Sun Valley, Los Angeles Commercial & Home Window Tinting

Window Tint LA works with customers all across Southern California, including one of our newest areas of service, Sun Valley. Window tint can help you cut down on your energy costs whether you own a home or run a business in Sun Valley, and our security and privacy window film treatments can make your property safer and more secure, too.

Whether you want window tint for home privacy or window tint for office energy savings, or if you just want to learn more about what window film can do overall, please call us up today to discuss your interests or to schedule a no-obligation appointment at your Sun Valley location.

Window Tint for Energy Savings

It’s no surprise that Sun Valley sees its share of sun. For many Sun Valley properties, all that sunshine leads to excessive use of air conditioning systems and fans for interior climate control and to closed blinds and drapes in an effort to block the warming sunlight. With solar rejecting window tint your windows will block out most of the warming infrared rays that heat up the interior without blocking the visible light that makes your home, offices, or other type of property bright and pleasant. You electric bills will fall as your HVAC use drops and your Sun Valley property will be more enjoyable than ever.

Window Tint for UV Protection

Whether you want to protect the interior of your office or your home window tint offers an excellent defense against the ultraviolet light that can cause discolored flooring, faded upholstery, and bleached or washed out artwork, photos, and decor. Our window tint stops as much as 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays, so your property and even the people inside will be safe from sun damage.

Window Tint for Privacy

Window tint for homes or commercial property works just like automotive window tint: it cuts down on the sun’s bright glare and blocks the view into your property from outside, but still lets you enjoy a clear, unobstructed out into Sun Valley. Privacy window tint is a great way to keep your property more private and to keep those within, be they family or your staff, feeling secure and sound and free from unwanted eyes watching them.

Window Film for Security

Our super strong window films offer enhanced security by coating glass windows with a material that makes the panes almost impossible to break into pieces. Security window film means windows that will not shatter and fall from their frame, meaning less chance of entry by a burglar or of smash and grab theft by a petty crook. These same window films promise greater safety against injury or property damage during a storm, accident, or disaster event, too.

Window Tint for Improved Aesthetics

We offer many kinds of decorative window tint (often called architectural window film) that can help your Sun Valley property look great. From frost window film that adds a soft, subtle opacity and promises total privacy while still letting in light, to metallic window film that creates a bold look and a one way privacy finish, to etched or colored window films that offer style and interest, chances are we have the right window treatment for you.