Tarzana, CA Window Tinting for Homes, Office, and Commercial

Installing window tint in a Tarzana, CA home or business is one of the most affordable ways to improve the property. Window tint enhances your property in ways ranging from more security to more privacy to reduced power bills. Window tint will usually pay for itself in only a year or so thanks to your smaller energy bills, and the high quality window films used by Window Tint LA are designed to last for a quarter century or longer.

Tarzana Commercial Window Tint

Stores, restaurants, offices, government facilities, and schools all benefit from window tint.

Solar rejecting window tints blocks a large portion of the sun’s warming infrared light, keeping interiors cooler and reducing a facility’s need to run its fans and AC systems. As HVAC costs are often the biggest expense on an electric bill, commercial window tint can reduce a business’s overall operating costs dramatically, especially during those hot and sunny days of summer and fall in Tarzana.

Security window film is a sound security enhancement for a property: simply put, it makes windows highly resistant to shattering. Just like a car windshield will not break into multiple pieces in an accident, a window coated with security window film will resist a thief’s hammer or brick, and is resilient even against flying debris thrown by a weather or disaster event.

Privacy window tint is a must for any school, medical or law practice, fitness or health center, and any other institution where the facility’s occupants deserve protection against unwanted onlookers. We offer reflective film that creates a mirror effect for people outside, dark privacy tints that appear black or gray from outside and cannot be seen through, or frosted window film, that blocks the view in and out but still lets in light.

Tarzana Residential Window Film

Protect and your home and reduce your electric bills with window film.

Window tint will markedly reduce your Tarzana home’s electricity bill by blocking hot solar rays that may be invisible to the human eye but that can easily be felt as your home’s temperature rises. Heat rejection solar window tint blocks most of the infrared light responsible for warming your home, thus reducing the need for AC or fans to cool the interior down again. That means smaller electric bills every month and big savings over time.

Window tint also blocks the UV light that can cause faded floors and bleached or discolored upholstery and decorations. Especially if your home has hardwood or carpeted floors, you need to protect your flooring from sun damage by installing window tint. Move a piece of furniture or a rug that has been in one place for a while and you will clearly see how the floor underneath it is a different color than the hardwood or carpet always exposed to the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.

Privacy/security window films is a must-have for the homeowner who wants to keep his or her family, home, and valuables safe. Privacy window film, whether it’s frosted window film that allows in light but not the sight, or one way reflective window tint, that can be seen through from inside your home but not from outside, are both fine choices. Your privacy window film can even enhance the curb appeal of your home, acting as a decorative element, while at the same time of course preventing people from seeing in. Residential safety window film is a great way to turn your home’s weakest point, its glass windows, into nearly unbreakable shatterproof panes that can stand up to attempted break-ins, damage during a storm, or debris or a blast caused by an accident.