Topanga Home Window Tinting & Commercial Window Film Installation

Window tint improves your Topanga, CA property at minimal cost but with an amazing range of benefits. From reduced energy costs to a more private, secure property, window tint is a wise investment for any homeowner, landlord, or business manager to consider.

Window Tint LA works on Topanga window tint projects ranging from single family homes to huge office complexes: no job is too large for us to take on and no project is too small for us to devote our best work and materials.

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Window Tint for Reduced Energy Costs

Window tint blocks the solar heat that passes through glass windows by rejecting the invisible but warmest part of the sunlight spectrum, infrared light. Once infrared light heats up your interior, there is nothing to be done but running air conditioners and fans, which greatly increase your use of electricity. To prevent infrared light from warming your property, you can either shut the blinds and sit in the dark, or you can apply solar window tint that cuts out most of the infrared light while still allowing excellent visible light transfer (or VLT). Window tint films also add insulation to the windows, helping to maintain interior temperatures and thus further reducing the need for air conditioning.

Window Film for Enhanced Security

Even in a safe city like Topanga window film that enhances property security is still a good idea. Safety window film prevents glass windows from shattering even when they are broken: the glass may crack into “spider web” style patterns and will of course need to be replaced, but windows treated with security window film will not break apart, thus they will not allow access to your property. This prevents smash and grab theft and helps keep the people inside your home or business safer.

Window Tint for Greater Privacy

Whether you want window tint for home privacy, window tint for office or commercial space, or if you want to add privacy to a school or government facility (such as a police station), window tint is a great low cost, reliable way to enhance the privacy of a building without in any way compromising the view from inside. You can choose one way privacy window tint that blocks the view from outside only or you can opt for frost window film that renders windows opaque but still allows in plenty of light.

Window Tint LA is fully licensed, bonded, and insured by a major policy provider, so you can rest assured that you incur no liability while our window film installers work in and around your Topanga property. We customize each and every project to meet the specific needs of the client, and we guarantee that our work will be finished on the timeline and budget that is pre-arranged with our customers. Call our offices today to learn what window tint can do for your Topanga, CA property.