Sylmar, Los Angeles Window Tinting – Residential & Commercial

Whether you operate a business or own a home in Sylmar, CA window tint is a great way to lower your property’s electric expenses while at the same time increasing your privacy and security. We are Window Tint LA, and our team offers commercial window tint and residential window tint to all types of customers all around Sylmar and across greater Los Angeles. If you are interested in window tint for privacy or if you want to beat the heat of the summer in Sylmar window tint is a low cost but high efficiency option that offers a superlative return on investment, both in the form of reduced electric bills and even in potentially prevented damage or burglary.

Window Tint LA offers privacy one way window tint makes it impossible for someone to see in through the windows of your Sylmar property while still maintaining a crystal-clear view out through the windows.

We also offer window tint that cuts down on the sun’s glare inside but that still lets people see into your property, perfect for a retail shop that wants to show off its goods, for example.

You will find that from privacy window tint to energy efficiency window tint, there is a window film solution that can be customized to meet most every need you have.

In Sylmar, commercial window tint clients come to Window Tint LA looking for security window film that will keep their property safe against burglary even during off hours: safety window film prevents burglary and property damage by preventing your glass windows from shattering into pieces even when they are hit repeatedly by a heavy object like a brick or crowbar. Security window film means fewer shards of glass lying around that can hurt anyone who happens by.

Commercial privacy window tint is great for for retail spaces or offices, and plays a more basic and practical role than security window film: as the name suggests, privacy window tint blocks the view of the interior of your property from outside, making it more secure-feeling and more pleasant for those within. By reducing the sunlight’s harsh glare while still allowing in visible light, these window tints make also the interior more pleasant and productive.

Our home window tinting clients are often interested in window film that provides multiple benefits, such as enhanced privacy and UV protection, for example. Window tint can block the view into your home and block harmful UV light at the same time, all without damaging your view out into Sylmar. Window tint keeps your home cooler and more comfortable the first sunny day it is installed.

If you are interested in lowering both your carbon footprint and your power bill, window tint is the best solution. By blocking a huge portion of the warming sunlight (infrared beams are invisible to the human eye but responsible for most of the sun’s warming) that heats your property’s interior, you reduce the need for running the air conditioning. Cooling costs are one of the leading electric expenses for many homes and businesses in Sylmar, so window tint does wonders for your bottom line costs.

We will be glad to provide an estimate of the savings your Sylmar home or business stands to gain once you install window tint. When it comes to larger commercial window film clients, we can even conduct a full review of your facility, studying all the windows, the sun’s positioning, and many other factors that help us create an energy model for your business. When you see the likely savings window tint will lead to, you’ll realize that window tint installation tends to pay for itself in much less time than you thought.