Hermosa Beach

Window Tint LA is one of the leading installers of commercial and residential window tint in Hermosa Beach thanks to our superlative customer service, our wide large of high quality of window tint options, and our always excellent pricing.

Window tint offers Hermosa Beach residents and businesses dramatically reduced HVAC costs, better security against damage from criminal activity or accidents, added privacy, and much needed protection against the fading and discoloration caused by exposure to UV sunlight. We customize each and every Hermosa Beach window tint job to serve the specific needs of you, our valued client; please call us to plan a no-obligation appointment at your Hermosa Beach property. During the consultation, you and your Window Tint LA representative will discuss:

Hermosa Beach Commercial Window Tint

Reduced Cooling Costs – solar rejecting window tints stop much of the infrared light that warms up interiors from passing through windows, blocking this hot, unwanted aspect of the sunlight spectrum and keeping offices, retail shops, and any other commercial property cooler, more comfortable, and less expensive thanks to lowered power bills. Office complexes, restaurants or shops with large windows, and most every other commercial location can save on their electrical bills by keeping the property cooler to begin with.

Privacy and Security – window tint can totally block the view into your Hermosa Beach property by converting windows into one-way viewing surfaces. Or by using frost window film, we can render the glass so that it can’t be seen through at all but still allows in an abundance of natural light. Safety window film also adds strength to glass windows (or doors) and protects against from shattering in an attempted break-in or during an accident storm.

Architectural Window Film – window tint can remarkably improve the aesthetics of any property; the more windows in your Hermosa Beach property the better the facility will look. Etched, colored, or mirrored window films offer the same great looks to your windows as a fresh coat of paint offers to your walls.

Hermosa Beach Residential Window Tint

Lowered Energy Bills – keeping a Southern California home cool and comfortable is a huge monthly expense, especially if the residence is one of Hermosa Beach’s many larger homes. Window tint reduces the amount of invisible but hot infrared light passing through a property’s windows, and thereby lessens the need for the A/C or fans. That means less power consumption and smaller electric bills. And don’t worry about the view: our heat rejecting home window tint won’t damage the view through your home’s windows at all.

Residential Privacy Window Tint – privacy window tinting creates a one-way mirror effect for your residence’s windows, maintaining a crystal clear view out into the neighborhood but restricting sight into your home. You and your family will be more comfortable in your home when no one can see into your home.

Residential Safety Window Film – installing security window film in a Hermosa Beach residence creates about the same level of security as putting iron bars right across the windows, except that our security window films are undetectable to the eye. Safety window film stops glass windowpanes from shattering during a burglary attempt, preventing the thief from entering your home to steal property within or to threaten your family.