Universal City, California Home & Commercial Window Tinting

Window Tint LA works with customers of all types in Universal City; home window tint and commercial window tint clients located across the Universal City neighborhood or in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles are welcome to a free, no obligation window tint installation cost estimate, so please call us today to talk about your property’s needs. Whether you’re considering home window tint for privacy or you want to know more about window tint for office or retail locations that helps cut down on solar heat and lowers energy costs, Window Tint LA is the place to call.

Window Tint LA completes window tint installation for Universal City area office buildings, schools, government locations, and more. Every job we accept is customized to meet the needs of the client, with customizations for better privacy, security, and improved aesthetics all factored together.

Universal City Privacy Window Tint

One way privacy window tint lets you see out through windows but blocks the view into your property, making your home or business more private. We also install frosted window film that allows sunlight to pass through the window but that makes windows impossible to be seen through, a great choice for bathrooms, medical practices, and more. It’s always a good idea to install privacy window tint in a home or commercial property that sits at street level and inside of which the people and property need to enjoy privacy. Whether it’s the people in your home or the employees in your office that you want to feel secure, privacy window tint means blocking the view of unwanted eyes.

Universal City Solar Window Tint

Solar rejecting window tint keeps your Universal City property cooler by blocking out most of the hot infrared sunlight that heats up interior spaces whenever it passes through glass windows. Window tint lowers electric bills by lowering the need for AC and fans for interior climate control. We offer UV-blocking window tint that protects your property against sun damage and fading. UV light fades and discolors hardwood flooring, carpets, upholstery, and photographs, and it can even cause damage to your skin. Our UV rejecting window tint blocks as much as 99% of the sun’s unwanted ultraviolet light.

Universal City Security Window Film

Protecting your Universal City property with privacy window tint is a good first step toward better overall security, but for truly enhanced safety, you need security window film. These safety window films can actually make your windows almost impervious to shattering even in the event of a break-in attempt, during an accident, or when they are struck by debris thrown during a weather or disaster event. Security window films coat glass in a thin but amazingly strong film that prevents glass from breaking into separate pieces even when the pane is repeatedly cracked. We offer security window films that have the benefits of privacy window tint, so whether you’re interested in residential window tinting or commercial window tint, if your property is located in or around Universal City, CA, please reach out to Window Tint LA today.