Home Window Tinting in Santa Monica

Window tinting refers to the simple process of applying a thin sheet of film to a home’s windows to reduce the heat and radiation. With thicknesses that range from .001 and .004 inches, these films use various adhesives that can protect the home in various ways.

The one of the great benefits of home window tinting is the reduction of 99.9 percent reduction in ultraviolet radiation, which drastically reduces the rate at which furniture and floors fade. In this way, it adds life to your Santa Monica home — and with less heat in the home, air conditioners cool down the home much more quickly.

Privacy Window Tint for Home

Home tinting also offers increased privacy and security to homeowners. Bystanders will not be able to see inside very easily, masking the occupants, as well as your most valuable possessions.

Architectural White Frost for Privacy

White Privacy Frost Film is often installed in homes and businesses for privacy. The white frost allows 73% of light to come in while obscuring visibility from inside and outside, both day and night.

When privacy is a concern, both day and night such as in a bathroom window or glass door, frost window film is the right solution. Reflective window films can provide privacy during the day however at night, when its dark outside and the lights are on inside, the privacy will be lost.

Home Privacy Window Tinting Santa Monica

Privacy Home Window Tinting in Santa Monica, California

Home Window Tinting in Santa Monica

Home Window Tinting in Santa Monica – White Architectural Privacy Film Installed

Benefits of Window Tinting

As you may have figured by now, there are many benefits of tinting your Santa Monica home windows. Windows are designed to open your home up to the views of the outdoors, as well as the warmth and light from the sun. Unfortunately, this has an effect on your energy cost while adding glare, heat and premature furniture fading over time. Tinting your home will allow you to enjoy the sun while blocking its most harmful elements.

Increase Comfort and Cost of Cooling

According to the Energy Star Building Manual by the EPA, nearly half of a home’s utility bills are incurred by untreated windows losing and gaining excess heat. Tinting home windows greatly improves energy efficiency with a virtually invisible film.

With added tint, you can open up your curtains and let the sunlight pour in without getting blinded by the ever-present glare on your doorknobs and other shiny objects. You can experience up to 85 percent less glare, making it easier to work on the computer or watch television shows during the daytime.

Reduce the Effects of Harmful Ultraviolet Rays

Fabrics, artwork and furniture are all liable to fade just by soaking in too much daylight from an untreated window. Home window tinting will allow you to block up to 99.9 percent of UVA and UVB rays, which keeps your family and belongings safe and sound.

Keep the Family Safe – Security Window Film

If glass is broken from a break-in, accident or weather incident, it introduces additional hazard to your home. With safety window tints, you can protect yourself not only from the peering eyes of strangers, but also from impacts that would normally break the glass barrier.

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