North Hills, Los Angeles Window Tinting Home, Office & Commercial

If you are considering commercial window tint or window tint for home, North Hills has only one provider that ensures the best quality window film installed by the most highly skilled team in greater Southern California: the team from Window Tint LA. We work with North Hills customers of all types, installing everything from privacy window tint in offices or retail shops to home window tint that will reduce the sun’s heat and glare.

North Hills Commercial Window Tint – Window Tint For Office, Schools, Government Facilities and More

Window tint offers your commercial business, your school, or your nonprofit many benefits at minimal cost. Solar heat rejection window tint can block as much as 70% or more of the hot infrared light that heats up a property’s interior, leading to the use of HVAC systems to maintain comfortable temperatures but that comes with painfully high electric bills. These types of commercial window tints also block out a majority of the damaging UV light that fades floors, furnishing, merchandise, and more. We offer window tints that boast excellent VLT (visible light transfer) capability despite its IR and UV rejection ability, so your property will remain bright and well lit, but cooler and less expensive to maintain.

Beyond lower energy bills thanks to smaller cooling costs, the main reasons commercial customers in North Hills opt for window film for their business are greater privacy and security. We offer one way privacy window tint that functions much like dark automotive window tinting as well as frosted window films that renders a window impossible to see through while still permitting plenty of pleasant natural light in to brighten the interior.

Our security window film makes glass nearly impervious to shattering during a break-in or natural disaster; protect your North Hills property with safety window film and keep things safe and sound.

North Hills Residential Window Tint – Window Tinting For Homes, Apartments, Or Condos

There are a host of reasons why homeowners think home window tint is a good idea, but just to highlight a few, consider the energy savings you will enjoy once your North Hills home has windows covered with window film: home window tinting blocks out most of the warm infrared sunlight that makes your home uncomfortably hot, so you will save on your power bill by relying on the A/C less. You’ll also enjoy a more comfortable home thanks to the greatly reduced glare and the reduction of harmful ultraviolet light that, left unchecked, can fade and discolor flooring and furniture.

If you are considering in security window film for your residence, then you are thinking about a wise investment. This type of protective window film helps protect your family and property from thieves, and can even help keep the home residence during a storm or natural disaster event. These extra strong safety window films stop glass from breaking under even extreme circumstances, keeping the house safe from break-in and keeping people safe from being injured by shards of flying or fallen glass.

North Hills Decorative Window Film – Greater Curb Appeal With Enhanced Windows

We offer both our residential and commercial our clients in North Hills window tint with aesthetically pleasing finishes ranging from a sleek metallic, mirrored effect to softly frosted and opaque to dark, subtle finishes, so there is surely an “architectural” (AKA decorative) window film that’s just right for improving the appearance of your North Hills home or business. We’ll work with you to find the right one!