all types, from privacy window tint for offices or retail locations to residential window film that will block out solar heat and glare.

Granada Hills Commercial Window Tint

Window tint offers your business, school, or nonprofit myriad benefits at minimal cost. Our solar heat reduction window tint can reduce as much as 70% or more of the warming infrared sunlight that heats up your property’s interior, causing the need for expensive use of HVAC systems to maintain the temperature. This type of commercial window tint also blocks out a huge majority of the unwanted UV light that can fade flooring, furniture, merchandise, and documents. We stock window tint that still offers excellent VLT (visible light transfer) despite its infrared and ultraviolet blocking ability, so your interior will remain pleasantly well lit.

Beyond reduced energy bills thanks to lower cooling costs, the primary two reasons commercial clients in Granada Hills choose window film for businesses are privacy and security. We offer both one way privacy window tint and frosted window films that can block the view into a property in one or both directions while still permitting natural light to brighten the interior. And our safety window film makes glass practically impervious to shattering in the event of a break-in or natural disaster. Protect your Granada Hills business with security window film and keep it feeling safe and sound with window tint for privacy.

Granada Hills Residential Window Tint

There are many reasons why home window tint is a great idea, but just to focus on a few, first consider the energy savings you stand to enjoy once your Granada Hills home has windows treated with window film. Home window tinting can block out most of the warming infrared sunlight that makes your residence uncomfortably hot, meaning you will save on your electric bill by using the A/C less. You’ll enjoy an overall more comfortable interior thanks also to the reduced glare and the dramatic reduction of harmful ultraviolet light that can fade flooring and furniture.

If you are interested in safety window film for your home, then you are considering a wise investment. Security window film can help protect your family and your property from burglars and can help keep the home safe during a weather event or natural disaster. These extra strong window films prevent glass from breaking apart under even extreme circumstances, keeping the house safe from entry and people safe from being injured by broken glass.

Granada Hills Decorative Window Film

We offer our customers in Granada Hills window tint with finishes ranging from the sleek and metallic to soft frosted to dark, subtle colors, so there is surely an “architectural” (AKA decorative) window tint that’s just right for enhancing the appearance of your home or place of business. Please call us today to schedule an in-person, no-obligation consultation appointment.