San Fernando Window Tinting Residential & Commercial

Choosing window tint for your San Fernando, CA home or business is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve the property. Window tint offers many benefits your home, office, restaurant, retail shop, or most any other facility, with the benefits ranging from enhanced security to increased privacy to lowered electric bills. Window tint usually pays for itself in just a year or two because of those reduced energy costs. And this is an investment that lasts: the window films used by Window Tint LA are created to last for up to 25 years or even longer.

San Fernando Commercial Window Tint

Offices, schools, government facilities, and more will all benefit from window tint

Solar blocking window tint keeps out a large amount of the sun’s hot infrared rays, keeping interior spaces cooler and comfortable and reducing a property’s HVAC costs. As cooling expenses are often the biggest portion of an energy bill, window tint can lower power bills dramatically, especially during the hottest days of summer in Southern California.

Safety window film is a great security improvement for a business: it makes windows highly resistant to shattering. Just like a car windshield won’t break into shards in an accident, a window coated with security window film stands up to a thief’s hammer or to objects sent flying by an accident, weather or a disaster event.

One way privacy window tint is a sound idea for schools, medical or legal practices, and for any other commercial or government facility where those inside need discretion and protection against unwanted eyes. We use several reflective privacy window tints that create a one way mirror effect from the outside, and we also offer dark tint finishes that can hardly be detected and can’t be seen through from the outside; both of these types of privacy window tinting allow for a clear view outside though the windows into the streets of San Fernando.

San Fernando Residential Window Film

Protect and your residence and lower your electric bills with window tint

Window tint can lower your San Fernando home’s electric bills by rejecting the hot solar rays that are invisible to the eye but that are easily felt as the home heats up. Our heat rejection solar window tint blocks out much of the infrared light that warms up your home, diminishing your need AC or fans to cool things back down to comfortable levels. Your property’s energy consumption will be reduced the same day the installation of your new residential window tint is complete.

Residential window tint also blocks out almost all of the ultaviolet light that’s a leading cause of faded floors and discolored upholstery and decor. If your San Fernando home has carpets of hardwood floors, protect the flooring from sun damage by installing anti-UV window tint. I you want to know why window tint is so important for the home, just try moving a piece furniture or a section carpet that has rested in one place for a long time; you will see that the floor that was covered up looks much different than flooring exposed to that damaging UV light.

Window Tint LA offers several different types of privacy window tint for homes in San Fernando. You can opt for one way privacy window tint that allows a view outside but not in, or you can opt for frosted window tint that, a choice allows in light but blocks the view both in and out through a window.