Thousand Oaks Window Tinting – Residential & Commercial

Installing window tint in a Thousand Oaks, CA home or business is the easiest and most affordable way one can improve a property. Window tint improves a residence office, retail space, restaurant, or any other facility by adding more security, enhancing the privacy, and reducing the electric bills. Window tint pays for itself in just a year or two thanks to the lowered power bills, and the durable window films we here at Window Tint LA install are designed to last for at least 25 years.

Thousand Oaks Commercial Window Film

Businesses, schools, and government facilities all benefit from window tint

Solar blocking window tint rejects the sunlight’s hot infrared rays, keeping interior spaces cooler and lowering a property’s HVAC expenses. Cooling costs are often the largest percent of an electric bill, so window tint will greatly lower overall electric costs, especially during all the hot, sunny days Southern California experiences each year.

Window film is also an excellent security enhancement for a commercial property: safety window film makes windows resistant to being shattered. Much like a car’s windshield won’t break into shards during an accident, windows treated with security window film can stand up to an attempted break-in or to debris thrown by an accident or by high winds.

Privacy window tint is a wise investment for any schools, for a medical or legal office, or for any other commercial or government facility where discretion against unwanted viewers is needed. We offer customers in Thousand Oaks privacy window tint of many types, such as reflective privacy films that create a one way mirror effect for people outside or more basic dark tinting that simply can’t be seen through from the outside; both of these privacy window tints allow a crisp, clear view out though the windows for those inside, of course.

Thousand Oaks Residential Window Film

Protect your residence and reduce electric bills with window tint

Window tint lowers your Thousand Oaks home’s electric bills by rejecting the hot solar rays that are invisible to the naked eye but that are easily felt as your home warms up. Our heat blocking solar window tint stops most of the IR (infrared) light that warms up your home, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning and/or fans. Your home’s energy use will drop the same day your residential window tint is installed. You’ll notice the cooler, glare-free interior at once and you’ll see the smaller energy bills soon enough.

Residential window tint also blocks most of the UV light that is the leading cause of faded flooring and discolored upholstery. If your Thousand Oaks residence has hardwood flooring or carpets, protect them from sun damage by installing window tint. It’s the simplest way to stop the damaging photochemical reaction that takes place every time UV light touches the interior of your home.

Window Tint LA offers several different types of privacy window tint for homes in Thousand Oaks. You can opt for one way privacy window tint that affords a view out of your home but not in, or you can choose frosted window film that lets in light but entirely blocks the view both in and out (a great choice for your bathrooms).