Simi Valley Commercial & Home Window Tinting

We offer Simi Valley home window tint, commercial window tint, security window film, and most any customized window treatment job a client requests. By sourcing only the best window tint materials and using the latest installation tools and techniques, we have become one of the fastest growing installers of both residential and commercial window tint in Simi Valley and in greater Southern California beyond.

Residential window film customers reach out to us for plenty of reasons, but the most common projects we complete are:

Home window tint for privacy: your home is your castle, and you and your family should feel 100% safe and secure within. That means that your windows should be there to let in pleasant sunlight and let you see out, but not to let people outside look in at you. Our residential privacy window tint won’t inhibit the view outside, but it will totally prevent people from seeing into your home.

Residential solar window tint: residential window tint can both lower your electric bills and protect your home’s interior against the damaging effects of sunlight. The first goal is met by blocking much of the warming infrared light that leads to the use of air conditioning, a major drain of electricity. The second goal is achieved by window tint’s ability to block as much as 99% of the ultraviolet light that can fade and discolor aspects of your interior such as flooring and upholstery.

Home security window film: protect your home and your family with safety/security window film. This window film prevents windows from cracking apart into pieces even when the glass itself is broken, shielding people from dangerous shards of glass and preventing unlawful entry and theft.

When it comes to commercial window tint, Simi Valley businesses usually want to know about:

Enhanced energy efficiency: if window tint can lower a home’s electric bills, just think of what it can do for the operating costs of a large office, a retail location, or other commercial space. By keeping its property cooler with window tint, a business can reap huge overall savings off of the HVAC costs. We will be glad to schedule an in-person consultation at your Simi Valley property to conduct energy modeling tests that will show how much you stand to slash you business’s power bills thanks to window tint. Our estimates are always free of obligation, and our commercial window tint will often quickly pay for itself in savings.

Window tint also reduces the glare that can make seeing computer screens difficult, leading to enhanced productivity for your staff and an overall more pleasant interior for employees, customers, and other guests.

We also offer security window film that can keep your Simi Valley home or business safer by making the windows highly resistant to shattering. Many of our window films offer multiple benefits such as heightened security and privacy while also cutting down on glare, and UV and IR light.