North Hollywood, CA Window Tint for Home & Business

Window Tint LA installs window tint for homes, offices, and other properties of all types, from the commercial to the governmental to the educational institution, and one of our most frequently served communities is North Hollywood. Window tint offers myriad benefits to North Hollywood residences and commercial locations, and we’d appreciate if you would take just a few minutes to read about what our high quality window film and window tinting just might offer your own property.

Feel free to call Window Tint LA any time to discuss a window film installation project or to schedule a consultation regarding window tint for your North Hollywood home or business, but for now, we’re proud to say that:

Window Tint Lowers Electric Bills for North Hollywood Homes and Businesses

When sunlight comes streaming through the windows of your North Hollywood home or place of business, it heats up the interior, often making it so hot you’re forced to shut the blinds and crank up the A/C and fans. This leaves your property in the dark unless you turn on electric lights, draining power alongside your cooling systems. With solar rejection window tint, the sun’s hot infrared light is largely rejected right at the window, keeping your interior cooler and meaning less need for HVAC systems and the associated costs. These same solar heat blocking window films do allow in plenty of visible light, so you can cut down on artificial lighting too. Overall, solar window tint means smaller electric bills and a smaller carbon footprint, too.


Window Tint Protects the Interior of Your North Hollywood Property


Ultraviolet light is the leading cause behind discolored hardwood floors, faded carpets and upholstery, and damaged photos, decor, and artwork. UV light may be invisible to the naked eye, but it wreaks havoc on a property’s interior over time. We offer UV blocking window tint that blocks nearly 100% of this damaging light, protecting your property and possessions against damage while allowing plenty of visible light to brighten your home, offices, or retail space.

Window Film Can Keep Your North Hollywood Home or Business Safe

Security window film acts like a set of iron bars, preventing you windows from acting as a point of entry for a criminal, but without the severe, unattractive look of a metal grate. Safety window film makes glass highly resistant to shattering, instead merely allowing glass to crack into a spider web pattern that holds together as an intact mass. Windows treated with safety window film will have to be replaced on the event of a break-in attempt or an accident, but it’s unlikely that any of the property or merchandise within your property will have to be replaced.

North Hollywood Home Privacy Window Tint and Commercial Privacy Window Tint

Window Tint LA offers many types of privacy window film, from one way privacy window tint that blocks the view into your windows but still lets you see out through them to attractive frost window film that lets light pass through but blocks the view entirely. People often choose frost window tint for street-level businesses or as window film for residential bathrooms or bedrooms, while one way window tint is a great choice for fitness centers or spas where the clientele wants discretion.

Whether you want window tint for office, spa, home or anything else, choose Window Tint LA for your North Hollywood window film installation.