Window Tint for Privacy Malibu California


The famed seaside town of Malibu is home to some of the loveliest homes in California. There are many reasons people choose to reside in Malibu, CA, and these include the unmatched ocean views and fresh ocean air, but another reason is due to the town’s relatively remote character and the opportunity its homes offer for private living.

However, your Malibu home is not truly a private sanctuary for your family and visitors until you have had the windows treated with privacy window tint. Malibu homebuilders and homeowners frequently contact Window Tint LA asking about privacy window film because they want a home that can’t be seen into, but they often have concerns about losing their view out. We’re proud to say that when it comes to window tint, you can have both privacy and a view.

privacy window film

Privacy Window Film

We offer our Malibu window tint customers two types of privacy window film: one way privacy window tint, which blocks the view in during the day and can be seen through from inside with ease, and frost window film, an option that renders glass windows totally opaque.

The first option for your Malibu home is a window tint that effectively turns glass windows into one-way privacy panes during the sunny hours of the day. This type of window film completely blocks the view into a home during the daytime, even if there is no direct sunshine. As the exterior light fades at sunset, the windows will allow some view into the home, and this is all the more true if you have lights on inside; with this trade off comes a clear view out through your windows both during the day and the night – the high quality window tint we offer our Malibu clients is in fact indistinguishable to the naked human eye looking out from inside the residence.

malibu privacy home window tinting

Home Window Tinting for Privacy in Malibu, California

We also offer Malibu residences frost window film, another great privacy option. You will have seen frost window film on the glass doors and windows of medical practices, gyms, spas, and other locations where a person’s discretion and privacy are important. Frost window film offers your Malibu home the same benefits as it lends to these types of properties. A window coated with frost window film is opaque in terms of view: it cannot be seen through at all, either during the day or the night, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions or if you have lights on inside at night. Privacy frost window film blocks almost all of the sun’s damaging UV light and a good deal of its hot infrared light, it still allows in plenty of the bright visible sunlight you want, allowing your home to remain bright and beautiful during the daylight hours. These qualities make frost window film a great choice for your Malibu home’s bathrooms, bedrooms, and other rooms of your house where you want to enjoy natural light but never want people to see in.

Huper Optik Ceramic 50

View of the sliding doors after applying Huper Optik Ceramic 50

Many of our Malibu, CA window tint customers choose a custom plan that blends frost window film and privacy window tinting, applying frost film to first floor windows and to windows of the bathrooms and bedrooms visible from the street (or the beach), and treating their second story windows, or the windows of rooms not much exposed to public areas, with one-way privacy window tinting.

Our representatives will gladly come to your Malibu property to help you decide what type of window tinting and window film is right for your property. All of our in-person consultations are 100% cost and obligation free, so you have nothing to lose by making an inquiry.