Energy Efficient Window Film Malibu, California

According to the United States Department of Energy, heating and cooling costs account for nearly fifty percent of the total annual electric bill for most American homes, and this is as true in Malibu, CA as anywhere else in the country.

In fact, the unique climate of Malibu presents unique challenges when it comes to mitigating your home’s energy costs. While this lovely seaside town sees many bright, hot sunny days during the summer, it also sees its share of cooler, overcast days in all seasons. That means your home will need both decent air conditioning systems as well as reliable heating, and it means that a Malibu residence’s windows are the likely source of the biggest HVAC expenses.


Most windows allow in hot solar heat and allow the loss of desired interior temperatures achieved through use of HVAC systems. When the sun is shining on your Malibu home, it’s the windows you have to blame when it gets too hot inside. Likewise, when it is colder out, it’s the fault of those glass windows for letting interior warmth dissipate.

Energy Efficient Window Tinting for Homes

Energy Efficient Window Tinting for Homes

High quality window film can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your Malibu home by solving two problems at once. First, window film reduces solar warming by blocking much of the sunlight spectrum. Second, window film adds insulation to your windows, helping keep your Malibu home cooler when it’s hot out and the fans and A/C are running inside and warmer when it’s cold out and you have turned on the heat.

Energy Efficient Window Film

Energy Efficient Window Film in Malibu, California

In Malibu window tint is a must have: while the average high temperature in the middle of the summer is only in the mid 70s, the region sees more than 280 days of sunshine. The sun’s rays can dramatically heat up an interior space even when the ambient exterior temperature is mild. Window film blocks much of the sun’s invisible but warming infrared light, keeping your Malibu residence cool and comfortable even after hours of sunshine. Solar window tint need not reduce the quality of your view out over the Pacific Ocean or the gorgeous hills and canyons of Malibu, though; in fact, from the inside of your home, most window tints are almost entirely optically clear. All you will see are smaller electric bills as the need for A/C and fans is reduced.

Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Energy Efficient Window Tinting in Malibu, California

Adding window film to Malibu residential windows also means added insulation. In fact, many modern window tints add as much insulation as a second pane of glass would provide, and at a dramatically lower cost than replacing your home’s windows with double paned glass. The air your furnace or other heating systems heat up will stay warmer for longer once your windows are coated with film, so you will need to use less heat to stay warm and cozy during the many cooler months Malibu sees each year.

Energy Efficient Home Window Film

Energy Efficient Home Window Film