Malibu Window Tint Film for Homes & Businesses

We provide commercial window tinting and home window tinting installation in Malibu, CA and surrounding cities.

We are proud to provide Malibu window tint installation that will quickly and affordably improve a home or business in more ways than most people have imagined. From enhanced energy efficiency to greater privacy to a property that’s more secure, high quality window film is a great investment for Malibu, California homeowners and businesses.

Home Window Tint for Privacy in Malibu, California

Window Tint LA serves clients all across the greater Los Angeles region, with the renowned beachfront city of Malibu representing an area of major customer concentration. That’s as true because of the cooling costs associated with sunny summers as it is due to the discretion of Malibu residents, who want to make sure their homes are private and secure places for their families to live.

Window Tint Film for Skylights in Malibu, CA

Lower Power Bills and Reduce Energy Use in your Home and Business

The average outdoor temperature in Malibu, CA remains remarkably mild and pleasant all year around thanks to the breeze blowing in off the Pacific Ocean, but the steady Southern California sunshine can warm up the interior of your home so much that you’ll switch on the fans and A/C to keep cool. By reducing the amount of warming sunshine (but not the pleasant visible light you love about Malibu), your home will be kept cooler. That means it will be less expensive to maintain a comfortable interior climate, and it means a reduced carbon footprint, too.

Increase Privacy and Security with Window Film

People move to Malibu to enjoy the beauty of the region, but also to be away from the view of prying eyes. This is a safe, close-knit community where privacy matters. But you can’t be truly safe and sound in your home if someone can see right into it through your windows. Rather then drawing the drapes and dropping the blinds, consider window tint for your Malibu residence.

Security Window Film for Malibu Homes

We install top quality window films that can completely block the view into your residence while still allowing for a crystal clear view of the outside world. We also offer security enhancing window films that can make your windows almost impervious to shattering, whether in the event of a break-in attempt, severe weather, or an accident or disaster.

Make Your Malibu Home Cooler and More Energy Efficient with Window Tint Film

Beyond making your Malibu home or business more energy efficient, private, and secure, window tint can also block 99% of the harmful UV rays that fade flooring and furniture and can even cause skin damage with prolonged exposure. Window film can also improve the aesthetics of any property, adding design elements and color that will refresh and enhance the look of your home or business. Make your interior spaces cooler, glare-free, and better protected all with one call to Window Tint LA.

Energy Efficient Window Film for Homes