Pacific Palisades

Whether you own a home or manage a business in Pacific Palisades, window tint is one of the least expensive ways to improve your property. Window Tint LA stocks top quality window films that can make your Pacific Palisades home or commercial property more energy efficient, lowering electric bills; more private and pleasant, meaning greater comfort for family, employees, or guests; safer from a break-in or damage during a storm or accident.

We install window tint for homes and businesses of all types and sizes, and we always customize our work to meet the exact specifications and aesthetic needs of our clients. Call Window Tint LA today to schedule a consultation at your Pacific Palisades location to discuss:

Residential Window Tint for Privacy

Window tint comes in many forms: it can be a one way privacy window tint that totally obscures the view into your Pacific Palisades home or it can simply dim the view in from outside for a bit more privacy. Window film can have a frost finish that makes windows opaque to view but still permits light. We also stock window film with dramatic mirrored, metallic finishes that block the view in while looking great from the street.

Home Window Tint for Energy Savings

Pacific Palisades enjoys plenty of pleasant offshore breeze and lots of sunshine. The breeze may keep things cool outside, but inside it can’t stop the warming effects of the sun’s persistent rays. But solar rejection window tint can: our window tinting can block out most of the sunlight’s invisible, warming rays (infrared light) while still allowing in plenty of bright, visible light. You’ll get a home without the harsh glare of direct sunshine, a home that’s cooler even on the warmer days, and an electric bill that’s smaller each and every month due to lowered cooling costs.

Home Security Window Film

Safety window film can be the difference between merely replacing windows and replacing a household’s stolen property. These strong window films prevent glass from breaking apart into pieces, barring a crook’s entry into your Pacific Palisades home. Security window film can also help keep your family safe during a storm, disaster, or accident, by minimizing the broken glass flying through the air or littering the floor.

Commercial Privacy Window Tint

You owe a sense of privacy and security to the people entering your place of business. Whether you want your everyday employees, the patrons of your gym, your restaurant’s diners, or anyone else to have a positive experience while in your Pacific Palisades commercial property, you need to keep them protected from unwanted eyes staring in from outside. Window tint can make your interior space totally private from the view in while still affording crystal clear views out into Pacific Palisades.

Commercial Solar Window Tint for Energy Efficiency

One of the largest expenses of most every Pacific Palisades business (or school or government facility) is climate control. HVAC/cooling costs can cost thousands of dollars each year. But with solar rejection window tint, those costs can be greatly reduced: when infrared light is blocked right at the windows, it can’t heat up interiors, thus mitigating the need for AC systems and fans to cool things down again. Keep your staff and visitors cooler and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint all at once with commercial window film.

Commercial Security Window Film

Protecting your business’s staff and assets is of paramount importance. Whether you want added overnight security for a retail location or you want to ensure your employees are safe while in their offices, security window film means less chance of damage or danger. The first time safety window film prevents a smash-and-grab theft or keeps one of your employees safe from injury, it will have paid for itself many times over.