3M Sun Control Window Film – Prestige Series – Residential

3M Sun Control Window Film – Prestige Series – Residential

Window Tint LA recommends 3M Prestige Series Window Film to many of our residential window tint clients for one main reason in particular: they love their homes and want them to look their very best. And in our opinion, residential window film is at its best when you can’t even tell it’s there, except in terms of…

Lowered Cooling Costs

Reduced Fading to Floors and Furnishings

Less Harsh Interior Glare

Pleasant Interior Temperature Without “Hot Spots”

3M Prestige Series window tint offers all those benefits to your residence. And more, in fact. Feel free to contact our offices today to discuss what 3M Prestige Series Sun Control Window Film can do your residence, or read on to learn more right now.

Solar Heat Reduction – Greater Comfort, Smaller Bills

Sunlight warms your home in two ways: infrared light, which is invisible but hot, and visible light, which is of course desirable, but is also partially responsible for hotter interior spaces. 3M Prestige window tint blocks an astonishing 97% of the sun’s infrared light, but blocks only about 30% of the visible portion of the sunlight spectrum. That combination results in a reduction of as much as 60% or more of the overall solar warming your home’s windows usually allow. That means a cooler, more comfortable home that doesn’t have those “hot spots” near the windows, and it means much smaller electric bills as you use your air conditioning system less and less.

Protected Flooring, Furniture, and Furnishings

Ultraviolet sunlight can discolor floors and carpets, it can fade the upholstery of your furniture and the fabric of window treatments like drapes and curtains, and it can bleach and washout artwork and photographs. But with 3M Prestige Sun Control Window Film on your home’s windows, UV light hardly stands a chance: this impressive window tint blocks as much as 99.9% of the ultraviolet light that would otherwise damage your home over time.

A Bright But Glare-Free Home

Glass windows allow you to enjoy the view, but they also allow in way too much sunlight, especially when oriented toward the east and/or west. 3M Prestige Series window tint allows in enough sunlight to keep your home bright and inviting, but it cuts out just enough visible light to prevent that harsh interior glare that makes TVs and computer screens hard to see and that leads to eyestrain and squinting. Don’t draw the blinds and block the view, just block the excess light with residential sun control window tint.

Improved Windows, Untouched Aesthetics

As noted earlier, one of the reasons so many residential window tint customers choose 3M Prestige Series Sun Control Film for their Los Angeles homes is the fact that you can hardly even tell they have been installed. Prestige Series window tint’s reflectivity is lower than that of glass, so both day and night, you’ll be able to see right through your windows without any reduction in clarity, without distortion of color, and without any perceptible change to the surface of the glass. These window films offer added privacy by dampening the view into your home from the outside, but they don’t change the appearance of the residence one bit.


3M Sun Control Window Film

Privacy window film provides 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays!

3M Sun Control Window Film

Window film includes a residential lifetime warranty!

3M Sun Control Window Film

Reduce heat in your home with high performance window film!

3M Sun Control Window Film

Preserve your natural view looking out

3M Sun Control Window Film

Lower your energy costs with window tint.

3M Sun Control Window Film

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3M Prestige 70 Removal Los Angeles Home Window Tint

We were called out to this home that had recently had 3M Prestige 70 home window tint installed at her home in Los Angeles. The film was installed just over 4 months ago and the homeowner can not get over the purple exterior look the film has. She said was in touch with the company that installed it and they told her the pink / purple look is normal. While that window tinting company make deem purple window tint as normal, the homeowner and we do not.

3M Prestige 70 Los Angeles Home Window Tinting

You can see the purple look of this home with 4 month old 3M Prestige 70 home window tint applied. The 3M Prestige 70 will soon be removed and replaced with Huper Optik Ceramic 70% which is totally dye-free and metal-free

3M vs Huper Optik

3M Prestige 70 home window tint contains dye which is responsible for the color of the tint.

A quality window film should be free of colored dyes that can break down when exposed to heat, visible light, and UV radiation. Hüper Optik Select and Ceramic Films are 100% dye free and 25% more durable than conventional dyed window films.

See for yourself how Hüper Optik Window Films compare to some of the most popular and well-known products on the market.

3M Prestige 70 vs Huper Optik

3M Prestige 70 vs Huper Optik – Compare Huper Optik Ceramic and 3M Prestige films

3M Prestige 70 Home Window Tint Installation

3M Prestige 70 Home Window Tint Installation

3M Prestige 70 Los Angeles Home Window Tint

3M Prestige 70 home window tint in Los Angeles is being removed at the homeowners request after just 4 months! The client described it as “pinkish / purple” from the outside