Santa Monica, CA Window Tinting

Home window tinting can increase privacy, significantly reduce glare, and save your draperies, floors and furniture from fading because of harmful UV rays. Adding window film to your Santa Monica, CA residence or commercial property is the most effective method to help you lower your energy consumption, increase privacy, increase security, and lower your energy bill. What are the benefits of adding window film to your home or business?

Heat rejection films reduce the heat entering your home or business

Adding window film to your glass will decrease the amount of ultra-violent light (UV) entering your home. Blocking most of the sun rays entering that enter your residence or business will help keep your home and business cooler and will lower your energy bill. Additionally, adding window film will minimize the harmful effects caused to your furniture by sun rays and it will also increase privacy

Increase privacy with Home Window Film

Home window tint in Santa Monica can keep your family safe by preventing people from being able to look inside your home. This is a great way to deter robberies because it impedes burglars from being able to survey your possessions. It also aids in preventing burglars from being able to see you and your families scheduled patterns and the ability to map out your home.

Residential & Commercial Window Tinting in Santa Monica, California.

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home window tinting santa monica

Home window tinting can increase privacy, significantly reduce glare, and save your draperies, floors and furniture from fading because of harmful UV rays.

Increase safety and security by installing shatter resistance window film

Windows are an easy entry point for burglars. We provide home window tinting in Santa Monica to help keep your family and your business secure by transforming the weak points into a source of strength. Here at Window Tint LA, we provide a high strength shatter resistant window film that is virtually impenetrable to the most violent blows from burglars. Shatter resistant home window film is applied directly to your windows and works as an invisible coat of armor, strengthening the weakest security link in your home or business–your glass. Huper Optik anti shatter film offers the ability to withstand attacks from weapons like flying rocks, a baseball bat, and even very thick bricks. Safety and security window film is designed to hold fragments together in the event a criminal is trying to break in or simply trying vandalize your property.

home window tinting santa monica, ca

Safety and Security window film can transform your home or business’s windows by deterring intruders from breaking-in to your home.

Reduce heating and cooling energy costs

Adding window film to your residence or business is the most effective way to reduce solar heat. Our Huper Optik ceramic film will help keep your home or business cooler which will translate to a lower energy bill.

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